Paragon of Sin

Chapter 97: Sheer Difference & The Last Landmark

Wei Wuyin was a name that circulated for a bit eleven or so years ago. It was a name that came and went, with the name vanishing due to his reported death. Prince Zhen wouldn ’t have made the connection unless the Scarlet Solaris Sect was mentioned in the same breath.

Wei Wuyin, the twenty-six year old genius who comprehended Violet Lightning Qi and Steel Metal Qi, and reached the Fifth Phase of Qi Condensation with explosive speed! According to the stories, he had died after departing the sect suddenly.

Many linked it with the revealing of his cultivation treasure that had spread via the Sky Sword Sect and Aqua Echo Sect.

The main reason he had heard about it was due to its uniqueness and the Steel Metal Qi. This was the same exact qi his own father had condensed and made a name for himself with. It was versatile and more powerful than normal metal qi.

There were even rumors that Wu Xinghong, the Scarlet Warlord and Ancestral Elder of the Scarlet Solaris Sect, a member of the Wu Imperial Clan, had suggested for him to be apprenticed under his father due to this very link.

His father was considering it!

He gulped slightly as he regarded Wei Wuyin in his shock. An unearthly handsome visage, silver eyes, jet black hair, youthful aura, and wielder of a saber. It fit the profile to an exact. Even the image he now recalled perfectly matched the man before him.

By common deduction, he should be thirty-six! A thirty-six year old Godlord stronger than any Godlord he ’s ever seen before! A genius! No! A monster! An absolute fucking monster!

Wei Wuyin could somewhat read his thoughts and he grinned from ear to ear, ”I also don ’t have a cultivation treasure or whatever others say. ” He said it with utter confidence and pride, causing Prince Zhen to grow even more shocked.

He was just about to justify Wei Wuyin ’s advancements using this unknown cultivation treasure, but seeing the pride in his eyes and slight mocking in his confident grin, he realized there was none! There was only pure, raw talent!

His heart sped up several paces. He couldn ’t calm himself for the longest time. If someone had told him pure talent could do this, he would curse in their faces, but he trusted his instincts and ability to read people.

Considering how he had a subordinate who spontaneously reached the False Reality Phase in an eatery, it meant he also had an inconceivable high understanding in cultivation and an aptitude for impartation.

In truth, it was mostly due to his Eden Qi that Wei Wuyin could perfectly attune his understanding of cultivation with his intent. It bore into Su Mei ’s mind clearly and fully, and with her being as talented as him, she grasped it instantly.

Even Wei Wuyin regarded her as an exceptional talent.

Just as Wei Wuyin was about to say some more bragging words, his eyes grew sharp and he looked towards the east. Prince Zhen felt the subtle shift in air tension and looked east as well.

He sensed nothing.

Wei Wuyin, however, felt a presence. It was powerful and contained a power that exceeded the sublime, the original limits of qi. No longer was this qi, but qi essence!

A Godking!

He frowned slightly.

It was trying to subtly inspect him with spiritual sense, backed by a powerful spiritual spell, but it was immediately discovered the moment it reached a hundred meters of Wei Wuyin. Before it could even approach, Wei Wuyin ’s own spiritual sense formed a warding barrier infused with saber intent.

Prince Zhen was unaware, but if this spiritual sense had stealthily made its way over, a spiritual spell could ’ve put him to death, silently and without warning.

Blocked, the spiritual sense prodded Wei Wuyin ’s barrier, but after a brief contact, it retreated.

Wei Wuyin knew that the wielder of that sense hadn ’t fully withdrawn. In fact, they were swiftly approaching.

”A Godking is descending, ” his words were brief but Prince Zhen, Li Tian, Li Di, and Su Mei awoke from their cultivation. The conversation between Wei Wuyin and Prince Zhen hadn ’t disturbed them, but this caused them all to awake in a hurry.

Bai Lin let loose a cry, and battle intent filled her eyes, but within those eyes were a hint of wariness. Her intelligence was high, increasing by each passing day, so she knew what a Godking represented. She had paid attention to Wei Wuyin ’s monologues on flights.

He had mentioned a few times that he felt his power neared a Godking ’s, but he wasn ’t entirely sure. In fact, it depended on the Godking.

If a Godking had reached the Qi Essence Phase with dozens or a complete set of ninety-nine Qi Essences, then he had no confidence. However, how was that likely? The Eden Earth Sect ’s Sect Leader was someone who could create seventh-grade alchemic products, a King Alchemist! Yet, even he hadn ’t reached the peak of Qi Essence foundation – Ninety-Nine motes of Qi Essence.

Based on how resources seemed particularly lacking, he believed Godking ’s of that level would require an Astral Core Realm hegemon to provide them with everything from birth, otherwise, as a Godlord, they would spend far too long to obtain and refine resources. They would die of old-age.

Wei Wuyin rubbed Bai Lin, assuring her to remain calm. He informed her to land nearby. With a swoosh, they arrived on the ground.

Badum! Badum! Badum!

