”argh, its better to put this spell aside, looks like Ive gotten too used to the frozen mind. ”


Reading the scroll for a hour, I find out how to advance to rank 1.

For normal apprentice mages, one must have a meditation technique, as my father said, even the most basic will do.

The first step is to refine the mana veins to the maximum, following the method written in the technique, I say this because there are several ways to do this. Normally, mages take years to achieve this, but when you
e done, your mana will be 10 times higher and better.

But that part isn necessary for me, because everyone born into House Winter already has the best magical veins possible, thanks to our dragon ancestors. Also, my mana pool seems to be much larger than regular mages.

The second step is a classic, forming a core of mana in the heart, I thought there would be no such thing in this world.

They can be divided into two categories: the pure, formed by one element, and the impure, formed by several elements.

The impure ones are normal in a poor meditation techniques, while the pure can only be trained with a more advanced one. Since my mana is 100% ice, my core is guaranteed to be pure.

The success rate in forming it depends on talent and technique, but overall, only 10% are successful, and if they fail, it can lead to death or loss of vitality.

As our technique is the best, there is no chance of failure, so my father doesn need to help me.


I take a deep breath.

”Lets start! ”

I take all my mana towards my heart, forming a gaseous ball whirling around it, and according to Dragonheart, I cool and condense it for an hour, then mark its entire surface with a strange mark, which had in the hearts of dragons, according to the scroll.

Thus, the gas ball stabilizes, forming a light protective film around the now formed mana core.

When I did it, a cocoon made of ice envelops me.


An hour later, the cocoon opens.

When I go out, I feel the power in my body.

”aaaaahhh, what a power, this is what it feels like to be a rank 1 mage?! I haven felt this since I became an apprentice mage! ” I can stand it and let out a cry of pleasure.

I finally transcended mortal life, and took my first real step into this amazing world. My mana seems to be about 100 times bigger and stronger than before. I feel like the dream of making an ice tower is not that far away now.

Now, body could resist a sharp iron sword without difficulty, just as my punch would knock down a concrete wall on the spot, even though Ill never do that, after all, Im an elegant mage.

The life expectancy of a rank 1 mage is around 250 years, which is still little, since my goal is immortality.

So lets test my power!

I fly out of my room (with ice skin), opening the doors with telekinesis until I reach the courtyard.

When I arrive, I stop flying and take a small step on the ground, creating a trail of ice at my feet, which rises into a huge ice structure, with several big spikes sticking out of it. (image in the comments)


What was left of the place was just the entrance.

Everything was destroyed!

”You love to destroy this place. ” My dad says as he pat my head. Im starting to get used to him coming out of nowhere.

”Im sorry for ending it all. ” I say with a guilty face.

”Don worry about it, I did the same, and congratulations on reaching rank 1! Our family always do it fast, but 3 hours is a record, even I took 8 hours. ”

”Thanks dad, can I go to the library tomorrow to get some spells? ” I gave him a hug, even though it was on the legs.

”Of course, with you hugging me like that, how could I refuse, but go to sleep now, otherwise youll be small forever! See you tomorrow! ”

”Okay, bye ” I was so focused on my newfound power that I forgot its still night.

After he teleported I went back to my room, closing all the doors I had left open, and lay down to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

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