Paragon of Sin

Chapter 167: Scorched



This lift-off was filled with endless power, and she exploded upwards even greater than a normal rocket. They, both she and Wei Wuyin, were covered in white flames and they were like a peerless comet as they moved!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t hold back, withdrawing several seventh-grade pellets! They weren ’t just one or two, but several dozen!

As one goes higher and higher through the Sky Layers of this planet, the layer was more difficult to penetrate, but similarly it was shorter in height between the two. Without hesitation or understanding why, Wei Wuyin brought out his strongest tools!

With a flick, the pellets became a beam of fiery energies that shot forward into a concentrated beam and penetrated the Sky Layer! It lasted a single second before the layer was penetrated through!

Bai Lin was swift. She shot into this created tunnel and flapped with all her might! The wind caused Wei Wuyin ’s clothing to flap wildly! But a laugh left his lips.

This was daring!

Let ’s see what ’s beyond!

He brought out hundreds of seventh-grade pellets!

”There ’s another one! This one is said to have toughness that causes even those at the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm to be helpless! Let ’s see how tough it was! ” Wei Wuyin warned, and he was met with a fearless action! Bai Lin sped up!

”Hahaha! I really want to see what ’s above! ” Wei Wuyin might have to deal with all sorts of trouble, but he was unwilling to let Bai Lin fail!

In fact, the last Sky Layer was said to only be able to be breached by Realmlords, and they exceeded the limit of all cultivators at the Myriad Monarch Planet! There were only two people in the entire starfield who could naturally penetrate!

In ancient times, these layers were cages, but after the King of Everlore Era, cultivators flourished and were born anew. They left their cages, built Void Gates, allowed for free access and growth amongst cultivators. It created trade, exchange of ’usable ’ resources and subsequent growth of most cultivators, including the interactions between races and all sorts of complex networks formed.


They exited the seventh-level Sky Layer, and Wei Wuyin was shocked by the Eighth Level. There were nine Sky Palaces here, and it was very, very spread out. He couldn ’t sense them with his spiritual sense, but felt the nine streams of flowing astral essence that was dense like mist.

He felt several spiritual senses descend instantly upon them, but he could do nothing about this.

”Go! ” Wei Wuyin reassured Bai Lin. Even if he had to suffer a little in the future for this disturbance, he ’ll accept all these issues without a single complaint. Because this was something Bai Lin wanted to do. A pair of silver and golden eyes grew simultaneously sharper as they ignored these powerful senses and shot forward with unprecedented speed!

Wei Wuyin gathered all the pellets and threw them forward. They became melded together and concentrated. Without hesitation, they became a beam of fiery energies once more, concentrated to the extreme, and caused the air and oxygen to incinerate instantly, but man and crane was relentless!


The two penetrated the eighth level Sky Layer! They entered through a gaping hole that seared with fire energies! Its edges burned continuously, and the temperature started to rapidly increase! Furthermore, the Sky Palaces ’ foundations were obviously disturbed as numerous formations and arrays were activated!

Wei Wuyin felt the force from the exploding impact. It caused his bones to shatter instantly! It was merely a shockwave, but his strong and enhanced body was shattered!

He gripped Bai Lin with his qi to its utmost, afraid of falling. Bai Lin ’s feathers were all blown off! Her beak cracked, her wings distorted, and her bones broke! But she still shot forward!

But the Nirvanic Flame wrapped them both, rapidly healing their injuries and protecting their lives!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know, but him bringing Bai Lin forward was immensely beneficial. Those of phoenix kind required a forged will to penetrate forward, and every phoenix who was brought to the sun without a challenge was a phoenix destined for failure!

If Wei Wuyin had known Bai Lin required the sun, he could ’ve easily made a request to use a Void Gate and arrive outside, but that ’ll forever limit her potential!

Wei Wuyin calmly breathed as his bones rapidly mended together. ’The Heavenly Daos gave me a feeling that Bai Lin needed this…but is it worth it? ’If they both died here, it would truly be unfortunate!

However, this inkling of sensation was merely a whisper that felt like it said: ”She needs to be higher. ” It was vague, unclear, and made him uncertain. He had to make do with his own understanding and belief, and seeing her heartfelt desire to penetrate the Sky Layer, he would achieve her goal!

And she wasn ’t stopping!

By the time they exited the eighth level, the astral essence here was incomparably pure. But shockingly, there was a single palace here. And this governed the entirety of the five mountains!

’All the Grand Imperial Sages stay in a single palace? ’ It was exceptionally small, about two stories and not very wide. ’Could it be like the spatial gateways that led to the Myriad Dao Palaces? ’When he recalled this, he felt more certain.


Bai Lin hadn ’t stopped. She continued upwards, and the last Sky Layer remained. Wei Wuyin calmly looked ahead and felt shaken. This was dangerous, and this layer was said to be unable to be breached besides by Realmlords!

His heart started to race.


Wei Wuyin ’s gaze descended to Bai Lin. She turned her head and it revealed an unshakable desire and unyielding will! She had to penetrate this last Sky Layer!

Wei Wuyin deeply inhaled and exhaled. With a nod, he no longer held back.


His sleeves flapped intensely as hundreds, no, thousands, no, tens of thousands of seventh-grade pellets emerged. This was his final trump card of mutual destruction. It was with the intent to protect his life from all unexpected threats! He concocted as many as he could! In total, there were 2349 fire-type pellets!

Without a single word or wisp of regret, he sent every last pellet upwards. When they touched the last sky layer, they melded together like before, but the power was immense, devastating with an earth-shattering rebounding force! He could only send it forward, release its power, direct it before the resulting pressure from merely doing so caused him to be blown off Bai Lin!!

He was sent flying downwards at an unprecedented speed! He was like a meteorite descending to the earth, and his flesh was burned black and scarred ny heat!

Bai Lin cried in shock as she looked back. Her bones and body becoming flames! She was engulfed, her feathers no longer existed, her blood was boiling, and her bones were incinerated! But she didn ’t die! She seemed to have merged with the mysterious laws of fire to undergo an exceptional state!

”Go! ” Wei Wuyin screamed with his entire might as he plummeted, his body was like a burning blaze of flames.

Bai Lin heard this and her heart shivered! But, she lifted her gaze upwards towards the maelstrom of flames and blazing hell above that seemingly penetrated the skies and revealed an open starry skies! She batted her wings of flames and flew forward! She trusted him, and he trusted her.

As he fell, he saw Bai Lin become fire itself as she entered the raging flames that blew open the last layer of the sky. ’She ’s…quite beautiful, huh? ’ He lightly chuckled as he fell, going out of the ninth level into the eighth.

In the ninth level, Bai Lin exited the storm of energies and entered the dark void! When she did, her body was no longer just flesh, no longer bone, and was merely blood and flames. She looked like the embodiment of fire itself, a divinity born amidst the most beautiful of flames!


She saw it.

The sun.

The suns!

There were three and they were all brightly sending their rays of burning light towards her. She felt their strongest power and then…

She burned until only ash remained!

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