My father continued the explanation:

”The first step to becoming a mage is to feel mana, the time to obtain it depends on the amount of it in the environment and the mages talent. In good places, faster people take a few days, but somehow you got it in the womb, a place with very low amounts of mana.

I tense up, does he suspect me?

”But I don care how, I just know its my son, so Ill take care of you as much as I can! ” Gerald laughs as he hugs me twirling around, he loves it, and I don hate.


He is really a good father.

”Lets stop these dramatic conversations and get on with the class! ”

He puts me down and goes back to his enthusiastic explanation:

”Once you feel mana, you have to move it to the heart, this will start the magic system (short for magical circulatory system). Upon completing this step, you will officially be an apprentice mage. ”

Im proud of my theory, it was absolutely right!

”To reach rank 1 and beyond, a magical meditation technique is required, which can range from the basic version distributed in the Academy, with no benefits other than advancing in rank, to the best version, possessed by the oldest noble houses, capable of make a mage stronger than those of the same rank, give extra abilities, etc. ”

”This is House Winters unique technique, Dragonheart, which has been perfected over millions of years, passing through the hands of many capable ancestors. It reaches rank 6, after that its up to you. ” He tells me as he hands over a magic scroll.

I send mana to him, causing a ton of information to be etched in my mind.


My head hurts a little, if it weren for my strengthened mind, it certainly would have hurt a lot more.

”Are you trying to kill me? ” I ask my father indignantly.

”If you can take even a little headache, you don deserve to be a mage. ”

”Hmph, you
e right. But there are other things in the scroll along with Dragonheart. ”

”Oh, I almost forgot, theres also the magic circle to control the frozen mind, that innate trait that restricts our emotions, and some other basic information. ”

”Now its up to you, read the scroll in your mind, it will have the other things I didn say here, and remember, don try to invent anything, I don want to have to make another child.

Then he teleports away, leaving me alone with Layla watching me from afar.

Is it night already? better go to my room, Im looking forward to training.


I am sitting on my bed in a meditation position while reading the contents in my mind.

I see the part that talks about the frozen mind. To control it, you need to visualize the magic circle in your mind, just like any other common spell. As some mages (especially apprentices) cannot do this, they need to do voice casting.

I don have this problem, so with my eyes open I visualize the magic circle.

”aaaaahh, this is terrible! ”

I groan in discomfort, canceling the spell.

*Huff *huff* My breathing gets heavy.

Why the ** is it so horrible to have feelings? I felt like an alien who has never felt gravity entering the Earth and noticing a force pressing him down constantly.

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