Paragon of Sin

Chapter 141: Gathering - The Future

When Wei Wuyin accepted becoming a Sky Noble and member of the sect, Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s—otherwise known as Xiang Ling—thoughts felt as if it ascended into a state of pure bliss and excitement. Her eyes contained a fervent glint that could not be concealed as she, boldly and without any scruples, placed on a lovely and alluring smile and walked to his side. Her arms wrapped carefully around his, and her gorgeous lips sweetly arced upwards.

Mei Yang pouted to the side, her eyes containing some grievance as she watched Xiang Ling, this expert that seemingly exceeded the continent ’s limits, nuzzle against Wei Wuyin so affectionately. If it wasn ’t for fear of being sent to the afterlife by this terrifying expert, she would ’ve directly competed for his attention.

In the end, she could only make further plans to ensure that Wei Wuyin didn ’t abandon her randomly for greater pastures.

As for the crowd, their hearts were experiencing thunderous storms of shock and wild disbelief. What just happened? It was so fast that many of them were left dizzy. All these events made a few of them feel depressed; they were top-tier figures in their countries, but the moment they arrived here, they were reduced to inconsequential side-characters in Long Chen and Wei Wuyin ’s story. It truly left many proud and lofty geniuses with aggrieved feelings. Yet they didn ’t dare confess these feelings of inferiority and unwillingness to Wei Wuyin or Fairy Blessed Spirit.

They were characters that seemed to be unable to be offended, so in truth, a few honed in on Long Chen. He was a target of envy with his five beauties, so these young male and even female elites, felt he was unworthy. Already they were becoming antagonistic against him in their hearts, planning to suppress and surpass him. A few with more vile hearts were contemplating becoming elites in this new sectand claiming these top-tier beauties from themselves.

These thoughts were formed inexplicably, but a heavenly hand was definitely guiding them.

Unlike these others with all sorts of vile thoughts, Xiang Ling felt blessed. But, she had to take advantage of this opportunity! While others on this continent were largely ignorant of the vital and life-altering importance that an Alchemic King can have, she was not!

Alchemical products that could help develop or grow Astral Core Realm experts at the lower-phases were by no means common, and this was taking the entire starfield into consideration. In fact, they were disgustingly rare when one considered the immense population and size of the world that she lived in.

Each phase of the Astral Core Realm was a heaven-shaking increase in strength, status, and authority. To put it into perspective, she, a lofty, grand, and supreme expert at the Third Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Soul Idol Phase, had only taken three seventh-grade alchemical products in her entire lifetime. She was over five hundred years of age, a long-term member of the sect, and yet she had only consumed a total of three!


This was only accomplished because her status and talent was not lacking, allowing her to receive the support of her sect at crucial moments to assail a higher phase. She would not have her current cultivation base without those three products!

The scarcity of supply yet endless demand was horrifically greater than one could imagine. While every cultivator desired and needed products for their cutivations, the greater their grade, the more unreasonably difficult they were to procure without exceptional connections and wealth.

This mostly had to do with the intricacies of the Dao of Alchemy. There was no ’true ’ way to be considered innately talented in alchemy, and even an Alchemic Natal Soul merely helps to a certain point.

She had already verified that the Astral Dipper Fountain Pill given to Na Xinyi earlier contained Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual aura, so he was definitely the one who refined it! Furthermore, it had signs of being made fairly recently. So when she regarded Wei Wuyin, someone who could be considered to be greatly accomplished in the Dao of Alchemy at such a young age, she would not let him go!

Definitely not!

Wei Wuyin could feel her thoughts through her blazingly bright smiling eyes. He felt slightly uncomfortable in being seen as a treasure, and from her alluring posture, she could see arousal and desire in her eyes. Mei Yang similarly wanted him for his essence, and that was a little unnerving.

But if he truly knew the scarcity and insane value of alchemists at his level, perhaps his thoughts would change swiftly to acclimate for the ensuing storm of rampant emotions like this.

Long Chen furrowed his brows, a hint of jealousy carried between his brows. But it was hurriedly removed as his thoughts settled. While Fairy Blessed Spirit was an exceptional expert now, in the future, he knew his status and strength will definitely exceed her. Furthermore, he ’ll earn the disciple rank of Sky Noble and likely even greater by himself!

In his life, he had to work hard for everything he gained, not take shortcuts. While he thought this, his will had become firmer and more resilient. His future was in his own hands, and he believed that nothing gained easily was worth it in the end.

If Wei Wuyin heard his thoughts, he would definitely deliver a ruthless verbal slap to Long Chen. What shortcut? He was skilled in the Dao of Alchemy and rewarded. Is rising due to your hardwork and ability a shortcut? Since when?

