ge a single drop. The game system was not even giving him tips or anything. After a while, the mage finally intervened.

”Think, young one. What do you want to do? ” He asked.

”I want to fill the kettle with water. But I can do it. ” Astaroth answered.

”No but or ifs, young man. Visualize it in your head. Visualize the kettle full of water. ” He said, pointing his head.

Astaroth went back to trying. This time, he closed his eyes and imagined the kettle full of water in his head.

After a few seconds of willing this vision to be true, he felt a cooling sensation coming from his head, going outwards. He opened his eyes and saw that his mana pool had drained a little and that water was forming inside the kettle.

It barely filled to half capacity, but he had made it. Astaroth smiled toothily.

He restarted the process, but this time, he kept his eyes open. It took him a little longer, but he repeated the process. The kettle was now full enough to make tea.

”Finally! You did the first step. Now heat it! ” The mage exclaimed from the side.

”Yes, sir! ” Astaroth answered, happy about his progress.

He repeated the progress with fire this time. He focused deeply on the small tinder under the kettle and visualized it burning. After a few seconds of concentration, the tinder lit up.

The flame was burning, albeit weakly.

”Thats not hot enough, Young Astaroth. Get that flame hotter! ” The mage hollered.

Concentrate as he could, Astaroth could not get the fire burning any hotter. After a while, the mage gave him a small tip.

”What makes fire burn? ” The mage asked him.

”Oxygen. ” Astaroth replied with certainty.

”Then give that fire oxygen and stop daydreaming! ” The mage said.

Astaroth took a few seconds to understand what the mage meant. When he finally caught on, he realized he could make wind blow on the flame with create wind.

He concentrated again and willed wind into the flame. Sadly, his lack of control generated too strong a wind for the small flame to bear and it blew it out.

”Fuck! ” Astaroth barked.

”Don cuss! Start again! ” The mage admonished him.

”Yes, sir! ” Astaroth replied resolutely.

He went back to concentrating and generated a flame in barely a few seconds. His control was getting better, but the flame was still too weak.

He kept his concentration up and willed a gentle breeze to blow on the flame. After a few tries and tweaks, he finally generated an ever-so-soft breeze that fed the fire with enough oxygen to burn stronger.

He had to keep the wind blowing to keep the flame strong, therefore; he kept his mind to the task until the kettle boiled and whistled.

*Clap Clap Clap*

The mage started clapping his hands to the side. He was smiling widely.

”Congratulations! You have become a fledgling mage. ” The old mage said.


*You have unlocked the passive skill Magic Control 1*

Your control over the mana currents around you and in your body has refined after much practice. Keep it up and you might become the strongest mage someday!

What the… Thought Astaroth.

He was thrilled about his results. My first step to becoming the strongest is done He said inwardly.

”Now, young Astaroth, not that I dislike your company, but these old bones like solitude. So if you don require further guidance, for now, I would appreciate it if you left. ” The old mage said with a smile.

”On your way out, the shelf on your left has orbs in it. Those are magic catalysts. Pass your hand over them while projecting mana, and pick the one that makes your hand tingle the most. That will mean it resonates with your mana attributes the most. Its a gift for passing my first test. ” He added.

Astaroth thanked the mage and bowed before heading over to the shelf with orbs on it. All of them had different colors to them.

He did as instructed and after passing over all of them; he picked the one that tingled him the most. It was a white orb with a blue swirl on it. As soon as he picked it up, it melted in his hand and fused with it.

A small tattoo of the same color as the orb appeared on his forearm right after. Astaroth guessed it was normal and said nothing about it. The process was painless, after all. He left right after.

The old man drank his tea in peace, now that Astaroth had gone. He went to see what orb his new pupil had picked. He soon furrowed his brows and grumbled.

”Was that the orb that resonated with him the most? Hmm. Interesting! ” The old man said, a look of interest appearing on his face.

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