Paragon of Sin

Chapter 178: Five Hegemons

Karmic Luck Value: 563.2

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

Three years swiftly arrived, sweeping across the cultivation world like a blip on a seismic radar, fleeting yet impactful. During these three years, new deaths and births continuously occurred within the Tri-Vision Starfield with various developments both meaningful to all and meaningless to most.

One of these things was the resounding and echoing name of Wei Wuyin—the youngest Alchemic King of the Myriad Monarch Continent. His arrival had stirred many rumors and suspicions of its validity which had yet to be confirmed by the Alchemist Association. These rumors became widespread and more exaggerated as he continuously completed his promise of sixth-grade and seventh-grade products due to the Grand Axis Faction ’s eradication.

This slight stir soon enough became a turbulent storm that shook not just the Myriad Monarch Sect, but the Alchemist Association renowned for their elite alchemists. After all, his assumed success rate and refinement time was frighteningly great and short in comparison to these elder and experienced alchemists.


This word soon made others feel numb as it was continuously uttered as if they were speaking about water, air, or cultivation. Spread alongside the heralding nickname of the Prince of Everlore, he was seen as the second coming. It wasn ’t long before he became a household name with much contention.

There were quite a few that believed his ability was highly exaggerated, and that his feats were supplemented by the support of the Myriad Monarch Sect to uplift their reputation. Others, they believed he was truly the second coming due to his origins from the Myriad Yore Continent and seeked to formulate any and every relationship.

There were numerous elite clans that were attempting to send their gorgeous virgin daughters over, attempting to give gifts, and much more all for the sake of a meeting or forming a good impression. This could easily overwhelm the ordinary person, but it was all brushed off during these three years as Wei Wuyin had entered ’secluded cultivation ’ for preparation to enter into the Astral Core Realm.

This piece of news only erupted and caused more feverish attempts to tie themselves to Wei Wuyin. He could become an Alchemic King at his age without an Alchemic Natal Soul, without an Astral Core cultivation base?

His name was resounding.

His future was limitless.

The Alchemist Association, which hadn ’t expressed their stance yet regarding this ’second coming ’ finally issued an official statement. Before Wei Wuyin took the official examination to prove his status as an Alchemic King, he will remain as an unreliable alchemist in their eyes. Of course, this could be rectified by his participation in one of the exams.

Quite a few scoffed at this. The King of Everlore never took an official examination, did that mean he was an unreliable alchemist? Furthermore, the Alchemist Association was only born because of this ’unreliable alchemist ’ in their eyes.

Alongside this self-centered and arrogant statement was a seemingly peaceful invitation.

It was an invitation to participate in the Alchemist Association ’s Grand Association Master ’s thousandth birthday that will similarly be his great-great-great-granddaughter ’s birthday. If it was simply a basic invitation, perhaps it could be avoided, but this invitation was officially delivered by the Vice Association Master in person to the sect, and they named Wei Wuyin personally.

The Grand Imperial Sages were shaken and disturbed. The Dao of Alchemy was the most crucial aspect of support for cultivation, and no one can do without it in this current civilization. The Alchemist Association may seem like a neutral organization, but it had the ears and stomachs of all the hegemonic powers and many of their own top-tier alchemists originated from the Alchemist Association.

It garnered the endless respect and reverence of the vast majority of cultivators, and if they offended them, this could lead to horrific consequences. While Wei Wuyin was a single alchemist, was it worth making an enemy of an entire organization of them? Of course, this invitation should ’ve been impossible to reject.

This was the thoughts of everyone when it was publicly released, but what shocked them was the response of the Grand Imperial Sage, Tuo Bihan.

”Heavenly King Wei is currently undergoing a vital moment in his cultivation. Until it has been overcome, we will not disturb him. Apologies. ” This vague response was frighteningly clear in its intent!

Unless Wei Wuyin desired to leave the sect, they would not force him to do so! All invitations and plans be damned! This sent raging emotions through many, and they couldn ’t help but be uncertain about the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s exact intent. This was no different than offending the Alchemist Association! Was he worth it?

However, there was no response from the Alchemist Association, and the celebration for the Alchemist Association ’s Grand Association Master went off without a hitch, and Heavenly King Wei did not arrive!

Just like everyone expected, shortly after, the Alchemist Association made a move! It wasn ’t forceful. Various alchemical product shipments went missing en route, were delayed, or were inflated in price arbitrarily due to ’difficulties ’! They stagnated communication with the sect and forces under the Myriad Monarch Sect. All three planets and their dozen continental flat earths were heavily affected!

