eation and used it to propel the sword in the bears direction.

”FLY! ” He yelled.

The man looked at the bear slowly looming over him and thought This is it.

He smiled at the bear and whispered ” I hope you choke on my bones, you bastard ” and started closing his eyes.

As he closed them, he heard Astaroth yelling, so he opened them back up and barely saw something flying in at insane speeds. The object hit the bear in the neck, and thats when he finally saw what it was.

It was his sword! It had impaled the bear in the neck almost up to the hilt and now the bear was turning around to face the kid he had told to leave.

Astaroth was looking at the bear when the sword hit and he saw the damage number appearing


*Giant Black Bear*

Level: 36

Grade: Special

Health: 94/44250

”Shit! ” Astaroth cursed under his breath.

The damned bear didn die on impact. He knew now he had caught its attention but he couldn do anything more.


*You have created the spell Propel*

As the bear turned around to face him, the man on the ground slowly got back up. It looked arduous.

The Giant Black Bear started walking towards Astaroth and as he did, the man yelled ” DIE! ” and jumped up to his neck, grabbing the hilt of his sword.

He used his feet as an anchor and yanked upwards, pulling the sword out and ripping the neck of the bear.

Blood gushed out of the creature from the new gaping wound and the man fell back to the ground. The bear died from that last assault and it fell to the ground, hitting it at the same time as the man.

Astaroth was taken aback. Where had the wounded man found the strength to do that, he was nearly dead!

He ran to the mans side, brushing away the system prompts. He needed to help him before the poor guy ran out of blood.

He tore the mans tattered shirt off and bandaged the man up. Once he finished, he laid back and sighed.

”This game is out of its mind. ” He mumbled.

He had been online for less than 2 hours and already; It had confronted him with a life-or-death situation. Things like that weren supposed to happen in games, right?

He lay there on his back and started looking at his earlier system prompts.

* You have helped in killing a Giant Black Bear (Special)(lvl36). Exp awarded in function of help given. 60 Exp (Extra 300% for kill 3 tiers higher level) awarded in function to help given on kill (0.42% damage dealt). *

*Level up! Level up! You are now level 3. From leveling; you gained 2 skill points, 2 free Attribute points, and all Attributes increased by 2. *

Astaroth was happy with what he gained out of his folly, but he kept the attribution of those points for later. He first had to rest and get back to town. He felt exhausted.

”Gosh, this was a crazy day already. Can it get more exciting? ” He wondered, laying down to take a nap.

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