”Ha Ha, Yes its you who else could possibly inherit the legacy of my friend better than you would be able to. ” Replied Emry

James could finally understand the connection between all of the things that were told to him by Emry. First he talked about his friend that was a turtle that stood by Emrys side when he was on his cultivation journey. Then he talked about how it was rare to find a turtle that could cultivate, and even more rare to find a turtle that had intelligence. Then finally he talked about to be able to increase his cultivation any further he had to pass on his friends legacy to someone who could use it best. It all finally clicked in his mind and he understood why he was the optimal choice for this legacy.

At this point James was shocked, how good was his luck. He had just reincarnated into this world and he met someone who was going to pass on the legacy of a figure that was high in cultivation. James had the most lucky encounter than anyone in this world will have in their entire lives. Even if you added up all of their encounters together James would still come out on top.

”You are probably the only candidate that I will come across for the next couple thousand years, and I cant wait that long. Even I have a limited life span, although I wont reach the limit any time soon I still want to make the most of my time. Hence i will pass my legacy on to you, even though i can tell you are already way too intelligent for a newborn turtle i wont pry into the details just let me ask you one question. Will you take your life and your cultivation in this world seriously. ”

Honestly James didn even need to think about what to say for even a moment. The instant that he confirmed that he had actually reincarnated into a world that has cultivation he decided that he would take this life seriously. There were multiple regrets that he had in his previous life and he didn want to make the same mistakes in this life. Although he had hoped a little that he would have a motherly figure that could take care of himself in this world he knew that he would have to do everything himself. Though thats fine since he has taken care of himself since his parents died in a car crash when he was 8. But James wanted to make the most of this life since he didnt get the chance in his previous life.

Yes please, Even though you may not know what has happened to me, I have made too many mistakes and it is time that I lived my life to the fullest. If that means that ill have to go against the entire world, ill go against the entire world! If that means I have to go against the universe, ill go against the entire universe!! IF THAT MEANS THAT ILL HAVE TO GO AGAINST THE HEAVENS, ILL GO AGAINST THE HEAVENS WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT AND NEVER LOOK BACK FOR A SINGLE FUCKING SECOND!!!!!

James is tired of being told what he should do. James is tired of being pushed around by other people just because he isn the same. James is tired of being bullied just because he is an orphan. James is tired of having to clean up after others messes just because he had the time. James is tired of being taken advantage of just because he wasn able to fight back. James is tired of everything, so he decided it was time to step up and be the one that took control of his life. There were many things that he wanted to do and he was going to make sure that he was going to be around to do everything.

”HA HA HA, I like that spirit of yours little turtle. I hope that you will be able to live up to your words one day. Since Im starting to like you more and more ill give you a little present before I leave. All of the crystals in this cave are yours to keep. They will help you out on your journey more than you think they will. I will even give you something else that you will find useful later. ” Emery seemed to be in a very cheerful mood. He was very exited about the whole speech that James had given, he just hoped that he would be able to live up to that speech because he has seen too many people fall to the heavens.

James was incredibly hyped up at the moment, everything was finally looking good for him. His previous life was so bad that so far his current life, even though he already almost lost his life, is already like heaven.

”Come over here, Im going to give you my friends legacy now. I hope that youll be able to reach heights that he was never able to reach little turtle. ”

James walked over to Emry and at the moment it could be said that they were very close together. He wasn sure where he should go since Emry was so huge but he decided that he would go close to the are that his head was in.

Soon Emery slowly approached James with his claws until the tip of his claw was touching the middle of James forehead.

”Just to give you a heads up this is going to probably be the worst pain that you have ever felt in your entire life, well not that its been that long anyways. I hope that youll be able to come out on top and comprehend the cultivation manual that Im about to give you. I hope to see you in the higher realms one day. ”

All of the sudden James felt a soothing feeling get released from Emrys claw and enter the center of his forehead. It slowly made its way to his brain, but once it hit his brain James felt the worst pain he has ever felt in his entire life and the last. At first it felt like millions of tiny ants were biting the inside of his head at the same time over and over again until suddenly it stopped. James was thankful that it was over until a second later it got even worse. Now it felt like there were a million sharks that were biting the inside of his head over and over again. The pain was so immense that James passed out. James had no idea how long passed but it was excruciating. He would keep waking up from the pain just to pass out again because he couldn handle it.


James heard a ding in the middle of this showing the system had something to show him but he was in so much pain he couldn even look at it.





James heard many system notifications but he couldn look at them because of the pain he was going through at the moment. Eventually the pain died down and James fell asleep because of exhaustion.

When James was asleep his body seemed to go under a qualitive change as his blood seemed to turn a little golden and he had small golden lines going across his entire shell in a weird pattern that made circular lines.

Finally after an unknown amount of time James finally woke up and instantly noticed that his body felt different. When James looked around he noticed that there were two items next to him but the weirdest thing was that on his back there seemed to be tiny vegetation living there. James looked around all over the place but no matter where he looked he couldn find Emery anywhere. All of the sudden there was countless information that popped up in his mind and he was overwhelmed. Suddenly all of that information disappeared and only small portions of it were left. James decided that he would go back to sleep as currently he felt so strained that he could barely even lift a muscle.

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