On the next month, I learned to decrease temperature, levitate things (the amniotic fluid), fortify the body using mana, illuminate, and other basic applications.

In temperature control, I noticed that I can freeze the liquid in the sac very easily, and spent a week analyzing this phenomenon until I realized that my personal mana is composed entirely of ice elements, different from the neutral element found in world mana. In other words, every spell I do will have the ice element embedded.

It seems that my will for the ice affinity was fulfilled, on the other hand, when I tried to heat the liquid, I failed miserably.


Since I was able to do these basic things very easily, I decided to go for something more complex: an ice shield.

I started trying to gather my mana in the cast of a square, then compress it until it was strong enough, looking like a thin wall of ice. It worked, even though it could be broken by my weakest punch. I practiced for some days until I can break it with my strongest punch, estimated by me to be as strong as that of a 10-year-old.

I also made an ice arrow using the same process as the shield and put them to clash. The shield always won because Ive been training with it for longer. After a month of training, the shield and ice arrow are now as strong as their respective iron versions, and can be launched instantly. I can shoot 100 arrows until I run out of mana.

I started to enhanced the ice shield by making a ball around me instead of a square in front of me, but that makes the defense weaker and it takes longer, so it took me a week to fix that and i called the total ice shield.

I spent another month making various ice armaments like needles, swords, spears and spikes. It was easy because the principle was the same for everyone elses.

I also created a magic named by me as ice skin, where I make a small layer of ice on my skin, as a last defense. I made the ice transparent, to be always on, without anyone noticing, and as the mana spend is less than its recovery, it is feasible.

Although I say this, the real reason is that I will control it to fly when Im born. Just thinking about flying and the liberating feeling you must bring makes me want to pierce my mothers belly.


Spending all this time here alone makes me go crazy, but training my magic keeps me entertained enough. I soon want to learn spells enhanced by thousands of years instead of having to study on my own.

During the boredom, I managed to make the ice shield have the characteristics of a mirror, and I could see myself for the first time.

I am a cute baby with pale skin, little white hair with a blue streak in front, blue eyes and… elf ears. I was surprised for a moment, but soon that force calms me down, and Im starting to like it.

Im an elf, or half elf, okay, in fantasy worlds its normal to have elves. I just hope I don suffer racism or anything.


By my calculations, Im about to be born, so I make all the ice in the womb disappear to look like a normal baby. After all, I don want to be killed on suspicion of demonic possession.

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