When the red hair pirates are now scattered gone in order to quickly find luffy and the bandit lead leader who kidnapped luffy they mus find there currently location.

Vince sat down and glance at makino, he felt ashamed on his action hiding his strength from makino and maybe makino is now angrily at him for letting luffy being beaten up and kidnapped by that disgusting person.

He also thinks makino was maybe scared on him cause he killed a bunch of bandits in front of her.

But even so he still walks towards to makino and sat beside her to assure him luffy will be fine.

Hey makino nee you must calm down you know luffy will be saved by that red hair man and his men ” you and i knows how capable are they especially they have strength and numbers to find and quickly save luffy.

I know you feel hate against me when i didn intervene earlier so cheer up makino luffy will be safe ” and maybe you are now thinking of me as a cold blooded criminal after i merciless killed those bandits. When luffy return i leave and thanks for everything makino nee.

Bang! Makino hit vince head and said.

Im not angry,scared or hated you about what happen ” as for killing those bandits they deserve it and if you didn kill them they will kill you and us.

And for not intervening the fight between luffy and that bandit its kinda luffy fault about that and i knew you where thinking of consequences of you try to intervene and firstly your still a brat but Im shock about your strength you easily killed the bandits.

So you are just talking non sense vince, Im just glad your safe but Im just worried about luffy you know.

When Makino heard vince she manage her self to calm after breathing slowly when he remembers shanks was strength and he scold vince by talking those non sense word cause he was worried that she may hated or scared by him ” I almost forgot your still a brat but anyways thank you for calming me a bit vince makino slowly smile.


2 hours pass shanks return with a unconscious luffy while shanks came back with injuries and cover with blood, every one was shocked except for vince cause he knew it will happen.

Makino: shanks your arm??? She cried while watching shanks left arm is gone as a price to save luffy.

When vince saw this he slowly smile and also relief luffy is safe even do he already knew what happened so he just watched and then returned to his room.

A day pass and vince decide a walk and to go at the cliff overseeing the windmill village and a port.

Vince standing there like his waiting for something.

Suddenly shanks appeared his face was serious and like he treats vince as a one of enemies.

Vince already notice shanks and turn around and face shanks.

Whats up by the long serious face shanks?? Vince asked

Who are you?? Shanks asked while griping his sword ready to draw and attack.

Vince just smile.

Im vince nice to meet you shanks.

So vince huh?? What are your purpose here then vince?? Shanks ask he still vigilant and on guard against vince.

Vince suddenly turn around towards the sea and slowly scratched his chin

Hmmm.. honestly my original purpose was to find you red hair and challenge you in a diel but after a months staying here i quite love here cuz is peaceful place and i also love makino nee cooking.

Shanks frown in vince statement.

Shanks: So your here to fight me??

Yeah. ” ” He turns and face directly in shanks.

Vince checked shanks status


Age: 27


Strength: peak* – mid tier yonko

Recently injured lost his left arm

Weapon: gryphon

Skills: ryou emission, infusion , soru, geppo, rankyaku.


Observation haki mastery: peak advance

Armament haki mastery: high tier advance

Conquerer haki mastery: Grandmaster (ll)


Damn his strong vince thought.

A small fry sea king manage injure you and in the process saving that kid you lost directly your left arm?? Isn quite ironic isn ? Vince just grinned.

Hehh.. even though i lost my arm I didn lost my strength you know ” but to answer your curiosity i just betting for the future shanks smile without explaining any further.

Why not find a place to spar I didn want to made a ruckus and cause of destruction in here especially in a peaceful village like windmill ” if you don mind red hair shanks vince said with a small smile on his lips.

Shanks just smile and nod

e right… shanks looks towards the direction of the village.

The funny thing was we accidentally discovered an island no inhabitants can be found not far on this island and is only 1 day away from here if we use a ship. But our ship is kind special its fast and we can reach that island only a 8-9 hours shanks said.

Vince: How a about a little competition?? The fastest one reach there will win a favor how about that?

And why not travel there by swimming or try to fly towards there if we use our speed maybe it will only take 3 hours or so shanks said and i bet you know some marines 6 martial techniques right?? He just smile towards shanks.

Its a deal shanks agreed and he also tell the island and which direction where it can be found.

May we start? Vince said.

Seconds later they both vanish towards the direction of the island where there are going to spar ” shanks used his mastery of geppo while combining it with soru while vince using his flight a combination of geppo and soru.

After 3 hours of using flight and geppo.

The two finally reach the island and shanks crew will reach maybe 4- 5 hours by the ship.

The two landed at the middle of the island grassy field they stood opposite with each other with a distance of a 10m or so

The two didn talk but they immediately released their mastery in Conquerer haki.

Shanks produce a red aura while vince produce silver arua

The two aura collided and cause a massive ripples of waves strong winds and it also cause a small magnitude of earthquake while the ground where they stood cracks and even the sky above spilt because of their Conquerer haki collision.

The pressure around the two intensified and now cause a massive earth quake around the island and it cause a small ripples of small and large ocean waves in the sea surrounding the island

Shanks draw his gryphon while vince summon his intetsu.

Shanks was slightly shocked when he saw vince summon his sword.

A space related devil fruit ehh?? Shanks smirk

Maybe?? Vince just answered casually while his lips form a smile.

Then seconds later

The two vanish the same time and appeared in the middle while they swing there swords

Vince swing horizontally upward his sword while shank swing his sword downward in a horizontal manner.

The two sword clash but didn directly touch about 14 inch apart and form a small bubbles in the center the same did where roger and whitebeard clash when they fought.

They both use there Conquerer haki to fuse with there sword and their attack cuz the two sword clash but didn actually touch each other blades.

So you know infusion ehh?? Shanks ask

While vince just smile.

There casual normal attack cuz a intense massive shockwave and cuz a massive circle of crack on the ground where they stood and all of these are cuz of their attack colliding.

There Conquerer haki infusion colliding cuz a small spark and create a small lightning strikes around them.

The entire island went dark and a only a silhouette of the two can only been seen.

A countless of shockwaves bubbles around the air and land appeared in the island it cuz destruction and earth quake every where.

Its Like exactly the same where the dragon ball warriors fought.

Boomm!! Booom!! Boomm!!

Swish…. Swish…. Ting !! Ting !! Boomm!!

The two almost fought for and entire 3 hours

A series of sound of explosions may been heard by the crew of shanks even though there still a 100 mile away from the island.

They knew how terrifying they so could sparring was.

Yassap: there only barely reach the island about 5 hours or so but their battle is so intense even we felt the intensity of the battle here.

Limejuice: is the captain will be okay?? His injuries and still fresh you know.

Beckman: i think he his okay even he lost his entire left arm his strength doesn decrease by much And i bet he quite having a fun time battle the kid right now ” he smiled.

Lucky roux: that kid was a monster he even equally match captain in strength Im afraid the future will be chaotic if he officially start his journey in the grand line hahahaha..

Roux talk while holding a piece of large meat in his hand and ate a large section of the roasted meat.

Munch munch munch!!

The entire crew of shanks just nod in acceptance about lucky roux comment.

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