Such thinking was immensely flawed and only served to limit your breadth of mind. Moreover, if you felt that you needed to struggle, fight, and overcome for everything in life, then you ’re doing life wrong.

”Master! ” While everyone was immersed in their thoughts, a delicate voice echoed out. It belonged to a little girl.

When she appeared, the crowd barely turned their gazes to her. Many of them truly felt like minor characters, and they felt unwilling to continue being drawn here and there like a cat to a shining red dot.

”Master! ” Seeing her call was ignored, the little girl called out again. She approached her master and had a pouting expression. Only now did the crowd, Wei Wuyin, and Long Chen noticed the girl.

It was the little Godking that had fought alongside Long Chen!

Xiang Ling turned her gaze to this newly accepted disciple of hers. While there was a hint of impatience within her mind, she was still warm and gentle with her gaze. It could be seen that doting emotions had already appeared within her heart towards this frighteningly talented little girl.

”What is it, Yu ’er? ” Even her form of address was gentle and affectionate. Long Chen and the crowd were truly startled at this development.


In three months, this little girl wormed her way into an expert ’s heart!

Xiang Ling ignored those gazes. This little girl, named Long Tingyu, was exceptionally talented with a unique physique that didn ’t lose out to the talented Qing Qiumu. In fact, she wasn ’t human, strictly speaking. With her exceptional talents, she could easily ascend to the Astral Core Realm in the future, and likely become a pillar in the sect. How could she not grasp this chance to take in and guide such an exceptional girl?

Long Chen looked towards Long Tingyu, whose cultivation seemed to have been completely abolished. She was no different than a mortal, but her mind, body, and essence was unaffected. Did Fairy Blessed Spirit forcefully restart her cultivation?

A tinge of concern, relief, and excitement surged in his heart. Long Tingyu had ascended to the Ninth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm for him, limiting her future. Now that she was given a second chance, how could he not be relieved and happy for her?

This little girl was merely a wild thing when they first met, living in the jungle while being a terror to intruding strangers. Her life was the jungle, and only when they met did that change. After a series of events, he had taken her to be like his little sister, even giving her the name ’Long ’.

Long Tingyu cutely pouted as her clear eyes stared at her master, ”Can you start the examination now? ” Her pleading tone was exceptionally gentle and made one subconsciously feel a desire to dote and yield to her desires.

Xiang Ling sighed softly. She had arrived long ago, and the due date she originally had on her mind had passed, but she was slightly reluctant to begin. This wasn ’t because of Wei Wuyin, but Long Chen. Her limpid yet inspecting gaze glanced at Long Chen with a wisp of unwillingness.

”Qing Qiumu, ” she removed herself from Wei Wuyin ’s arm and called out. From the concealment, Qing Qiumu stepped forward like a ghost. Her natural aura and exceptional figure brought countless gazes to descend on this young woman.

Qing Qiumu, from behind her veil, had her eyes on Wei Wuyin. Her emotions with him were rather complex, especially after discovering what had happened between him and Na Xinyi as well as Long Chen ’s subsequent oath. Because of her relationship with them two, she had to settle on their side out of obligation. But in her most innermost heart, she was unable to muster the image of a vile, evil character.

Then, he defeated Long Chen, only sparing him after she pleaded with Xiang Ling to intervene. Furthermore, she had to make concessions for her to make a move. Yet she still couldn ’t gather the will to hate him. It was a mysterious feeling, and perhaps it had to do with his willingness to accept responsibility and devote himself to Na Xinyi, she felt that this was the person she talked to that day.

This was the person who saved her life that day.

Long Chen ’s eyes brightened when he saw Qing Qiumu appear. He was about to go over when Xiang Ling ’s words sounded in the air.

”Are you still unwilling? ”

Long Chen stilled. Qing Qiumu ’s delicate body trembled slightly. Behind her veil, she bit her lips.

Xiang Ling calmly continued, ”How unfortunate. Haaaa…why don ’t you choose Wei Wuyin instead? I can tell you have feelings for him, and he ’s a much better match for you than ’him ’. Not only is he stronger, he has an exceptional talent, and they both started from the same origin with merely five years apart. They could be considered similar in every case, even cultivating the same method to produce two spirits, with only five years being the difference of their ages. I can promise you, you won ’t regret this decision. ”

The ’him ’ Xiang Ling was referring to was obvious to those in the know. Long Chen ’s eyes narrowed as he quietly clenched his teeth. To be underestimated and regarded as inferior to others was his most hated thing, and he ’d killed many for this very thought. He rubbed his black ring on his finger lightly, while his heart brimmed with killing intent.

