Paragon of Sin

Chapter 111: A Survivor

ppened and snapped up.

”I… ” she spoke, but she realized that Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were closed and his breathing steady; he was asleep. She was momentarily dazed. His sleeping appearance was truly a sight to witness, one without any guard or sharpness, just pure and delicate. She reached out and traced his chin with her fingers.

”Ah. ” She quietly exclaimed as she pulled back her hand upon realizing her action. She lingered for a little while before rising, realizing that the sun had risen and her injuries were mostly healed. She was startled.

Wei Wuyin ’s aura was leaked continuously throughout the night and without end, that included his traces of elemental energies and dense vitality. Her body absorbed these refined energies and rapidly healed in its most optimal state.

She found her armor and placed it on her, hiding her prided feminine features. She inspected her body and vital yin, ensuring it was still intact. She was a virgin of two centuries, a fact in that past that she held with pride.

In truth, the close brush with death made her want to give up her virginity before a possible premature ending to prevent any lingering regrets. And she slyly gave a few hints to Wei Wuyin between her expressing of grief and recollection of heartfelt memories.

However, Wei Wuyin didn ’t. What she needed wasn ’t a fleeting moment of pleasure, just company and a friendly ear. She was vulnerable to the limit right now, but while he wasn ’t a saint, he wasn ’t a devil either.

A rare light of thankfulness emerged in her eyes as she observed Wei Wuyin. Any other man might ’ve taken her everything in that moment. Not wanting to wake him, she wrote a note and left it to his side. With quiet steps, she left the village.

She had to return to the Royal Capital.

Wei Wuyin opened his eyes as she left. Those eyes of his contained something new, something different.

Throughout the night, he recalled his every memory and loss. He blamed everyone and everything, but in the end, there was only him. It was him who was the cultivator. It was him who was the Inheritor of Sin. It was his life. It was his fate.

Regardless of what has happened or will happen, when did he relegate his existence to something as insignificant as a sloth traveling with the flow? Since young, he dared to think against what others deemed as common sense. A little older, he started with nothing and became a top talent in the entire Myriad Yore Continent.

When everything suggested that he would fail the first Calamity, did he not succeed? When he faced the Wall of Heaven, he fought with his all to survive. He kept his original heart and even put Bai Lin ’s life before his at a key moment. It was that struggle for himself and the things he cared about that inevitably led to current events.

He lost his memory, gained alchemy skills, and made leaps and bounds in his cultivation. He had four Spirits of Qi/Blood! He fought against common sense since the day he was born and had never given up before.

When he recalled Phantom Rogue, an Evil Cultivator, who faced absolute death. During that moment, he experienced a moment of helplessness and despair against a seemingly invincible foe, and it was these thoughts that delayed his ability to retaliate. He became a mess of blood, bone, and flesh due to it. His end was gruesome and vicious, but it was a lesson.

Giving up led to certain failure.

Phantom Rogue lost his heart of cultivation, the heart to struggle at that last moment and lost it all.

Calmly taking in a large wad of air, Wei Wuyin felt his entire body expand with a vibrant sensation of resolution and unwillingness. It was this feeling that drove him to revenge. It drove him to survive.

He was a survivor.

And survivors don ’t assign blame and wallow with acceptance of their fate; they survive against all odds.

From the beginning he had merely two assets—his heart and mind. The heart to move forward, always. The mind to seek solutions, without end.

”A Soul of True Sin isn ’t required! ” His eyes flashed with untold brilliance. All he needed was a goal in mind to seize a chance, no matter how small, and he knew how to get it. The image of a young woman with blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and a holy aura flashed in his calm pupils.

He rose up and stood tall. His entire body seemed to have become a little lighter as the world expanded in his vision. A few decades was enough. If it wasn ’t, then he ’ll make it enough. Because he was a survivor. He would not become like Phantom Rogue.

Who knew that this small investigation would lead to his shift in mentality. It was witnessing a despicable cultivator willing to do anything and fight with his all, but lose it due to his fallen will that drove his change. It reminded him of his past and all his struggles, his failures, and his successes.

It reminded him of who he was.


Within his three-layered ring, a crystal lit with a faint glow. It was a transmission crystal. Wei Wuyin withdrew the crystal and received the message..

”Lord Wei, you ’ve received a wedding invitation from Prince Zhen. According to it, it is between Prince Lei and Lin Ziyan. Shall I decline? ” Su Mei ’s words were calm and indifferent.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrow lifted, a hint of recollection flashed within his eyes.

Lin Ziyan?

The information of the Godlord Dossiers he obtained from the World Life Emporium surfaced in his thoughts. Lin Ziyan is…Godlord Lin!

That woman! The one who had him cultivate the Haven Heart Qi Method!

Abruptly, a grin filled with happiness tugged on his lips and threatened to split his mouth.

”No. Tell him we ’ll be there. ”

It seems fate hadn ’t given up on him yet, so why would he?

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