Since then, a month has passed and I have been able to understand my situation, through the conversation of the servants, or questions I asked my mother.

First of all, we are in Bharath, the only known continent, more specifically in the Human Empire, a very creative name. But you can complain, as each race has a kingdom named after itself, like the Elf Republic, the Orc Tribe, the Dwarven Kingdom, etc.

My father is Gerald Winter, one of the four Dukes, from Duchy Winter. Our House is descended from ice dragons, so we control the ice and cover the entire north of the Empire.

We live in the Frost Palace, an all-ice palace in the northern capital city of Eversnow. It is always cold here, and it never stops snowing, I like it.

The other three duchies are: Summer, from south, Autumn, from west, and Spring, from east. They are controlled by their respective houses, with the same names.

House Spring is related to elves and control the plants. They are allies of our House, since my mother, Yennefer Winter, daughter of Duke Spring, got married in House Winter.

House Summer is descended from the phoenixes, and control the fire. They are the greatest enemy of our House, and allies of House Autumn. Your duke, August Summer, and my father hate each other with all their might.

House Autumn descend from the giants and control the earth, they are irrelevant.

Each duchy house have a magical race as an ancestor and total control over an element, being able to control it as a part of the body, without the need for spells.

Thats why I can control my mana (made only from the ice element) so well and cast it as I please, with my imagination as the only limit.

When I have enough mana, Ill make an ice tower to live in, after all, no one can live with their parents forever.

The situation about the emperor is complicated.

Currently, the imperial family is House Summer, consequently August Summer is Emperor and Duke.

I say currently, because whenever an emperor dies, a magical tournament is held between the dukes, and whoever wins becomes the emperor.

Around a thousand years ago, the former Emperor from House Spring died fighting an ancient dragon, causing the tournament to begin.

August fought the new Duke Spring, and won, moving on to the finals, against my father, winner of the battle versus Duke Autumn.

My mother says it was a show of destruction, if there wasn a magical barrier formed by 100,000 mages protecting the place, the entire Empire would be destroyed.

Unfortunately, in the clash between ice and fire, my father lost, but they both nearly died in the process.

And as I thought about that, I watched through the window a man carrying buckets of water to feed his horses.

Apparently, the commoners have the cliché technological level of Medieval Europe. Nobles, on the other hand, possess 20th century technology, with the help of magic.

Theyve managed to make everything from magical toilets, lampposts, cars, and even a magic gun, though its despised by mages.


In the last month I didn stand still, I kept training my spells created by me like the ice spikes, managing to cast up to 100 at once, with 1 meter each, although I ran out of mana afterwards.

As I had forgotten some of my sense of soul, I expanded it to 10 meters around me so that I would always be working, so I would never be taken by surprise.

I even flew with the skin of ice. And wow, it was amazing! I felt like that rich superhero in the red and yellow suit.

Where do I practice all this? In the courtyard of the palace, not afraid of getting caught, since everyone already knows Im a mage.

My parents don complain about it, on the contrary, they like to see my enthusiasm for magic. I said I was inspired by the stories of powerful ice mages told by my mother.

And now with a suitable environment, I was able to experience the magic I most wanted, named by me as ice blast, which consists of releasing all my ice mana at once, freezing everything along the way.

Lets do it!


The courtyard froze even more, (it was already frozen), and filled with snow, making everything within 30 meters of me ice cream.

In the fog, I see a frozen corpse of a servant with my soul sense, who was caught in the blast and died instantly.

I felt nothing, no guilt, nor did my parents blame me, and from their words:

”Don worry about the lives of mere mortals ”

If this happened before I was 4 months alone, or if I didn have this mind-soothing trait, I would care a little. But right now, all I want is power, power and just power.

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