Paragon of Sin

Chapter 2:Temporary Hiatus: Sick (8/21/20)

Firstly, I would like to say: THANK YOU! To every one of you, be it new, old, or intrigued, thank you for being here and reading my story and my novel. 

I ’ll try not to ramble.

To provide some much needed context, earlier this week, I made a immense decision and essentially surgically removed portion of already pre-written content(chapters). This created a gap that I ’m still trying to catch up to. When I do, I ’ll be able to post very rapidly. 

To make it a little clearer, this novel has Five Volumes already written. Yes, five(well, five and half to be accurate). We ’re on number three, but a large portion of Volume Three had been removed by my own decision, and I apologise. This caused my plans for privilege and releases to come to a stall. I need to fill in this inconsistent gap that I blundered before catching up. 

This will explain a large portion of my decisions regarding privilege and bonuses.


[Bonus & Daily Chapters]: I ’ve decided to do +5 Bonus Chapters per Volume by default. My Patreon, which is: will affect both Bonus Chapters and Daily Chapter Releases. This is merely a form of support, as the less financial pressures I have to deal with, the more I can devout to writing. If it reaches a sufficient point, I ’ll be doing 18/Weekly.

Furthermore, I ’ll be doing random bonuses based off Ko-fi. I haven ’t decided on how much of your support would equate to bonuses, but I ’ll see how it does before deciding. It ’s All donations will contribute to the monthly goal of Patreon ’s Daily Releases. Furthermore, it ’ll allow me to pay artist and such for content and designs. 

I still am mindful of the +5 bonus for this volume! Don ’t worry, when I connect with the other portion of Volume 3, we ’re pounding that thing out the first chance we get! Privilege]: From the context above, my decision to keep the two/daily as well as segregate a portion of flesh from the third volume for a juicier more detailed flesh has caused delays. I don ’t know when Privilege will start. But even if it doesn ’t resume this month, there will be Privilege next month for both Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies and Paragon of Sin!

[Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies]: Update! Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies will officially be resumed next month on the 1st. I know many of you love this story, and so do I, and I ’m happy to see the feedback and desire. It spurs my own desire! When it does resume, it ’ll be on the same schedule as Paragon of Sin(this includes Patreon Goals), but likely not time-wise. Which means it might come twelve hours or so before/after, but there will be a 14/Weekly, likely 2/Daily.

Next on the Adventures of Yan Zaizen!


That ’s all folks!

Well, it ’s not impressive or earth-shattering, but it ’s an update. I want to be transparent, and I ’ve always been a picky author when it comes to content and story direction. I ’ve done similar things to CEDS(The only, yet key difference is I ’ve removed content at the end, rather than pre-written middle, so was much harder to catch up). Fortunately, volume three just needs a little bit of a missing bridge and we ’re about to my original plans. <3

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