Paragon of Sin

Chapter 112: A Wedding Storm Looms

an unfathomable amount of latent energies thanks to these four. They stored and released an immense quantity of it that refined his body every second of every day. If all else failed, then Element would act as a shuttle to depart away. Before, he took Bai Lin with him, so it was possible to safely take others.

Perhaps even if the Ancestral King descended, he could still preserve his life.

Third: a hideout. It was irrelevant whether he could stall or escape if he couldn ’t hide out from the ensuing storm that would follow. It needed to be secure enough to ensure his own concealment and prepared enough to allow his cultivation to rise while in hiding.

His eyes flashed with light as he peered into the distance. The wedding was to take place in a few weeks, followed by the gathering of true elites and powerhouses as honored guests to celebrate the Crown Prince ’s marriage. Therefore, he had a clock, but it was enough.

As for the fourth and last: contingency plan and a contingency plan for his contingency plan.

His mind swirled as he settled on an air-tight set of plans and preparations. In truth, everything might go smoothly. After all, he had an on-going Spirit Oath with the Seer. However, if Lin Ziyan turned hostile against him as she almost did before, these plans could save his life. The one thing he learned while rising up was that humans were unreliable, fickle, and protective.

Becoming a prince ’s wife afforded all sorts of benefits, such as sending them to hunt him down. He definitely had to plan accordingly.

With these thoughts in mind, he stood and vanished from where he stood.


In the Royal Palace, Resident Quarters.

The room was as glorious and decoratively furnished as Prince Zhen ’s, but even cleaner and well-maintained. Inside were two beautiful women of the ages, the owners of this room—Lin Ziyan & Ming Shufeng.

They were gathered together, with tea cups filled with golden liquid. The smell of which was heavenly and calming. Ming Shufeng lifted her tea cup like a proper lady as she calmly sipped. A refreshing exclamation left her throat. Her expression was calm and relaxed, as if the world was perfect.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Lin Ziyan, however, was more anxious as her delicate, jade-like fingers tapped the table in a frantic rhythm. Her eyes revealed all sorts of anxiety and uncertainty.

Ming Shufeng frowned, ”You don ’t have to be so anxious, do you? ”

Lin Ziyan turned her gorgeous eyes towards Ming Shufeng, this friend of hers. She pouted her lips and said, ”Of course I do. You said— ”

”I know what I said, ” Ming Shufeng interrupted. ”I ’ve consulted the heavens and glimpsed into fate. You ’re fated to be with the one you love, and I ’ve figured out how. ”

Lin Ziyan started. Her anxiety shifted to excitement as she leaned forward. Her voluptuous curves and breasts were mouthwatering as she leaned to reveal her ample assets. Unfortunately, no man could witness such an appearance. A pity.

”Really? ”

Ming Shufeng smiled and said, ”Yes. All you have to do is seal your cultivation base. Say it was due to an accident. Then, seal your voice. When the wedding happens, the embers i ’ve sent out will become a raging flame that ’ll send him directly to your doorstep. ”

”And then? ” Lin Ziyan was a little skeptical that she had to feign marrying a member of royalty for her desired ending, but Ming Shufeng had never been wrong before.

”Then: Certain Victory, Astral Lightning shall descend, and the False Gods of the Mortal Dao shall ascend. ” Her words were spoken with an ephemeral and all-knowing manner.

Lin Ziyan ’s eyes widened with excitement. She clenched her fist and peered into an open window. ”The love of my life, the one who cultivates the Haven Heart Qi Method. I hope it ’s him. ”


At the same time, two figures sat together at an Inn. It was Long Chen and Qing Qiumu, who wore a veil. They were currently laying in the same bed, fully clothed, calmly staring at the ceiling.

Qing Qiumu ’s eyes were hazy as her thoughts seemed to be elsewhere. As for Long Chen, his black eyes flashed with the utmost determination.

”I ’ll save her, then…I ’ll kill him. ” His words were sharp and unrelenting.

Qing Qiumu was shocked out of her thoughts. Those hazy eyes lowered as uncertain feelings emerged in her heart. She knew who ’he ’ was, but she wished it wasn ’t.

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