My name is Isaac, a typical teenage nerd, who doesn like to leave the house, and only plays fantasy games, or reads novels of… fantasy, ok, I like this genre a lot, for the magic, not the knights, I hate them. The ability to do anything, only limited by imagination, enchants me.

Ice magic is my favorite, just thinking about decimating a forest by freezing it, or killing an army by conjuring a blizzard, ahh, makes me want to kill myself just to be lucky enough to fall into a fantasy world like those lucky protagonists.

While dreaming, I see an old woman crossing the street in front of me, and a truck about to run her over.

”THAT IS MY CHANCE! Im going to save her and reincarnate in a guy with low talent, a system, and plot armor! ” I scream mentally, but my rational side warns that Im not a protagonist, Ill just be crushed by the truck, and then turn into stardust

”On second thought, shes already old, and doesn have much life ahead of her, I, on the other hand, have plenty, better leave it for next time. ” If she was a cute girl maybe… no, Im not a simp!

I stop thinking when I see the truck-kun swerving away from the old woman and coming towards me.

”HOLY SHIT ” Those were my last words, before I was smashed into a wall. I feel my soul leaving, and a drowsy feeling assaults me.


When I wake up, Im in a white place, wit

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