Paragon of Sin

Chapter 235: An Attempt

”I am a virgin. ”

”… ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes stared unblinkingly at Xue Yifei. Then, ”hahaha! I know, I know. ” Wei Wuyin rubbed his nose with laughter in his eyes after hearing her randomly spout this out. His Celestial Eyes could see her intact primal yin and hymen that contained the purest and freshest essence blood untethered to the rest of her body. It was this gate that acted as a way of marking a man forever. If broken, that man would be tainted by her aura for life.

This was the case for all women. If it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin ’s continuous changes of physical energies and essence, he would be drenched in quite a few essence blood of virgins. Now, he only had one person ’s aura on him.

However, he understood her worries. Since Yuan Longshi and her had an unordinary relationship, perhaps Wei Wuyin would believe she had engaged in such acts and might be displeased or she used a method to disguise her primal yin aura. The latter method was employed by Wu Baozhai to hide her lack of virginity that was taken by Long Chen. So the moment she awoke from her three-day sleep and saw him, she immediately spat this out.

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a stickler to the belief that pure women made the best women. While he wasn ’t keen on accepting a wife or consort who ’ve been with another man, simply because of the values, principles, and traditions instilled into him by his parents, he had no issues accepting a concubine or woman of that nature.

Xue Yifei clenched her dress with her delicate fingers but her gaze never left Wei Wuyin. She felt nervous sitting before him. She didn ’t know exactly why, but she did.

”I would say that you don ’t have to be so nervous, but that ’ll probably make you more nervous, wouldn ’t it? ” Wei Wuyin had a slight grin as he observed the gorgeous Xue Yifei squirm slightly on the bed. She had abruptly blurted out that she was a virgin to him, and while that was hilarious, it highlighted her tense and taut thoughts.

Xue Yifei tried to calm down, taking short breaths, closing her eyes, and regaining her focus. When her eyes reopened and met Wei Wuyin, she immediately felt uncertain. She had always had an intuitive instinct towards people, capable of peering through their thoughts and intentions. It was a skill that helped her survive and navigate life thus far when coupled with intelligence and awareness. Yet, when she saw Wei Wuyin, it was like looking at an ever-changing cloud.

You can never be truly sure what shape its taking one moment or the next.

”I just…don ’t… ” Xue Yifei found her own behavior odd and embarrassing. She normally wasn ’t the shy type. Others would often call her an astute and extremely intelligent woman, but she being rendered unable to properly speak was truly out-of-character.

In the end, Wei Wuyin lightly chuckled and said, ”We haven ’t really been introduced; I am Wei Wuyin. ” From the beginning, while Wei Wuyin had found her appearance astonishing to the extreme, they never really held a conversation or greeted each other. To him, she was a pawn piece on the chessboard that would vanish to further his position.

Her level of importance had changed. She was no longer a pawn, but a spectator that might be able to start her own game.

Xue Yifei was taken aback for a moment, her eyes scanned Wei Wuyin ’s face intently. After realizing he was being genuine, she sighed lightly and smiled, a large majority of her awkwardness seemingly dispelled for no reason. ”I ’m Xue Yifei. ” It was such a basic level of introduction but it spoke volumes.

Wei Wuyin ’s grin turned into a slight smile, ”I ’ll be returning to Myriad Monarch Sect today. Will you be coming with? ”

”Yes! ” Xue Yifei didn ’t skip a beat in her reply. However, a wave of excitement caused her heart to race uncontrollably. She had thought that Wei Wuyin would treat her like normal concubines or be unreasonably dominant, but he actually didn ’t possess an air of a high status before her. He even offered her a choice to come along. This meant she had freedom.

In the cultivation world, kept women were often the position of concubines. They were often purely there for sensual pleasure and dual cultivation. They would be bound to certain areas, restricted in their movements, and tamed by men. It was a horrific fate depending on how you viewed the importance of freedom and individualism. In short, they would soon be relegated to just another one of numerous others in their crafted harem.

Just from the introduction and the choice she was given, she understood that Wei Wuyin didn ’t have such a habit or desire. He saw her as a woman that served a greater purpose than a trophy of dominance to display power, wealth, or indulge in comfort when bored or stressed. If he was treating her differently now, then her chances of changing her position of a concubine to something higher was increased for the future.

Perhaps it was this possibility of her reality that caused her unease and nerves to become taut and tense. Thinking of it, it truly was this possibility. And it stemmed from Wei Wuyin ’s potential.

Most talented geniuses and exceptional cultivators were at the forefront of their own life and story. For men and women, their partners were often secondary and nearly like a ghost. Their importance and existence being drowned out by other events or those who similarly made the same decision as them.

For example, Yuan Longshi. The entire world viewed her as a woman that reached her current place and status purely because of him. Whenever she was mentioned, the name ’Yuan Longshi ’ and ’Demonic Dragon ’ wasn ’t too far behind. Her own future.was dependent on him.

But for the King of Everlore, the renowned alchemist in legend, he wasn ’t simply at the forefront of his story; he ushered the stories of others even beyond his time. He was an exquisite writer that illustrated destiny with his choices. If Wei Wuyin was merely a talented alchemist, his potential would be relegated to a position similar to the King of Everlore, but he was a cultivator of outstanding talent and combat strength too.

She didn ’t know if this would affect her chances or cause Wei Wuyin to treat her like an object to bring around for his own pleasure as he carved out his legacy. Especially not if it was for his own selfish desire to impose his wants onto her and vent his sexual desires because she was beautiful.

She didn ’t want that.

Wei Wuyin nodded his head. ”Yuan Longshi was killed by me three days ago. You ’ve probably already noticed, but I ’ve refined your Yin Dragon Soul and implanted his Yang Dragon Soul into your heart. If you so desire, I ’ll provide you with the products to restart your cultivation. ”

”…! ” She was immediately throttled into shock. °Yuan Longshi is dead?° While Wei Wuyin had said he would claim his life, he didn ’t believe Yuan Longshi would actually die. His displayed strength and cultivation was peerless, and he was only thirty-five years old!

She could only sigh. Life was simply as such, and she let go. While others might consider this as heartless, she understood her own destiny if she was with Yuan Longshi. Now that he was dead, she didn ’t have to worry about revenge or him trying to impose his selfish will onto her.

The way he intervened at the ceremony was very telling. He seemed ready to commit murder without even asking her side. This was because he wanted to be the hero in his story.

”Thank you. ” What she was thankful for, whether it was for refining the Dragon Souls, removing Yuan Longshi from her life, or the offer to support her in any recultivation efforts, even she didn ’t really know. The only thing she did know was that her future would be decided by her own choices from here on out. Whether those choices are the correct ones and lead her to the destiny she wanted, that was entirely dependent on her.

After discussing a little more about the plans after arriving at the Myriad Monarch Sect, the two were alerted by the arrival of Xiao Bai who landed beside the hut with a prideful neigh.

Wei Wuyin opened the stone door and said, ”It ’s time to go. ”

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