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Non-Elemental Magic, Part 1

ld manipulate mana to this point already?! BWAHAHAHA! ” The trainer heartily laughed, still lying on the ground.

The trainees around were looking at the two men with weird faces. All of them thought the same thing. Crazy

”I know how to train you now! ” The man said, getting up and patting the dust off his clothes.

”If you can train your mana proficiently enough, this style will make you a force to reckon with. But it will be hard work. Are you ready to commit, lad? ” He added, walking up to Astaroth, reaching his hand out to help him up.

”I will work as hard as ten men, sir! ” Astaroth said resolutely, grabbing the mans hand to get up.

”Although I will be absent for a few days, starting tomorrow, I will give my all to the training every moment I am in this world! ” He added, fire burning in his eyes.

”That is what I want to hear. ” The trainer said, smiling widely.

”Would it be ok if I go see the old mage for the rest of the day, before we start our training, sir? ” Astaroth asked, bowing.

”Yes yes. Its fine. Once you come back, you will become my plaything for a while. So get things sorted out before you do. ” Kloud said, waving dismissively.

Astaroth bowed a second time and left for the old mans house. He still had questions for the mage, regarding a matter he had set aside for a while.

Looking at the mark on his forearm, he smiled. He wanted this question answered before he had to log out.

He had tried to figure out what element this mark was, fiddling with all the elements he could gather in the cave. None of them reacted stronger to him. So he wanted to get a straightforward answer.

As he neared the house, the door to it opened up again. He didn hesitate to walk in this time, not wanting to waste time gawking again.

He maneuvered the book labyrinth again and walked to the back. The mage had already opened the bookshelf up to reveal stairs, so he walked down them and made his way to the cave bearing the villages shield artifact.

Arriving there, he saw the old man staring at the shield intently. He seemed to have something on his mind.

”Is something bothering you, Master? ” Astaroth asked.

”Hmm? Oh, nothing you should concern yourself with, young man. ” The mage said, turning around and waving his hand dismissively.

”I was just thinking about the future. ” He added with a smile.

”What can I do for you? You never seek me without reason. ” He said, a little tone of teasing in his voice.

”Ahh, yes. Master, I came to ask for your knowledge. I want to know more about the orb I linked to and what element it represents. I have been trying to find it out on my own, but I can seem to figure it out. ” Astaroth said, sitting down and pointing to his forearm.

”Hmm, that. I can give you that knowledge. Although I would have been really surprised if you figured it out, it was a monstrous task for a fledgling like you. ” The old mage said, walking around Astaroth again.

Astaroth just sat there, waiting patiently. He would endure as many lessons as the man would give him if it could give him an edge over the others. So he listened.

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