Eight months ago, Luca ended his relationship with Patrick, his ex-boyfriend, because of a broken promise. Now, with twins on the way, he has a whole different life ahead of him. Luca is loving his life but feels incomplete. What happens when a handsome stranger enters his world of art and love?


Luca sat in a soft chair, supporting himself. Thomas took a seat next to him. A middle-aged woman sat beside Luca, holding a folder. Patrick sat on the other side of the room with a blonde man in his thirties. Ken sat at his desk, facing both parties.

”Im here to discuss the visitation rights of Mr. Hodges unborn children, ” Mrs. Donaldson said.

”And what are these particulars? ” Patrick asked, resisting the urge to yell.

”The conditions are that visits will be supervised, ” she said, ”and that they will be every other weekend and on Christmas. ”

”For how long? ” Patricks lawyer asked.

”Two hours each time for now, ” Luca said.

”But thats not enough time, ” Patrick objected.

”Be thankful that hes letting you see them in the first place, ” Mr. Brooks said.

After the meeting, Luca rose from his chair with Thomas help.

”Are you ready to meet your client? ” he inquired.

”Yeah, ” Luca said, nodding his head. ”I just need to get my drawing supplies, ” he explained.

”OK, ” Thomas said, with a small smile on his face. Luca felt eyes on him but ignored them as he walked away. The door opened as Luca entered the drawing room and set everything up. A man in his sixties arrived with a young child, probably two or three years old.

”Mr. Carlton, thank you for coming, ” Luca said, shaking his hand. He said, ”My granddaughter, Alicia, requested a personalized drawing for her birthday after seeing your sketches online. ”

”And what age are you? ” Luca inquired.

”Twee, ” she said as she held up three fingers.

”Well, sit on that chair over there and well get started, ” Luca said.

Luca sat in his chair with a pillow, while Alicia sat in the chair behind her with her favorite teddy bear. Luca sat in the chair with his pencils and sketchbook.

”Does Teddy have a name? ” he inquired, smiling. The little girl shook her head and hugged her toy.

”Well, Teddy needs a name, ” Luca pointed out. ”What about Tommy? ” he inquired. ”Or Tiffany, if Teddy is a girl, ” Luca suggested. The name made Alicia laugh. It took Luca two hours to draw Alicia because she kept squirming around.

With some coaxing, Luca got the three-year-old to stay still. When he was done, Luca got up and packed up his supplies.

”Here, ” Luca said, handing Alicia the drawing. ”I even added Teddys name, ” he said, showing her the words under the bear in the photo. She giggled with delight. Alicia stepped up to hug Luca but instantly stopped. She looked down at his belly and frowned.

”Im not going to break, ” Luca said as he hugged her. Alicia backed away and smiled.

”I think you made her day, ” the grandfather said.

”Im glad I gave her a cool present, ” he said.

”Heres a tip, ” he said. ”Ill transfer the payment once we get home, ” Mr. Carlton said.

”Thank you, ” Luca said. ”And, if you know anyone who needs a photo done, just send them here, ” he said. Luca headed back to his room once they left.

Before Luca entered his room, he heard Angel, Thomas, and Adrians one week old baby girl cry. He caressed his swollen belly and smiled at the prospect of having his own daughter in a month. Luca rested his feet on three pillows piled at the foot of the bed. So far, the day has gone well. The meeting with the lawyers went well, and he earned $140 by drawing a three-year-old.

”She was a cutie, ” Luca smiled and thought to himself. Two cribs were pushed up against the farthest wall. Between them was a changing table. Luca opened his nightstand drawer and took out a baby book. He opened it and smiled at the two ultrasound photos inside. One was of Abbie, his deceased baby. The other was one of the twins he was now carrying.

Luca gently rubbed his stomach when he felt a kick from one of both of his babies. Luca got out of bed and waddled to the kitchen, his back supported. He took a pickle jar and a jar of chunky peanut butter from the counter. Luca took both containers and waddled over to the couch. Carefully, he scooted onto the couch and propped his feet onto the foot rest. Luca felt another strong kick.

”Relax, Ill feed us, ” he said, rubbing his stomach. The instant Luca dipped the pickle into the peanut butter and bit into it, the kicking stopped.

”Is someone hungry? ” Thomas asked, stepping into the living room. He sat down on the chair, cradling the infant.

”Yea, the babies wanted food, ” he said, nodding.

As they cooed over the babies, padded footsteps entered the room. Thomas glanced over his shoulder and saw Adrian in a white robe and gray slippers.

”Well, hello, babe, ” he said. ”Did you have a nice nap? ” Thomas asked.

”Yeah, ” Adrian said, nodding. ”I didn realize how exhausting giving birth was, ” he said.

”I guess Ill be doing double duty with twins, ” Luca said.

”Youve got us to help, ” Thomas said.

”Thank you for everything youve done for me, ” he said.

”Thats what friends are for, ” Adrian said.

Luca smiled as he rubbed his swollen stomach.

”Just another month and mommy will be able to hold you, ” he said. When Luca felt the kicks under his fingertips, he laughed. Thomas and Adrian both glanced at each other, then back at Luca, and smiled.

”Have you decided on who will accompany you to the hospital? ” Adrian inquired. ”Ill have Patricks father come, ” Luca said, nodding. ”You two have a baby to look after, ” he explained. Thomas nodded in agreement. ”Just make one promise to me, ” Luca said.

”Name it, ” Thomas suggested.

”Make sure Patrick doesn try to follow us, ” he warned. ”I don want him there, ” he said.

”Well make certain he stays here, ” they promised.

Luca watched as Adrian opened his robe and positioned Angel against his nipple. The babys cries ceased the moment her lips touched the pink nub. Adrian closed his robe slightly so Angel could feed in peace.

”I guess our little darling was hungry, ” Adrian explained.

”I can wait for my babies to arrive, ” Luca said.

”Theyll be here soon enough, ” Thomas predicted. Luca smiled as he imagined two babies sleeping on his chest.

A/N: Thomas and Adrians daughter Angel is a week old

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