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6- It\'s Time to Eat!

Chapter 6

Kim Dojin took a few deep breaths to control his irritation and picked up the call. ”Hello, Who am i speaking to? ”

”Hi this is Lucio. ”

”Oh Hey, Hola , amigo , gracias, arigato , sayonara. Where are you from anyways? Everyone in the class wants to know but you act so unapproachable that everyone has to swallow their curiosity, but do you know how bad it is for health? I even died in the boss fight because of your call, so tell me how you are going to compensate me. ”

Lucio sighed as he listened to Dojin rambling. ”I need your help. ”

”Tell me what happened. ” Dojins voice turned serious as he logged out of the game and exited his capsule as he took his phone out of its socket and held it near his ear.

”You have a sister right? ” Came Lucios voice from the phone.

”Uh … yes. What about her? ”

”She should be about 10 or 11 years old right? ”

”No, she is 9, but what does that have to do with you? ”

”I need her clothes. ”

It didn take even a second for Dojin to end the call. ”How dare he ask for my sisters clothes that pervert pedo. ”

He received a message ”Its a misunderstanding. Hear me out, I really need your help. ”

Under it was a photo attached. Lucio was sitting down as two kids leaned against him, peering at the camera. The girl wore an extremely oversized T-Shirt which looked like it was Lucios.

Another text popped up under the photo ”My sister doesn have any clothes currently and we have to go out soon. Ill return the clothes back tomorrow. Come to my place with the clothes please and Ill explain everything to you. You can bring your sister too if youd like to. ”

And the next second a link which showed the location of Lucio popped up on his screen.

After digesting everything he read , he replied ”Weren you like …. alone? I never heard that you had siblings. ”

Dojin didn have to wait as he got a reply after just a second ”Ill explain when you get here. Come as soon as possible, I don want my sister catching a cold. ”

”Alright , Ill be there. ”

Dojin left his room amused ”This guy texts pretty fast. ”


Lucio chatted with his siblings as he waited for Dojin to arrive. He even showed off the drone until he almost got it to crash onto the wall. He was just the maker, not the user after all. After about an hour or so, the door bell rang and Lucio went to open the door.

Dojin stood outside with a small bag in his hands and Lucio gestured him to enter. Dojin entered the room and gave the bag to the cute little girl in front of him. Lucio sent Emilia to the bedroom to get changed and turned to face Dojin ”Ill buy you lunch as thanks. ”

”Sure, but care to explain? ”

Lucio nodded as he sat down and gave his phone to Emiliano to play. ”I found out that …. I actually had siblings. I had hired a detective to find my mother who was missing and all I found out was that my mom is dead and my siblings are alive. So I went to the orphanage and brought them back with me. ”

Kim Dojin nodded ”Well, since I helped you out this time, I have a favor to ask. ”

Lucio frowned ”What is it? ”

Kim Dojin smirked, ”I heard that you take requests from anyone for a specific price. ”

”I stopped all that a year ago and ….. It depends on the request. Ill make an exception for you. ” Lucio replied hesitantly.

Dojin sighed in relief ”Well, there is this girl I like….. but she already has a boyfriend. That guy is bad news. Ive known him since I was a kid and … half of the girls he dated either killed themselves or just transferred to another school. ”

”Min Su? ” Lucio asked lazily.

”How did you know? ” Dojin asked, surprised. He didn expect Lucio to know Min Su.

Lucio gazed at Dojin for a second and said ”He hired me quite a few times… if not for me, the girls that apparently transferred schools would already be dead. Min Su hails from a very rich household and his father holds a lot of power. ”

”Wait , what? It doesn matter if his father holds power. The law is absolute! How can he get away with his crimes?! ” Dojin was agitated.

”Mind telling me about these crimes that you speak of? ”

”He made people kill themselves. Its murder! ”

”….. They didn kill themselves. I suggest that you stay away from him and also that girl. Im telling this as your friend, don mess with him. If you do, you will probably be another one in the suicide list. Regarding your request, I decline. Id rather keep my family safe than risk it all for a bit of money. ” Lucio said flatly.

Dojin sighed in defeat ”Alright, Ill listen to you then. I don want to lose my life while courting some random girl. ”

Lucio smirked ”I thought you wanted to save the girl. ”

”I already warned her about him. If she doesn believe me, I should not interfere with her life. ” Dojin said with conviction.

Lucio just shook his head and Emilia came out wearing a green over sized hoodie and a cream colored pant.

Dojin suddenly asked ”Which school are you going to send them to? ”

Lucio frowned when he heard that ”I don want to send them to any school in Korea. Theyll come back home at 6 pm and leave the house at 7 am. Ive experienced it and it was hell , so I don want them to go through the same. ”

”But things have changed now. There are schools that only run from 8 am to 2 pm. There was even a law that schools should close at 3 pm. It applies to high schools and colleges too. ”

Lucio nodded his head ”yeah but ….. I don know which school is good. ”

”You can just send them to the school where my sister goes. Whats her age? ” Dojin enquired.

”Shes 8 years old. ” Lucio replied and soon he felt someone lightly tapping his shoulders. He looked over to see Emilia who looked at him with a pout. ”Im 9 years old, not 8. ”

Emiliano interrupted when he heard her ”OH YES! Today is our birthday! Its Morbin time! ”

It wasn even 2 hours since Lucio woke up but he already felt extremely tired as he felt like he was hit continuously by a hammer of shocks.

”Lets celebrate your birthday then. Ill buy you any one thing you want along with the clothes and other necessities. ” Lucio said. He felt a huge weight pushing down on him, the weight of responsibility. Is this how parents feel when they have children? Happy but exhausted?

Lucio turned to look at Dojin ”I plan on leaving South Korea, but since your sister is also 9 years old, Ill give it a thought. ”

They left the house together with Emiliano wearing Lucios old clothes which were still pretty lose. ”First destination is ? ” Lucio asked and excitement bubbled up inside the kids.


”Clothes… ”

Lucio smiled as he saw them about to argue ”Well, rock papers and scissors will decide where we will go first. ”

They played a few rounds and Emiliano won all of them. Emilia frowned but kept quiet.

”YES! Toy store! Lets goo. ” Emiliano was extremely happy as jumped up and down. People walking on the road looked at the kids and continued on with their daily routine, with a bit more brightness in their eyes.

”Not so fast, mister. Its time for breakfast. Ill allow you to eat before brushing your teeth only this time. ” The kids nodded and Lucio took them to a nearby store which was pretty small. Lucio preferred this place more as the lady who ran the place saw him like a normal customer. Other stores owners gave him curious glances and the staff always used to whisper to each other while looking at him.

They entered the store and sat down on an empty table. The shop barely had any customers. Soon a middle aged woman came to their table to take orders. She had a bright smile when she noticed Lucio ”Ayo Lucio, How long has it been since you visited our restaurant? ”

”Ajumma, I have a lot of noodles stacked up so I have to finish it right? Anyways this is my ….. friend and these two are my siblings. ”

The woman gasped ”I never knew you had siblings…. Didn you tell me that you lived alone? ”

”Well, yes but …. ”

It took Lucio a few minutes to quench the ladys curiosity and then she went over to bring them their food. It didn take long for the food to arrive and soon their table was filled with rice , soup , kimchi , mushrooms, eggs and meat.

”Its time to eat. ”

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