I woke up and can feel the feeling of having a body again, although I can move it much, I think Im in the womb.

”Did I really make it? Its not a dream? ” I try to celebrate, but a strange force calms my mind, making my thoughts calmer.

My body seems to have some convenient abilities, worthy of a magical world. After all, a mage can not be a savage, otherwise what would be the difference for those barbarians with swords and armor.

I try to see if theres a way to open my eyes in this place. After a few minutes trying, it seems not, but I can feel other sense, like a eye, but without a blind spot, maybe a … soul sense. It probably came as a consequence of the souls I devoured.

I can also think much faster now and my memory capacity has improved, I can remember everything in my past life, from birth to death. It will be very useful when learning magic, I already get anxious just thinking about memorizing all the spells in the world, but that force calms me down.

Lets try to feel the mana, or magic energy, or whatever this world calls it.

”aahhhhhh ” I stay in the ki charging pose, hoping to feel mana, or turn me into a super saiyan.

Maybe forcing isn the best method.

So I try to move my sense of soul to my body, and wow, I can see my blood, my heart, and even my little brain, like an x-ray.

Along the body, there are two other types of blood vessels all over my body, appearing to function like the arteries and veins, one leading the mana from the body to the heart, and the other from the heart to the body. They
e the mana veins, I guess.

Im already much more relieved after seeing them, because it would be a pain to be reincarnated in a fantasy world without magical talent. And since I have a brain, there should be about 4 months until Im born, long enough to organize my thoughts. Although I may be a little crazy to be alone for so long.

Now, the next step is just my theory, so I hope I don die: move the mana to my heart, and it will start a kind of magical cycle, like the heart cycle.

I concentrate my soul sense in the ”air ”, and look for some kind of different energy in meditation position, after 1 hour of doing this, I was close to giving up until I start to see a colored gaseous energy in some places, I found it!

Then I focus on that energy and try to move it, and it strictly follows my commands, I can change its cast to square, triangle, ball and other geometric shapes. Its very satisfying to have something totally at your command, Im beginning to understand the absolutist monarchs.

Then I put together every mana found and send it to my heart.

Fortunately my theory was correct: the magic cycle was started.

Instantly, I feel my body and mind being nourished pleasurably.

After 1 minute, this improvement stops and stabilizes. I feel that my physical aspects have improved a lot and I can control my body better, but my mind improved only a little, because it had already become stronger along with my soul.

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