Paragon of Sin

Chapter 140: Gathering - Challenged

”If you want to take responsibility, then you should show some sincerity first. ” A voice resounded from within Long Chen ’s group. It was Wu Baozhai. She walked forward with those intelligent and beautiful eyes fixated on Wei Wuyin. Earlier, Wei Wuyin had declared that he was willing to take responsibility by offering Na Xinyi the title of his wife and helping her dreams come true.

But how selfish and ridiculous was this? You ’ll take responsibility by obtaining a talented and beautiful wife that could warm your bed and provide endless cultivation benefits? Furthermore, it neglected to factor in whether Na Xinyi was willing to put aside her seemingly intense hatred to kill you. In the end, she firmly believed that while Long Chen wasn ’t a match for Wei Wuyin currently, he would definitely exceed him in the future.

She has personally witnessed his spectacular potential, and it exceeded this entire continent and if he entered the sect that ruled this continent, he ’ll definitely rise to the very top there too in a quick manner. After all, he was merely thirty-two years old today! He possessed Sword and Slaughter Intent, two Natal Souls, and controlled a power beyond his cultivation.

He was a talent that one could only come across once in ten thousand years. While Wei Wuyin was a Lord Alchemist at a young age, alchemy wasn ’t an end all be all, talent mattered! She firmly believed that the rumor of Wei Wuyin using a cultivation treasure had some merit, otherwise how could he become so strong so quickly? It ’s possible it was where he found all those seventh-grade pellets.

After all, only legendary King Alchemists, a type of figure that hasn ’t appeared in over two thousand years, could concoct those things! He must ’ve found an exceptional legacy and cache of an elite and ancient expert.

Considering his showing before, not just her, but everyone felt that they knew where his legacy originated from:

The one and only Divine King Han Xei!

He had a Divine Spirit of Elemental Qi just like Wei Wuyin and was renowned for looking for a successor, but never could. There were countless rumors of a figure had appeared who obtained the legacy that the Divine King Han Xei had hidden away all these years!

This was her ’s and many others ’ truest belief!

If Wei Wuyin knew their thoughts, he would wildly laugh till his stomach hurt.

If they knew the actual inheritor of Divine King Han Xei ’s legacy was here in this gathering today, observing amongst the crowd, and similarly was a renowned talent and a Blessed individual, who knew what they would think? Would they feel dumb, stupid, or dumb?

After all, Wei Wuyin had never relied on a direct legacy of any cultivator to thrive. Most, if not all, of his achievements were through his own efforts and sacrifices.

Wei Wuyin lifted his brow as he eyed the approaching Wu Baozhai. ”Sincerity? ” He questioned.

Wu Baozhai nodded, ”You ’ve taken, but you haven ’t given anything in return. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s left eyelids twitched. Did he not just state that he had given her the freedom to literally live her life? He felt an abrupt desire to ignore everything about this group, and quietly await Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s designated time. If it wasn ’t for Wu Baozhai ’s beauty, yes, he was being directly biased due to her female gender, she would ’ve received a slap for that.

Wu Baozhai noticed the disinterest and annoyance on Wei Wuyin ’s face. She lightly furrowed her brows, ”If you show that you ’re willing to bury the hatchet amongst you two, then perhaps she ’ll be more willing to accept your proposal. ” While she didn ’t believe Na Xinyi would choose Wei Wuyin in the end, he still incited him.

”… ” Na Xinyi remained weirdly quiet.

”Should I get rid of these pests bothering you, Lord Wei? ” Su Mei coldly spat as she tightly clutched the hilt of her saber. She could feel the annoyance radiating from Wei Wuyin ’s aura.

Wei Wuyin truly felt annoyed in his heart. In the end, he sighed. He casually waved his hand and said, ”It ’s fine. ” His eyes honed onto the silent Na Xinyi ’s well-developed figure, ”What do you want? ”

”…? ” Na Xinyi was confused.

Wu Baozhai quickly went up to her and spoke a few words in her ear in a whisper. Only then did she realize what Wei Wuyin meant.

After a long silence, ”…I want three Spirit Ton Elixirs! ”


The quiet and observing crowd sucked in a wad of air, enough for an audible sound. Three Spirit Ton Elixirs were worth over a million essence stones! That would literally exceed the individual treasury of most, if not all, countries present. It was simply that expensive.

