Elena was the first to awaken this morning and demanded to be fed. Luca fed her and returned her to her crib. Tyson woke up as soon as Elena fell asleep and demanded to be fed. Luca wanted to pick out an outfit for Friday, so he put his baby boy down after he finished his breakfast. Luca went into his closet and began sorting through his clothes. Lucas hazel eyes widened as he discovered his gray hoodie and light blue pull-on pants. Hed found the perfect outfit and separated it from the rest of his clothes.

Luca opted for a navy hoodie and gray sweatpants. Before going into the bathroom, he double-checked his babies. Luca left the bathroom door slightly ajar so he could hear the twins when they awoke. He turned on the shower and began to undress. Luca experimented with the water temperature until he achieved the desired result. He entered the shower and stood under the running water. ”That feels so good, ” Luca thought to himself as the hot water ran down his aching body. Lucas black hair had grown to the point where it reached halfway down his back and had thickened. To ensure that his hair was clean, Luca washed and rinsed it twice. He then washed his body with his violet-scented body wash.

Luca was just getting out of the shower when he heard cries coming from the bedroom. Luca entered the bedroom wearing a warm robe.

”You two pick the worst times to pull stinkies, ” he remarked as the foul odor invaded his nose. ”I still love you, ” Luca said, picking up Elena first to change her. Luca changed Tyson after Elena had been cleaned up and changed into a new diaper. With the twins settled down, Luca grabbed his brush from the bathroom and headed back into the bedroom.

Luca stood in front of his floor mirror, sprayed some detangler, and brushed his hair. Hazel eyes peered out from the crib as he brushed his hair. Luca smiled down at Elena.

”Does my baby girl want to be held? ” As his daughter extended her tiny hand, Luca inquired. After finishing brushing his hair, Luca sat in the rocking chair with his daughter. Elena cooed as she twirled Lucas long hair.

”Now don tug too hard, ” Luca cautioned, moving all but one strand of his hair away from her tiny fingers.

Elena had nodded off, so Luca placed her in her crib. Hed just picked up Tyson when there was a soft knock. Luca walked over to the door and opened it.

”Hi dad, ” Luca said to Ken, who was standing on the other side of the door.

”Hello there, ” Ken said to his son, smiling. ”How are my grandchildren? ” he inquired.

”They are behaving today, ” Luca said, stepping up to the crib and placing the sleeping infant inside. ”Can you keep an eye on them while I get dressed? ” Luca asked, as he grabbed his clothes.

”Sure, ” Ken said, nodding his head.

When Luca came out of the bathroom, Ken was playing peek-a-boo with Elena, who had awoken. Luca stood there, smiling.

”All right, my dear babies, ” Luca said, ”lets get you into your carriers so we can go into the kitchen. ” Ken assisted in getting the twins ready while Luca went to get his medications. Luca carried Elena while Ken carried Tyson. The carriers were sat side by side on the counter while breakfast was cooked. Luca sat down after bringing the twins closer to the table. He ate while the babies slept soundly.

A few moments later, Thomas and Adrian entered the kitchen with their one-month-old daughter.

”Luca, have you noticed that you will meet that art guy on your birthday? ” Ken enquired. Lucas eyes widened with surprise.

”I completely missed that detail, ” Luca admitted.

”Well, we can have a celebration and a birthday party that day, ” Thomas said.

”Oh goodie, ” ”A great big party, ” Adrian exclaimed happily.

”If we
e going to do this, I want to invite some friends from back home, ” Luca said. Luca grabbed his phone and emailed Alina and his doctors from Richford about the party.

Luca sat at the table, his phone in hand. Ken looked at him with concern.

”Whats the matter? ” he inquired.

”Id like to invite my father so he can see his grandchildren, ” Luca softly said.

”Whats holding you back? ” Adrian inquired.

”The last time I saw my father was when I was pregnant with Abbie, my first child, ” Luca sighed. ”You see, I miscarried because my father harmed me, ” he explained as he raised his head. What they heard made everyone glance at each other in horror. ”Im afraid by how hed react when he hears that Patrick and I broke up, ”

Luca sat in the rocking chair an hour later, feeding Elena. In his mind, he kept asking himself, ”Should I contact my father? ” Luca wanted his father to see his grandchildren, but he didn want a reenactment of what had happened. Luca glanced at his daughter, who had fallen asleep during the feeding.

”I think its time for you and your brother to meet your other grandfather, ” he said quietly. Luca took out his laptop after Elena and Tyson had been fed and changed and were sound asleep. Luca launched the Gmail app and pressed the compose button. He inhaled deeply and began typing.

Dear Father,

Im writing because I believe we need to put aside our differences and be a family. Since our last conversation, a lot has happened. My daughter died shortly after the incident. Abbie was her name. I still have her ultrasound photo. Im also writing to let you know that you have two grandchildren. I had twins about a week ago. Patrick is the father, but we are no longer together. I am a well known sketch artist and make good money. I am happy with my babies. Their names are Elena and Tyson Hodges. Id really like you to see them. I love you, dad.


Your son, Luca Hodges

Luca reread the message, then hit send. ”Now, to see what happens next, ” he mumbled to himself, putting the laptop away.

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