Paragon of Sin

Chapter 241: Ungodly Thing

the dot expanded. It became capable of fitting two fingers, and the fingertip plunged further outwards as it revealed itself up to the second joint. It moved, wiggling about as if trying to expand the black dot.


Two, three, four, and a thumb. Soon, the black dot expanded enough for an entire grey-colored hand to reveal itself. This caused everyone ’s eyes to widen into full moons. A grey bone hand was piercing through the black dot and causing it to grow. Furthermore, this hand had a storage ring on its middle finger.

”Hurry the fuck up! ”

The voice echoed once more before the black dot expanded in a flash and encompassed the entire Myriad Void Gate. It became a perfectly spherical object that lingered slightly above the ground and seemed to contain black nothingness within. It reminded everyone of a Void Portal and its black void it creates. However, never had they seen a spherical portal. Usually, they were like mirror surfaces with the Void Gate ’s arc as the frame.

”Is it him? ” Tuo Bihan ’s expression turned completely odd and uncertain. But he couldn ’t reconcile with what he was seeing.

”Finally! ” The voice echoed out for the last time, but the omnipresent-like quality had ceased, with its soft tone becoming clear and near. The hand left the black sphere, accompanied by a bony elbow, shoulder, chin, and head. It soon created a complete picture.

’A skeleton! ’ This thundered in everyone ’s minds. Their eyes popped out of their eyes and they saw a sight, seeing the absolutely disturbingly and nearly impossible sight before them. A naked skeleton, but it wasn ’t completely a skeleton.

Its silver eyes were brilliantly resplendent, connected to a brain that seemed to be permeated by seven-color lights, and a central core that radiated an indistinct color. There were no eyelids or flesh around these eyes, looking ghastly and horrific.

At its chest was a beating grey heart several times larger than a normal human, seemingly covered in scales. Each beat of this heart was like a mythological roar of a legendary creature. While no sound was emitted, this was what their senses and minds perceived.

At his dantian area, directly above his navel, was the only mass of flesh. Besides that, its legs, arms, neck, and head were entirely bone. No, actually, there was one other feature they forgot. There was another piece of flesh that hung from between the skeleton ’s legs, and it was pointed downwards, swaying with each movement, and its features…

They were impressive, to say the least.

However, there were strings that attached it with the heart and brain, with grey and seven-colored light surging through these strings. There was also distinct golden-colored energy just above it, clearly emitting a glow that permeated into the two dangling spherical objects below.

When the skeleton moved, they all took a step back subconsciously!

They were elite experts, but they weren ’t used to seeing such an odd corpse. Wait, was it a corpse?

The skeleton paused, its silver eyes swept the crowd unblinkingly. Since it had no eyelids, the sweep was exceptionally terrifying and piercing. It turned its bony head around to look left and right as if to see everyone present, then it turned to see its hand, body, and current situation.

’How the hell am I alive? ’ Wei Wuyin asked with uncertainty. His entire body was stripped of flesh, blood, leaving his brain, heart, and genitalia. By all means, he should be dead. However, just as he said this, he felt a jolt at his spine. His body neck twisted to his backside.

’Where ’re my wings? I feel them, but I… ” He was confused. From his memories, he had unleashed his Infinite Void Wings. Then, he attempted to travel through the void by using Void Force to generate a Void Portal. But that ’s not what happened.


That ’s exactly what happened.

However, he was merely experimenting with the possibility and didn ’t expect a Void Portal to actually be created. Not only was it created, but he was also sucked into the Void Portal. At that moment, he felt as if he was split into a billion different pieces and experienced a billion different things. His mind was absolutely overloaded with information. He lost himself for a moment until Eden and Kratos acted.

His Infinite Void Wings unleashed his boundless power as they stabilized himself and his mind became increasingly clear as the information was accepted and refined by Eden. When he regained himself, Kratos called him foolish and demanded he hurriedly determine a location.

Realizing the danger, he tried to mentally fixate on his home in the Myriad Monarch Sect. His first and only home within the Wei Clan ’s grounds where his mother, father, older brother, and himself lived. However, Kratos angrily shouted that he couldn ’t and his Infinite Void Wings started to unleash more power.

Before he knew it, he was before a white dot and he tried to open it. During this time, it felt both like a century and a millisecond. It was beyond strange. In the end, he tried to pierce through it but was accompanied by a startling amount of feedback. This feedback caused him to feel pain that nearly rivaled being burned alive but paled in comparison to hearing the details about Hell.

It was so painful that he tried his hardest to exit from the white sphere. When he exited, he found himself here—surrounded by the Myriad Monarch Sect experts. And he was a skeleton.

”So bothersome! This was the only location I could connect with. ” Kratos spoke with annoyance. Wei Wuyin felt its discontent. Quickly, he understood. Since Wei Wuyin ’s choice was invalid, it likely opened a spatial portal to the most recent fluctuation of the void. That was the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Myriad Void Gate on the first level, the location he set off too.

Tuo Bihan ’s eyes stared for a second, noticing that monstrous thing dangling between its legs, his mind rumbled. ”All of you: Disperse! ” He gave a direct order. Instinctively, trained by the constant exposure to the Power of Authority, all those beneath the Grand Imperial Sage departed without hesitation. They traveled a distance away but remained vigilant.

Tuo Bihan lifted his hand and erected a spiritual barrier to prevent senses from encroached. This even isolated the other Grand Imperial Sages. The others didn ’t question it. They merely stayed at the boundary of the barrier. The inside of it was misty and uncertain.

Tuo Bihan approached, his eyes sweeping Wei Wuyin ’s skeletal form up and down. ”Are you that little lass? ”

If Wei Wuyin had eyelids, they would be twitching. He realized Tuo Bihan had a habit of changing his reference often. He could distinctly recall being called little boy, boy, and little fellow in the same exchange. Now it was ’little lass ’.

Wei Wuyin tried to speak, but his jaw opened and no sound was emitted. He was uncertain. Didn ’t he speak before? He could ’ve sworn that he had spoken several sentences a few seconds before.

In truth, if it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes and manhood, Tuo Bihan wouldn ’t have been able to determine his identity with certainty. The first was rare, but the second was indistinguishable. He had seen it fully via his spiritual sense when he broke open the Sky Layer for his crane.

”You ’re him, but how did yo- ” Tuo Bihan was speaking when the black sphere started to visibly tremble.


In a blink of an eye, it was like space was zipped up and the sphere vanished. When it did, Tuo Bihan ’s eyes widened in disbelief and shock.

”I ’m back?! ” Wei Wuyin realized his flesh, blood, skin, and various energies had returned into his body. Well, he didn ’t have any clothes still, but he had returned to normal. He lacked his Infinite Void Wings, but he could feel his bloodline source had thoroughly been exhausted, forcing a regression. As for why? He wasn ’t certain, but it could be…lag?

”… ” Tuo Bihan gave Wei Wuyin an odd gaze. It caused Wei Wuyin to feel uncomfortable.

”What? ” Wei Wuyin asked, elation suffused his heart. He truly thought he was dead, and likely became a ghost.

”Brat, are you into exhibitionism? ” Tuo Bihan asked honestly.

Wei Wuyin ’s expression darkened.

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