Paragon of Sin

Chapter 196: The Act of Wen Mingna

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t willing to simply end the matter like this. He decisively shook his head and said, ”I went through quite a bit of trouble to resolve your inheritor ’s issues. All of which, he had caused. All to obtain the ring, you, and I ’m not someone to simply surrender without obtaining some gains in return. ” A tinge of arrogant stubbornness suffused his words.

It would truly be an unfortunate outcome if he were to simply return this protective amulet and supreme expert to the hands of someone who wanted to kill him. While he knew that likely all of his plans were dust before a desperate Wu Yu within his own sect, he didn ’t relent to his will.

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a saint; he would never act to benefit another without first calculating his own reasonings, desires, and subsequent gains. While he could be selfish, acting on his own desires, this was a rare occurrence that typically occurred when he was emotionally invested into something or someone.

Wu Yu wasn ’t entirely unreasonable and briefly considered the matter before nodding in agreement. Long Chen had caused quite a mess. At first, he wanted him to experience struggles to better build his character, who would ’ve thought one of his women would suffer such a horrific plight. This was slightly his fault for pretending to be weak so that Long Chen ’s arrogance and reliance on him would be curved.

Witnessing this, Wei Wuyin exhaled a breath of relief. ”Before we negotiate, I have a question: Why don ’t you reveal yourself to the Grand Imperial Sages? If you did, they would use the entire sect ’s resources to support him, especially since he holds the key to the Myriad Monarch Canon. ” This question had tugged at his mind the moment he learned of Wu Yu ’s identity. Wu Yu seemed to desire his identity to be kept a secret, even going through great lengths to exert his powers and conceal himself before Wei Wuyin.

This was a mind-boggling conundrum, especially considering Long Chen was the Inheritor of the Grand Monarch Lineage and rightful candidate that could push the Myriad Monarch Sect into new heights after claiming the Myriad Monarch Canon. It seemed unnecessary to have him go through all this struggle for little reason.

While those smart would think Wu Yu was weak at the moment and might make a move to capitalize on it, those who were truly intelligent would never consider an ancient expert that devised a way to survive after his rumored death to be weak at any moment, simply lacking for that moment. And this was the truth, because Wu Yu had immense means and power while within the, no, his sect, enough to sweep the world. Of course, this cost was massive.

However, any cost he would have to pay was insignificant to the importance of one ’s own life. Even if Wu Yu had to die to do so, it still wouldn ’t be worth it. Wei Wuyin would never give his life foolishly for someone else ’s.

Wu Yu was silent for a moment. This imperious figure that seemed to have once dominated heaven and earth had been very slow in this conversation, constantly taking moments of silence as if shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s questions or words.

In the end, Wu Yu briefly explained: ”This is his trial by fire. I ’m using this to properly test his candidacy to officially claim his right as the Grand Monarch. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin shook his head. While this might have some truth in it, he smelled the avoidance within, and it definitely wasn ’t the core reason for his concealments. He didn ’t press, as knowing the answer wouldn ’t change the outcome of his life. After all, he was only mildly curious.

”Fine. You ’ve reached a realm beyond the Astral Core Realm, correct? ” Wei Wuyin asked, and this question would lead to his next set of desires.

Wu Yu had a tinge of pride within. Just from this, one could only fathom a hint of the utter difficulty to ascend beyond the Astral Core Realm. After all, tens of trillions of cultivators currently, and likely quadrillions of cultivators throughout the thousands of years since the King of Everlore Era, yet not a single cultivator had reached that fabled realm since.

Cultivation was difficult; these three words never ceased to hold truth.

”I have. ”

”Good. Have you heard of the Realm of Sages? ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes focused and paid rapt attention to Wu Yu. Honing to his fluctuations, he saw the confusion and uncertainty in his eyes as he recalled various memories. At the end of his thoughts, he shook his head and said: ”I haven ’t. ”

”Tch! ” Wei Wuyin clicked his tongue, aggravation deep within his eyes and teeth as they brushed against each other, nearly in a grinding fashion. It took several breaths before he calmed down, nodding as he accepted this result. The next realm wasn ’t the Realm of Sages, but there ’s also a possibility the Realm of Sages wasn ’t a specific cultivation realm, but a specific phase of cultivation.

Such as how Realmlords, Timelords, Starlords or Mortal Gods, Godlords, and Godkings were titled. If it denoted a specific cultivation phase, then it could still be in the realm beyond the Astral Core Realm, but in a higher phase. His eyes glowed, but he swiftly suppressed this budding hope. Hope brought about desperation and desire, and what he needed was a firm heart of cultivation to take each step solidly and with sufficient preparation.