While they were shocked a person could buy one, when Wei Wuyin was transferring the essence stones, they knew it was appropriately paid for.

Even Long Chen felt that that was an insane price to seemingly bury the hatchet. One had to know he used his entire wealth for Wu Baozhai. Essentially, he was broke. Those essence stones from earlier were mostly from a hidden treasury that he found when he traveled to the Xin Country. Supposedly, it belonged to a fallen sect called the Eden Earth Sect. It collapsed abruptly and seemingly everyone was digging trying to find hidden treasure.

He had to viciously fight for it, but he obtained it in the end. Unfortunately, he didn ’t obtain the products left behind, but obtained the stored wealth of essence stones. And, as a man who was a poor street rat the majority of his life, he felt a sting just thinking about the price tag.

Wei Wuyin frowned.

”Is that it? ” He said with one of the most blandest stares possible.

”Uh…what? ” Na Xinyi was taken aback. What else? She was utterly confused by that response. Was she asking for too little? Or was it sarcastic because she was asking for too much?

Wei Wuyin sighed with a slight shake of his head. ”Do you only want three Spirit Ton Elixirs? Is that all? ”

Su Mei couldn ’t help but have a quiet sneer in her heart, and even felt a chuckle coming on. She knew that Wei Wuyin was a King Alchemist. She had personally witnessed him concocting those seventh-grade pellets used to wound and nearly kill Wu Jiao. Furthermore, he had numerous sixth-grade pills, elixirs, and pellets in his ring from idle concoction.

Let alone three Spirit Ton Elixirs, he could easily give a dozen. It was truly too little. If others knew what she was thinking about, they might jump to Wei Wuyin ’s feet and prostitute themselves, regardless of gender.

That wasn ’t just rich. That was being WEALTHY!

And he was also a King Alchemist? They can, theoretically, create Astral Core Realm cultivators and easily produce Mortal Gods, Mortal Godlords, and Mortal Godkings with ease! This was an entire tier difference of alchemists!

Those at the Mortal God level could live for a few hundred years, but those at the Astral Core Realm were said to have lifespans of a thousand years, at least! Not factoring their immense power and superiority, of course, this was already enough to drive them all mad.

Na Xinyi was still stumped, but so was everyone else. They truly didn ’t know why Wei Wuyin was acting in such a casual way. Was he being sarcastic?

Wei Wuyin shook his head in disappointment. With a light sigh, ”I ’ll give you two top-tier sixth-grade Sublime Sun Pills, two top-tier sixth-grade Yin Nether Elixirs, and one seventh-grade Astral Dipper Fountain Pill, alongside the three Spirit Ton Elixirs. That should be enough to show my sincerity, right? ”

Sublime Sun Pills were powerful pills that contained refined essence, one was sufficient to reach Sublime Qi Phase for most ordinary cultivators, two was a guaranteed success. They were far more advanced than Essence Invigorating Pills that Su Mei took. But to take them, one needed a strong spiritual strength otherwise its forcefulness can cause the Natal Soul to collapse.

Yin Nether Elixirs can bolster one ’s spiritual sense, expand their sea of consciousness, and strengthen the mind ’s eye. However, it was only useful for females.

As for the Astral Dipper Fountain Pill, one was enough to swiftly produce seven motes of Qi Essence. With a high-quality one, you could easily produce ten. As long as you didn ’t have high-grade Natal Souls or a Draconic Spirit of Blood, these should be a consistent estimate.

”… ” The crowd.

”… ” Long Chen ’s entire group.

”… ” Fairy Blessed Spirit and co.

Before the crowd could even think that Wei Wuyin was simply mocking her, he waved his hand and produced bottles with those exact number of alchemical products. While they were all low-quality products, they were still incredibly effective!

After all, low-quality pills performed the exact description of a product, while high-quality and peak-quality pills were more effective or sometimes even had additional effects!

For example, a peak-quality Astral Dipper Fountain Pill can help a Ninth Stage Qi Condensation cultivator immediately and forcefully assail Astral Tribulation, even if their Natal Souls were below the 4th Mortal State! Of course, the chances of them succeeding was nearly zilch with their strength, but it was a possibility!

”… ” Everyone.