Not only was it directed towards Xiang Ling, but Wei Wuyin. Since he met Wei Wuyin, he has been interfering with his relationships and events of his life. He was like a frustrating fly that kept buzzing around.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, not caring about Long Chen ’s insignificant inferiority complex. He truly didn ’t wish to enter Long Chen ’s life. In fact, he wanted nothing more than to kill him off right at this very moment, but he could tell that the timing wasn ’t right.

”Qing Qiumu ’s choice is her own. Don ’t force her, ” Wei Wuyin interjected.

Shockingly, when he spoke, Xiang Ling was instantly cowed and merely nodded. This shook the crowd. Was his potential so impressive that even Fairy Blessed Spirit, this existence that exceeded the continent ’s limit, was instantly silenced with a few words?

”That ’s right! Qing Qiumu ’s choices are her own to make. You have utterly no need to interfere! ” Long Chen added with a wisp of coldness in his tone.

”Shut the hell up, you insignificant piece of trash! Who the hell are you to speak to me in that manner? ” Xiang Ling exploded! Her roar caused Long Chen to take several steps back and his expression turned ashen. That roar had impacted his spirit and mind.

The shock caused many to stumble, a few lost their footing and fell on their ass. If you inspected every person here, you ’ll find a few with signs of recent urination and defecation.

”Big Brother! ” Long Tingyu cried as she ran towards Long Chen and supported him. She looked warily at Long Chen. However, she couldn ’t help but glare at Wei Wuyin. This was all his fault.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry at Long Tingyu ’s obvious thoughts, Wei Wuyin instead sighed. He was getting tired of integrating with Long Chen ’s bubble of life. Na Xinyi, Wu Baozhai, and even Qing Qiumu. He felt that several events had led him to directly interacting and interfering with Long Chen, either by their own initiative or their past.

He even felt that the Heavenly Daos were using its puppeteer fingers to give the most notable members of Long Chen ’s life and deliver them to him for a choice at a critical moment of their life.

Him or Long Chen.

Now that he thought about it, Na Xinyi was his first, no? He let her go, and then she coincidentally meets another Blessed? Were all these top-tier beauties specifically designed to be tools or support for Blessed?

Just as this almost certain possibility entered his mind, Xiang Ling coldly spat, ”His future is limited, yet he ’s surrounded by beauties. He sure is blessed. At first, I held praise, but now, I feel pity. I pity all these girls who you ’ve fooled into becoming yours. You will be their limiter, and they have yet to realize it.

In comparison, Wei Wuyin ’s future is far greater and his potential is boundless. As an Alchemic King, as a cultivator, and as a man. In a year, you ’ll be beneath him. In ten years, you won ’t even be worthy enough to carry his shoes. Even today, you ’re already unworthy! ” Her words were harsh, filled with anger.

She seemed to have personally experienced a situation like she mentioned, a man limiting her own future. As she had accepted Long Tingyu as her disciple, she didn ’t wish for her future to be limited by Long Chen ’s inadequacy. This included Qing Qiumu. Her innate potential exceeded everyone on this flat piece of land and will inevitably rise to new heights in the sect.

Long Chen bared his teeth and roared in retaliation, ”Who are you to say what my limit is?! I ’ll reach heights far greater than you, far greater than him! ” His words contained a tenacious willpower and mental fortitude. The belief contained within seemed to resonate with the Heavenly Daos.

However, as this resonation began, when Wei Wuyin felt the impact, it faltered and collapsed. The words were as empty as air when it referred to himself.

Qing Qi emerged from the clouds. He floated down, his eyes solemn, but his aura was settled and restrained.

”I stand by my daughter ’s choice. I believe that Long Chen has the potential to rise beyond anyone else. ” When he spoke, everyone focused on him. Qing Qi had stayed with Long Chen for these months and learned various things about him. His potential truly had yet to be excavated. In fact, this was just the start of his journey.

Xiang Ling frowned, but she didn ’t say anything to retort. There was no need. They ’ll learn to regret their decision.

Long Chen, however, couldn ’t let it go. As someone who rose up from nothing, he always felt like he had something to prove. That roar was a slap to the face, and he wanted to deliver a slap to her face as well, prove to her that she was wrong!

It wasn ’t just this event. The incidents with Wu Baozhai and Na Xinyi had also gotten to his state of mind. He could see it in their eyes, the uncertainty! He was faintly concerned that Wei Wuyin could and would take what was his. When Xiang Ling offered Wei Wuyin as his replacement for Qing Qiumu, he nearly went berserk.

”In three years, I challenge you to single combat, Wei Wuyin! We ’ll see who is truly greater then. Do you dare accept? ”

Wei Wuyin indifferently glanced at all this like a bystander. He lightly uttered just one single word:

”No. ”

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