Regardless if he never reached the Realm of Sages, he would never willingly give up his goal for surviving—never again!

”What do you want? ” Wu Yu asked. These questions weren ’t things he knew or could answer, so he felt somewhat frustrated, especially seeing Wei Wuyin ’s agitation as if he was useless.

Wei Wuyin responded, ”I can give you back to Long Chen. However, I need a few things in return. ” As he said this, a calm, gentle smile replaced his calm yet slightly agitated expression.

”… ” Wu Yu.


Three days and three nights swiftly came and went as an ancient spirit and man stayed within a sealed off room, discussing and negotiating matters of the utmost importance. After these days, Wei Wuyin walked out of the room with a ring that was carried by a string of astral force several meters away from him.

After exiting his Sky Palace, he looked at the ring and inevitably sighed in his heart before dropping it. It flickered with dim light and passed through the Sky Layer Foundation, its descent controlled as it was obviously making its way back to a certain someone.

”I wasted twenty eighth-grade pellets, such a waste of wealth. Haaaa… ” If the spirit wasn ’t Wu Yu, he was fully prepared to torture and dissect it. However, there ’s no way he could comfortably take action against Wu Yu while on his planet. That would be daring and brazen beyond the word ’foolish ’.

While he definitely obtained sufficient benefits, it simply did not, and could not, compare to the protective amulet and guidance of an expert that ascended beyond the Astral Core Realm.

”Mystic Ascendant Realm, huh? ” After a bit of muttering, he shook his head as he sent a message to Su Mei. It ’s been quite a long time, and it was about time to venture out and recruit the other members he had his eyes on. While three years have passed, he kept tabs on them throughout.


Several hours later, Su Mei stood before Wei Wuyin with a calm expression but solemn gaze within the lounge of his Sky Palace. Her eyes that were unusually pure and clear were filled with something extra and abnormal today.

”Lord Wei, during your secluded cultivation, several events happened. ” Su Mei said, briefly pausing before explaining.

Firstly, and likely the most important, was the Alchemist Association news. Three weeks ago, the Alchemist Association had revealed an exceptional talent within their sect. It was a female and she had an Alchemic Heart of Qi. While this wasn ’t much, what came after was shocking!

This female, with the joint efforts of eight Emperor Alchemists of the Alchemist Association, was capable of concocting an Everlore Ascension Pill after a full two years! This was a ninth-grade pill. No, this was THE ninth-grade pill!

It was the very pill that the King of Everlore concocted and later used to overcome the Astral Tribulation to assail the Astral Core Realm, being the first and only to have an Alchemic Astral Soul! Well, my mistake, the first, not only, as this woman had ascended!

She reached the Astral Core Realm with the support of the Everlore Ascension Pill and obtained an Alchemic Astral Soul! Unlike Wei Wuyin, who was widely considered as an abnormal genius without an Alchemic Spirit, this woman followed the exact path of the King of Everlore.

She was even dubbed as the Princess of Everlore! And this was an official title conferred to her by the Alchemist Association, unlike Wei Wuyin ’s rumors. All of Wei Wuyin ’s prestige and renown was viciously snatched by this Princess of Everlore.

When Wei Wuyin heard this, he couldn ’t help but be somewhat shocked—but only somewhat. He had an Alchemic Eden Astral Soul and Celestial Eyes; there was not a single trace of feeling threatened or concerned in his eyes. Even if this Princess of Everlore was naturally talented and could produce products faster, of a higher quality, and of a better variety, he didn ’t care.

It ’s not like she ’ll be able to affect his status in the Myriad Monarch Sect or stop those seeking to buy seventh-grade products from him. She was likely a servant to the Alchemist Association, and her work will likely primarily benefit the association, but he had his own freedom and raked in the benefits himself. It was utterly pointless to compare the two.

It was like comparing a caged eagle to a free flying hawk.

Therefore, he placed that in the back of his mind. As for the other news, there was a little here and there, but nothing of much importance. There was a training trial designed for Qi Condensation disciples, and those who did exceeding well were rewarded various things. Supposedly, Long Chen and Qing Qiumu had entered the top three.

Besides that, there wasn ’t anything significant.

”Have all the preparations been made for the Bloodforge Continent? ” Wei Wuyin asked. He had been preparing to enter the Bloodforge Continent for three years now. There, two potential candidates for his faction—Ascendants, were situated and awaited his arrival. Despite the twists and turns, he still intended to follow through with his original goal.

Su Mei briskly nodded, ”All preparations have been made. We can leave on your word. ”

With a handsome grin, he said: ”Then, let ’s go. ”

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