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6- It\'s Time to Eat!

Chapter 5

A few million miles away from planet earth, a deformed creature floated in its ship, excitement flowing through its slimy eight limbed body. ”Im finally getting a chance to become the administrator, HAHAHAHAAA ”

It looked at the screen in front of it, a screen which others would not be able to see, a screen which only the owner could look at , a system UI. The creature looked at the advertisement that it had posted after painstakingly creating it.

[OSCURO ONLINE- BETA] ( online users – 001 )

Slots left : 0/100 players

Buy your slot now! (The costs of the VR headset will be included.)

About two minutes passed as it pounced around the ship in excitement as it announced to the world ”ITS FINALLY TIME FOR MY RACE TO PROSPER! ”

It noticed the amount if free slots decreasing quickly. ”HAHAHA I didn expect this to work so fast. ” All the slots were sold in a few minutes and when the last slot was bought , the system immediately turned red in colour. The contests on the screen quickly changed.


All the slots were sold to a single person.

Terminating administrator perks.

System transferring in 3…. 2….1!

System transfer error! Vaporizing current host.

BEEP ….. BEEP….. Vaporization Success.

System transferring in 3…. 2….1!

System transfer success.



Lucio sat on his chair as he silently stared at his monitors screen. He clicked on the [BUY] option only to see a price vastly different from the price he had seen in his previous life. A single head pieces price was a whopping ten thousand dollars.

”Who would have thought that all the preparations I did this time to earn money would come in handy at a time like this….. ” He pondered for a while before making a decision. Opening the drawer, he put his hand inside and directed his hands to the roof and felt a bulge. He pulled at the hard, rectangular object and took it out. It was a pen drive, something that most people didn use these days. He plugged it in and entered the details in a certain comparatively unknown website which he trusted.






He typed in the number 100 as he was too lazy to calculate the exact amount he needed. Lucio had used his past lifes information to make money in a lazy, laid back way by selling the jewellery of his parents and bought some CRYPTO with the amount obtained from the sale including a bit of money his mom left for him. Which wasn much but the amount grew exponentially as he invested in crypto currency.

He pressed enter and it took a while to process the transaction. A new message popped up on his laptop screen along with a notification on his phone.

[Transaction successful. 10% will be deducted due to transaction charges.]

”Tch. ” Lucio didn like it but this website still was better than most other mainstream sites which took about 30% as taxes and what not. He then checked the notification which said that he had successfully deposited 1,518,750,000 won (1,125,000 dollars) into his bank account, which technically was Senzos bank account. Lucio had requested Senzo for an account and the latter readily made one specifically for him, which was in Senzos name but only Lucio used it.

Lucio switched tabs and looked at the amount of slots which still read 0/100 and started his spending spree. Unfortunately, he couldn buy everything in a single click, which annoyed Lucio a bit, but he made up his mind to buy them all. He planned on selling 99 slots when the game was noticed. Which was about 10 years from now but, Lucio had his own plans on making it famous.

It took him a few minutes to but all the slots but when he clicked on [BUY] for the 100th time, the power shut down and he could hear the sound of an explosion a second after clicking the [BUY] button.

He felt it again, the feeling that he was familiar with before his regression. It didn take long for a familiar screen to pop out in front of him. It was similar yet different. He was used to a light blue screen but a red one felt very different and he had never seen the system when he was on earth. Systems were never seen on earth, this was the first time.

[Congratulations , you have been selected as the administrator of the Planet link Earth*Oscuro ]

[As the new host, you will obtain the ADMINISTRATOR SYSTEM.]

[Do you accept to work for the higher dimensional being, to prevent the destruction of earth?]


Lucio read the words hovering in front of him a few times and then without any hesitation said I accept in his head and the screen in front of him changed instantaneously, turning from red to light blue.








Lucio fainted before he read all the notifications. The energy released when the system merger with him was immense and unfortunately, he couldn handle it and his face dropped on top of the table.


Lucio woke up to the sounds of his brother and sister quarrelling. He stood up from his chair, rubbing his eyes. He could vaguely remember the things that happened last night which he thought was a dream but dismissed the thought when he saw the screen in front of his eyes. Which apparently only he could see as his siblings failed to notice the huge screen right in front of Lucio.

The screen vanished from his vision by a mere thought of Lucio and it was quite convenient as he didn have to command it to close like he used to do for a long time.

Lucio looked at his siblings as a gentle smile formed on his face. It had been ages since he felt the home so lively. He looked at them for a while and stretched, kicking the sleepiness out of his system and said to the kids who were about to start a pillow fight ”Stop it, you two. Start brushing your teeth and take a bath. We need to buy clothes and theres a lot more that has to be done. ”

Both of them nodded and went to the sink only to find a single, beat up toothbrush lying in the holder. Lucio stood behind them with an embarrassed smile as he scratched his right cheek. ”Uhh, I guess we have to do the shopping first, ey? ”

”YESS! SHOPPING!! ” Shouted Emiliano in excitement. ”The never took us for shopping in our old home and people in the TV always have so much fun shopping. ”

But surprisingly, Emilia was quick to reject the idea. ”No. I want to take a bath first. In the orphanage, we don have hot water and we are allowed to take a bath only once in three days. ”

Lucio gave an awkward smile as he faced Emilia. ”We don have a water heater. I take bath with cold water as it keeps me active for the whole day. Ill have someone install one in our home. ”

Emilia nodded, accepting it. Cold bath wasn new to her and she was just happy that he wasn restricting her to take a bath. ”Okay. Ill go bathe. ” To which Lucio simply nodded and sat down to continue working on his drone. There were a few finishing touches left before it was fully functional.

Emiliano observed as he worked on the drone. It didn take long for it to complete as he just had to copy the code from his laptop into his drone, which was quite simple. Lucio then put in the batteries into the controller and plugged in the drone to the fast charger and looked at Emiliano ”Lets test this guy after your sister gets ready, kay? ”

Emiliano replied by nodding fiercely. Emilia soon came out wrapping herself in Lucios towel which was a tad bit too big for her.

Lucio felt like slapping himself for his negligence. Emilia hesitated before opening her mouth ”I don have spare clothes. ” And now he felt helpless and lost. He thought hard and came to a decision, his last resort. He took out his phone and called his classmate.


Kim Dojin was lying in a two meter cube with a helmet on. It was a Gaming capsule which cost a huge amount of money. He was fighting a BOSS when he got a call and he glanced at the notification at the far left of his sight and turned back to the boss ignoring it, only to see the words ”YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED. ” in front of him.

Kim Dojin took a few deep breaths to control his irritation and picked up the call. ”Hello? ”

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