While the other four hegemonic powers remained untouched, undisturbed, and even given faint discounts and benefits. This was an obvious move against the Myriad Monarch Sect!

Yet, while this went on, the man responsible was quietly resting on the eighth-level of the Extreme Creation Mountain in his sky palace, surrounded by heavenly bliss.

He laid in his god-satin sheets, cloud-cotton pillows, and ocean-cooling mattress. With every breath, his body devoured several wads of astral essence. With every exhale, all stress and turbidity remaining in his body naturally departed. The level of comfort was beyond mortal comprehension.

Besides his exceptional physical form, two bodies curled into his embrace. These two bodies were female.

Their nude bodies were similarly wrapped within his sheets, clinging to his chest and arms, with their legs wrapped around his in an intimate entanglement. Their sexy bodies and alluring natural fragrance could enthrall the hearts of all mortal men.

To his right, a demon. Her light-violet pigmentation of her skin glistened in the astral light, and her long violet hair that was a few shades darker created an exceptional complementing contrast. She was tall, about seven feet and eleven inches, towering over Wei Wuyin by quite a bit. Her long legs were thick and soft, the most suitable natural pillows for any man, and her long eyelashes softly batted with faint glittering glow. These features paired with her full-breasted and curvaceous figure made her an exceptional woman.

Her beauty easily surpassed countless human females, and amongst her race, she was by no means average.

To his left, a beastwoman. Her ears were feline, white and furry, perky and fluttering from time to time whilst slightly atop her head. Unlike the other woman, her stature was shorter, slim, and radiated a fiesty aura. Besides her short-cut brown-hair and ears, she was hairless and resembled a human. She wildly tossed and turned, and as she did, her sharp incisors were revealed within her mouth.

Within Wei Wuyin ’s sea of consciousness, he was not as peaceful. He floated within his sea of consciousness as a wispy figure of his original appearance. At the moment, he was quietly regarding the formation placed on his sea of consciousness, and how his Alchemic Eden Natal Soul was deeply embedded into his sea of consciousness.

The mental energies within were calm and still, but the complex formation was intricate to an entirely different level.

’Despite completing it three years ago, I still can ’t access any of its abilities. ’His mental form frowned. When he completed his cultivation of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, his silver eyes hadn ’t experienced any overt changes, but he could see astral essence, energies, and mana with the utmost clarity.

That being said, he may have gained access to the Gaze of the Celestial Spirit, a passive ability, he couldn ’t access the other three abilities—Eye of Illusion, Truth, or Immortality. It ’s not like he hadn ’t attempted to do so, as each of the three formations should be interacted with to activate its corresponding ability, but whenever he tried, he ’d pass out.

His mental, spiritual, and physical energies would instantly be drained and his body would shut down as a preservation mechanism. Even with his exceptional attributes and abundance of energies, he still severely lacked the qualification to activate any of these abilities.

He pouted slightly. Fortunately, the Gaze of the Celestial Spirit was extraordinary! It was greater than spiritual sense and all his physical senses combined, and he could ’see ’ mana and ’energies ’. Normally, cultivators could only ’sense ’ mana or energies through their spiritual sense, or visually witness it after it is condensed and controlled, but this was completely unlike that.

He could see water vapor and the water energies stored within each molecule, the fire energies sent down by the sun that provided heat, and the wind energies of the world. It was like he was seeing everything for the very first time. At first, it was a little overwhelming, but he quickly adjusted and controlled what he wanted to see.

And this amplified his alchemic abilities to untold levels. Before, he had the ability to ’see ’ the process thanks to the Alchemic Eden Qi that connected his sea of consciousness, but with these eyes, he could see things that even his mind couldn ’t observe. The most minute changes and unintended shifts throughout the entire process.

Since these eyes formed, he hadn ’t created any product at the low-quality since, regardless of its grade, and his refinement speed was enhanced by at least eight-times. It was quite a cheat. But this only inflamed his desire to witness the other three abilities.

Twiing! Twiing!

After giving the formation one last look, his mental form started to dissipate. His physical body stirred and his eyes slowly opened. The three-layered ring was aglow with faint white light. He used his left hand to wipe the sleep from his face, briefly glancing at the ample, perky, and exceptional forms of these two beauties by his side.

A slight grin emerged on his face as he chuckled in his heart. With a flicker of his body, he quietly left the bed and replaced his body that was used as pillows by these two with actual pillows. Grabbing a robe, he exited the room and sent his spiritual sense into the transmission crystal.

It was from Su Mei.

After reading it, his expression changed!

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