Countless spiritual senses descended, seeking to investigate the contents of the bottles, but it was sealed by a very powerful spiritual spell to prevent leakage, so they were unable to gleam anything, unless their spiritual sense defied the limits of his strength.

”While this is very little in what I would give my wife, this should show my ’sincerity ’, no? ” He gave Wu Baozhai a casual glance. Tossing the bottles without much care towards Na Xinyi, he shut his eyes to this matter. He simply didn ’t want to be bothered anymore. As for why he openly gave her this seventh-grade pill?

Well, at the corner of this gathering, an aura became restless.

”Ah! ” Na Xinyi hastily grabbed the bottles in fear, exclaiming in a shocked voice that was just a little embarrassing.

The crowd was curious if the bottles contained what Wei Wuyin had actually declared. Some even felt an urge to snatch the bottles in greed, but recalling Wu Jiao ’s embarrassing fate, those fires of greed were hurriedly stamped out.

”It seems like I was wrong! Your talent lies elsewhere. A King Alchemist was actually born in this small, flat land, how mystical! Another jewel even greater than most, no, all the others! ” A soft, lark-like voice filled with genuine amazement echoed in the surroundings.

Fairy Blessed Spirit, in all her exceptional glory and beauty, emerged from thin air as if she had stepped through space. While she was merely hidden from perceptions, both physical and spiritual, it truly seemed that she had cut the void to abruptly descend on the scene. This gave her an endlessly mystical and magical aura!

She glanced faintly at the bottles in Na Xinyi ’s hands and then at Wei Wuyin. Those gorgeous, phoenix eyes of hers brightly shined with an exceptional light! It was nearly blinding as her entire focus and attention was honed onto Wei Wuyin. She strode forward with an elegant yet alluring sashay. Before anyone knew it, she arrived directly between Na Xinyi and Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin ’s keen eyes observed this enchanting woman before him, her beautiful figure and alluring features were truly top-class, especially when comparing the beauties of this continent. She did not lose out one bit! What ’s more, her body faintly trembled. This was minute, and only Wei Wuyin ’s draconic-like eyes could see this.

”She ’s trembling from… ” He knew this type of trembling. Oh, he was quite familiar with it in fact. Just as his thoughts seemed to conceive this, Fairy Blessed Spirit made a shocking declaration!

”A King Alchemist! With your ability, you can forgo all examinations and directly be inducted into the sect. In fact, you ’ll directly be promoted to a Sky Noble. I can assure you that you ’ll be fully supported by the sect! ” Wei Wuyin could hear the faint seduction, fear, and excitement in her voice. It seemed she was hoping that Wei Wuyin would willingly accept, not try to force him into joining. This was quite interesting.

From her posture, especially as she waltzed forward, he felt that her demeanor and bearing had totally changed into an enticing and alluring act. Was she trying to attract him? Was a King Alchemist so exceptionally that she ’d disregard her status and attempt to gain his favor?

Also, what ’s a Sky Noble? As he was completely ignorant of the sect ’s characters, he wasn ’t sure if it was good. In fact, he only had a sneaky suspicion that a King Alchemist might be valued heavily in the sect. His act of giving Na Xinyi those bottles of products were merely a way to probe if his guess was right. And holy, did it seem he hit the mark!

He hesitated, and when he did, he saw the clear sign of anxiety in Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s eyes. It was as if she didn ’t want to lose a precious treasure! How interesting.

”Okay. ” He calmly accepted.

Up in the sky, Wu Jiao ’s eyes widened as he felt his heart pound strongly with shock. He had made the assumption that Wei Wuyin ’s seventh-grade pellets were gained from a cache. This was his belief as well as everyone else ’s, yet he was a legitimate King Alchemist? Considering Fairy Blessed Spirit said so, she must be exceptionally certain!!

He was only a Mortal Common rank disciple! He instantly realized that his life could get really difficult, or even end abruptly, as long as Wei Wuyin willed it. If he had known he was a genius in alchemy, he would ’ve avoided offending him! Not only did he lose an arm, but he could very well lose his entire status as the new designated ruler of the Myriad Yore Continent with a single word!

No one noticed that Na Xinyi ’s heart was suffering waves of boundlessshock, disbelief and confusion. How could she not know the importance of a King Alchemist? There hadn ’t been one in the Myriad Yore Continent in two thousand years!

Should she…?

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