Prince Zhen, Li Di, and Li Tian ’s hearts could literally be heard beating from their chests. Facing a possibility of death was far different than facing certain death without a chance to struggle. They were afraid. Deathly afraid.

Prince Zhen knew whoever arrived wasn ’t the Royal Commander or his royal father, so that left two possibilities: Hu Jiwei or another Godking. Either way, for them to arrive, there was no good to it.

Wei Wuyin leapt off Bai Lin and quietly walked forward. Bai Lin backed off from Wei Wuyin by his orders.

Despite facing a Godlord, Wei Wuyin ’s expression was arrogant and domineering! His tone was aggressive as he directly called out, ”Come out! ”

”… ”

To order a Godking to come! The balls on this guy! Their hearts nearly jumped out of their chests and into their hands from his words.

A figure shimmered into existence. He was no more than a dozen or so meters away from Wei Wuyin, and Wei Wuyin could clearly see his expression. He was a handsome young man with a loose black robe and long sleeves. His robe looked too big and didn ’t fit him well, and it quietly revealed his hairless chest in nearly a seductive manner.

Long, free flowing black hair, and clear eyes that resembled the myriad stars in the sky. Those stars were the manifestations of qi essences.

Wei Wuyin felt that he looked to be in his early twenties, but he knew he was much, much older. This was Hu Jiwei, the Domain Master of the Hidden Shadow Domain.

His expression was calm, no sense of anger or aggression from his eyes or body language. In fact, he looked as if he was out on a casual stroll in the meadows, barefoot and all.

”You are? ” Hu Jiwei asked. His words and tone were neutral and nearly monotone.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes became sharp, ”Wei Wuyin. Saber Ascendant. ” He kept trying to get this name to circulate, so he would use it whenever he could. In fact, it was the only way for it to catch on. After all, if he had four decades to live, he wanted his legacy and name to survive at least a bit after his death.

”Saber Ascendant… ” Hu Jiwei absentmindedly tried to recall such a name, but he came up empty. Unable to determine its origins, he decided to not bother. Instead, he lifted his hand.

The quad of spectators, excluding Bai Lin, heart shook at this casual movement. A single action from a Godking could claim a thousand lives.

Luckily, he had only waved his hand to retrieve something. A head.

It was of a beautiful woman, middle-aged, with black hair and beautiful eyes. Her lips were soft like peaches, but her expression was filled with horror and a hint of relief as if she had just escaped death. Her severed neck still leaked blood, and it contained faint traces of saber qi.

The moment Prince Zhen trio saw that, they exclaimed in their hearts simultaneously: ”Hu Yao! ”

Hu Yao was Hu Jiwei ’s only living relative, his little sister!

My mistake.

She was no longer alive.

Wei Wuyin saw the head and realized the woman was the leader of the assassin group. She had somehow escaped, but his saber intent and attack held true, severing her head as intended. He had faint traces of pride in his eyes.

”Your work? ” Hu Jiwei was eerily calm. However, all those watching and knew of the story between this brother and sister understood that he was like a volcano ready to erupt and commit a mindless, hell-raising massacre.

Wei Wuyin calmly nodded, the pride in his eyes still hadn ’t faded.

”A measly Godlord. How woeful. Your death was truly unjust, Yao ’er. ” Hu Jiwei looked at the head and said, his tone had a hint of an apology and love.

”I ’ll offer your head, the head of your family, lovers, and clan to my sister ’s burial tomb. ” As if stating a fact, he calmly said.

Wei Wuyin pursed his lips slightly. A light suffused with saber intent emerged in his eyes.

Hu Jiwei put away the head, and started to galvanize his internal powers. A raging storm was born in an instant.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother speaking or saying any other words. In fact, he only held out his hand and Element emerged. With his Nascent Saber Soul condensed from Elemental Origin, Saber, Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang energies, he felt an immense amount of power within.

This wasn ’t normal energy, but sublime energy that was converted into the strongest stage qi could reach without transformation. It was backed by Divine Spirits!

The raging storm of qi essence was like hell on earth, as earthquakes shook the world and the clouds above were reshaped. The pure force of Hu Jiwei qi essence changed the order of the natural world. They tumbled and rumbled upon his power, even though he hadn ’t done so intentionally.

With a gentle push of his hand, Hu Jiwei qi essence shot forth with unprecedented speed and force, enough to eliminate ten Godlords twenty times over. Before the five spectators could see what was happening, a storm of a mile away rushed towards them, and then a single ray of blindingly white light eclipsed their vision.

They simultaneously blinked, their eyes hurting fiercely as if they were stabbed.

A single exchange!

Then, silence reigned for several seconds. Only then could the five open their eyes, but what they saw had their eyes as wide as moons! Wider than moons!!

Wei Wuyin with a leaking head in his hand.

Hu Jiwei!

Wei Wuyin looked at the head while shaking his head, ”While I don ’t have any blood relatives or a clan left, I don ’t like it when my lovers are threatened. It ’s best you join your sister so she isn ’t lonely, and my women can rest easy in my bed. ”

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