New life as a Turtle.

What\'s going to happen to me?

James felt as though he was floating through the void. He looked all around but all he could see was white, everywhere he looked it was just white.

Where am I? thought James.

Am I dead? at this point James had a feeling that he had passed over to the next life.

Is this all! is this what Im going to be staring at for the rest of time! for some reason James thought that this was the place where people go when they pass away, he thought they just float in nothingness for the rest of time.

At this time James took the chance to take a look at his body


I DONT HAVE A BODY as James looked down all he could see was a wisp of rainbow colors floating in the void. The second he saw this he realized this is probably his soul or something along those lines.

The wisp of rainbow color seemed to have the shape of the rough outline of a human body.

At this point James was still skeptical of whether or not this was all real. He thought it might be real but at the same time he hoped that he might just wake up on a hospital bed and everything would be fine. Well except for the hospital bill that would not be fine. For some reason at this point he thought maybe it would be a good thing that this might be real, but he quickly dispelled such thoughts from his mind.

Eventually James could see a black light in the distance, slowly that black light got closer and closer to him.

Whats this

The black light eventually got close enough to him that he could clearly see what it was. It seemed to just be some type of black marble that was emitting immense light.

A marble? Why would there be a marble here. right after James thought this he realized the mistake he made. Why wouldn it be here, he doesn know what happens when someone dies. For gods sake this could all be regular thing that happens to everyone, maybe that marble is something used to check his karma to see if he goes to Heaven or Hell or something like that.

The marble got close to James and flew around him a couple of times, seemingly checking him out as if it had intelligence.

After the marble was done it flew back in front of James face and directly entered his forehead.

Is this a joke, what is happening.

Five seconds later, nothing happened.

Thats it? I thought something else would happen, like I suddenly wake up and figure out I have some type of cheat powers thought James seemingly disappointed.

After half an hour suddenly the entire void he had been in had changed color and had become a dark black color

Whats going on!

James looked around everywhere and he couldn see anything

Suddenly James felt sleepy.

No, I cant close my eyes! If I close my eyes who knows what could happen! thought James.

James tried to keep his eyes open with all his might, but eventually he could no longer keep his eyes open and closed them, that was the last thing that James remembers happening in that white void.

After an unknown amount of time James woke back up.

[Good Morning Host]

Whos there said James.

[I am whatever you would like to call me, but in your terms I would be a game system]

No, No, No, I must be going crazy thought James

[No host you are not going crazy. I have checked your mental health and you are just fine]

impossible, this is a dream right, Im just dreaming right now thought James

[No host this is not a dream, this is indeed real life.]

My god so this is real i really have a system. thought James

[Yes host, you have a system]

So is there anything that you can do? asked James

[I can do many things but most features of the system are currently locked, please increase your cultivation level]

hats a bummer … wait did you just say cultivation level!!! yelled James in his mind

[indeed you have reincarnated into a cultivation world host]

impossible thought James

Wait why cant I see anything? thought James. He could confirm that his eyes were open but he couldn see anything, It was pitch black.

[That would be because host is currently inside an egg]

wait, did you just say an egg? Thats impossible Im a human, humans dont get born in an egg?!?!

[That would be incorrect, currently the host has been reincarnated as a turtle.]

No, thats impossible, I cant be a turtle. said James

[I can confirm that you host are indeed a turtle.]

The second that the system said this James seemed to have been put into a trance. Eventually James couldn handle the truth and directly fainted.

Thirty minutes later James woke up. He seemed to be doing better. Who wouldn be feeling better after a nap. After all Naps are godly.

Impossible thought James.


[New Quest issued!

Quest – Breaking the Shell

Difficulty – F

Details – Break out of the egg.

Time Limit – None

Reward – 100 Spiritual qi, 5 points]


In front of James was a blue screen that contained a quest.

A quest, thats interesting so its this type of system. thought James.

James tried to move his limbs. After a couple of seconds James could successfully feel that he had four limbs, but they all seemed to be legs.


So I really am a turtle

For some reason this seemed to have caused James to become depressed. He sighed over and over again until eventually he got it out of his system(hehehe, you get that one ”System ” hehehe).

[Dont worry host even though you are a turtle you can obtain a human form when you reach the Qi condensation realm] said the system seemingly trying to cheer James up.

What realm is that? Can you show me the cultivation realms? replied James

[The cultivation realms are Body refinement, Qi condensation, Meridian opening, and Core condensation, i cannot currently tell you any realms above core condensation because your cultivation level is insufficient.]

Oh thats actually not that bad i actually only have to get to the qi condensation realm to get a human form

[Indeed host since turtles are at the bottom in terms of talent they can get a human form more quickly. depending on an animals talent and what realm they can reach in the future it determines what realm they can obtain in the future.]

interesting so thats the way it works, thank you for informing me.

[No problem host, if the host would like to see more information about himself the system suggests the host says ”menu ” to open the menu]

James had a feeling that there was a menu but he wasn sure if it was true. But now that the System confirmed his judgement James got happy to see what this system could do in the future.

Menu! replied James

When James replied in front of him a blue screen popped up showing information about himself.

[Name – James Smith

Lifespan – 80 years

Age – 0 years old, mental age – 20 years

Cultivation level – None

Spiritual qi needed to reach next level – 0/100

Race – Wood Turtle

Points – 0







When James looked at the screen in front of him his excitement reached a maximum. James looked through the information and determined that this truly wasn a dream. he reincarnated into another world and was currently a turtle.


He was so exited that he started to yell in his mind.

Five minutes later James finally calmed down and determined it was time for him to figure out what is going on with this system.

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