A teenager and two young kids stood in front of a door. Lucio stoon in front of the door thinking for a few seconds before taking out the key and opening the door. ”Lets go in ….. ” he said as he entered the door with hesitance and anticipation.

The kids followed him inside, only to see the room filled with electronics and machine parts. Emiliano looked around with excitement like he was in a dream world of some sort and ran towards a drone that had a flashy red and black colour. ”Whoa, can this actually fly? ”

”Uh , yeah it can fly but it can also carry a lot of weight. ”

Emiliano looked at Lucio with excitement ”Can it carry my mega robo 3.0 too? ”

Lucio nodded ”Ill let you play with it when I finish working on it. ”

Emiliano ran towards Lucio and shot his small fist towards him ”Bros Promise of eternity? ”

”Yea sure…. Bros promise of eternity. ” He bumped his brothers fist with a confused expression. ”Both of you can rest in the bedroom for now. Ill clean this room and call you back. ” He said as he looked at his sister.

Emilia nodded and dragged her brother to the bedroom. They didn really bring anything from the orphanage as nothing really belonged to them at the orphanage, so they were pretty free and had nothing to do in the bedroom.

”Why are you so friendly with him? ” Emilia asked her twin with a frown on her face.

”Huh? Isn he our brother? Im not like you and I love my brother. My brother doesn hit me like my sister and he is so much more cooler than my sister who only draws and sits silently like a ghost. ” He said as he struck his tongue out.

Emilia took a deep breath and sat on the bed, against the wall. Things happened too fast and she wasn able to cope up with the changes. Her brother seemed fine but she felt uneasy. ”I don trust him. He could be someone who is trying to take away our organs or sell us as slaves. ”

”You clearly have been reading many wierd comics….. Anyways, he showed us a picture of dad and mom didn he? ”

”Yes but…. nowadays, anyone can edit things the way they want. Its 2025 and the technology is advancing to an unpredictable stage. ”

Emiliano didn really understand what his sister was talking about but he nodded and started exploring the room.

Lucio was standing near the door with an earphone plugged in. He sighed when he heard their conversation. He shook his head and started cleaning his room. He never thought he had siblings and bought this house as he thought hed be living alone but now it felt a bit lacking.

”Just 2 more years and earth will cease to exist so its a waste of time to search for a new property… I might have to make the garage my work station …. ” Lucio felt tired as he didn get enough sleep yesterday but he had to finish cleaning.

It took him an hour to finish the work but the room looked so much better than before. Satisfied with the work, he opened the door to the bedroom, only to see Emiliano sleeping soundly and Emilia searching through his drawers.

She looked scared and extremely guilty as Lucio silently walked towards her. She could see that she was clearly angry. Very angry. She remembered the scenes in movies where the bad guys kidnap girls and kill them brutally, chopping off their limbs, before piercing their hearts.

She closed her eyes tightly when he was Almost a meter away from her. She waited for a few seconds but nothing happened so she slowly opened her eyes , only to find Lucios face right in front of hers, staring at her with no emotion in his face.

She felt like her heart almost jump out of her mouth. She wanted to scream but no sound escaped her mouth as fell down, she tried standing up but was unable to feel her legs.

Lucio just shook his head as he saw this and whispered ”You shouldn have done this if you wouldve gotten this scared. ”

Luckily he had nothing to hide. ”I brought you with me because I thought I could give you a better life compared to letting you stay at an orphanage but this is how you repay me, by snooping around my stuff without my permission. Let me tell you something, I don care about your academics, sports, nothing. I just want you both to have someone to depend on. You can ask me anything you want but don go searching for stuff behind my back. I don like it. ”

Emilia just nodded repeatedly and it took her a while to calm down. He didn do anything so I think he won harm us even if I ask the question….. She looked at Lucio, contemplating what to do next. Making up her mind, she asked ”Are you really my brother? ” Lucio just stared at her. He knew this question was coming but didn expect her to be this direct. He gave out a deep sigh before saying ”Let me show you something….. stay here , Ill come back. ”

It took him 2 minutes but he came back with a huge aluminium box and opened it as he gestured Emilia to come to him. She walked to him, expectantly. She really hoped she had a big brother, but keeping an eye on Emiliano for her whole life, she didn want to take any chances on his safety.

Lucio took out a few diaries and a pen drive from the box and walked to his working table which was clean now. Turning on the laptop, he inserted the USB in and said ”This has the photos of my childhood and those diaries belong to father. ”

It took him a while to convince her that they were siblings.

”So… Emiliano and I , look like dad but you inherited both their features? ”

”Yes. You should notice that all our eyes look the same. We inherited it from dad. ”

He had gone into the depths of biology and tried to explain the process of hormones in a child friendly manner, which was pretty hard for him. It wasn until he told her that they he would take her for DNA test. She agreed after searching what a DNA test meant.

Lucio felt exhausted but he had work to do. Looking a the clock which showed 7:39 pm , he called Senzo.

Senzo : Whats up?

Lucio : Nothing special , I called to inform you that Ill not be attending the meeting.

Senzo : But why? You made me work so hard only to quit right at the end ? This is unfair Lucio.

Lucio : *sigh* Sorry but my priorities have changed. Back then I wanted to revive the family but now I just want to take care of my siblings.

Senzo : …. Alright, call me if you want something.

Lucio: Sure, See ya.


Lucio boiled some water for the cup noodles he was going to eat with his brother and sister as he wasn in the right mood to make something complicated. There were four huge boxes full of cup noodles of his favourite brand. Taking three of them out , he asked Emilia to wake up Emiliano.

It took only a few seconds to hear a yelp. Both of them came out while Emiliano rubbed the back of his head with a pained expression which soon vanished when he saw the noodles on the floor. Emilia frowned as both her brothers sat down on the floor to eat the noodles.

She always sat on a chair and ate her food and she was unfamiliar with the thing that was happening in front of her. ”Are we not eating on the table? ” she asked pointing at Lucios work bench. It was actually a dining table which Lucio used to work on his gadgets. ”No, but you can eat on the bed if you want. Im used to eating this way ”

Emilia nodded before taking the cup. ”Hah, You
e so weak that you can sit on the floor. This means my Morphin rangers are way better than your princes. ”

Lucio smiled as he saw Emilia sit down with them in frustration. They finished their dinner and he got them to sleep quite early as they were sleepy already. Lucio checked the time and continued working on the drone till midnight. He was exhausted but work was work.

The clock struck twelve and Lucio opened his laptop. Turning on the vpn and opening onion browser, he searched for the website he searched for everyday. The website was functioning and Lucio was elated. The user interface was quite plain but it didn really matter.


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”Finally, its here. No one would ever expect a VR to feel so realistic nowadays. ”

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