Paragon of Sin

Chapter 23: Elven

gods worshipped through the ages, those cultivators who ’ve become immortal and left that which will last for as long as they lived.

Wei Wuyin knew they were far away celestial bodies, but as a child, he would love to hear the stories of these gods. How they overcame their struggles and became who they were. Even if they were fake, to him, it was as real as himself.

He looked at his Bloodline of Sin tattoo and saw the 171.2. This represented his karmic luck beneath the heavens. While he can not be judged, the Heavenly Daos would still do everything to help him as within its limits.


He twitched. A sting of pain entered his arm. He recognized this feeling as he hurriedly checked the number, the 171.2 had changed. It was now 171.1. His expression changed as he looked around, suddenly feeling as if someone or something was watching him.

An opportunity had been brought here? As he thought of this, he heard a voice behind him.

”You ’ve noticed me? Your talent truly is exceptional. ”

He turned around and readied his qi, the seven elemental qi flows surged within his body. At a moment ’s notice, he was capable of casting any qi art or spiritual spell required.

He saw a white haired man dressed in odd garments. This man was exceptionally young and gorgeous with thin eyebrows, flawless skin, tall and lithe body, and green eyes that were like emeralds. If this man was a woman, he would cause the inner flames of many men to go ablaze. In fact, he could still do so.

The most notable feature was his pointy ears. They were sharp like knives at the top, and slightly longer than normal humans.

”Elf? ” As Wei Wuyin deduced this, his mind rumbled with all sorts of thoughts.

”I didn ’t originally intend to show myself, but I wanted to see the young man who helped my daughter, ” The elf man said.

Daughter? Helped his daughter?

A thought occurred to him. Was that emerald haired and eyed woman his daughter?

”You don ’t need to speak. I know you had a long-standing feud with that Jiu Lang woman, and perhaps you intended to use us to deal with her after discovering who she kidnapped. Perhaps you truly were thinking about your sect ’s future. Regardless, your actions were absolutely correct. ”

”I ’ve just sent my daughter back home, and that Jiu Lang woman? She ’ll be a slave for our people until she dies.

”Because of you, we found her alive. Your Sect Leader and Ancestral Elder informed us directly, and told us of the situation. They were even kind enough to even offer a high amount of reparations, so we have no grudge against your sect because of the actions of one person. ”

The man ’s words got Wei Wuyin thinking, especially the last part. Perhaps, in his previous future, Jiu Lang killed that woman and led them directly to the sect. He knew that some powerful experts could leave marks on people to determine if they were alive or dead. If they died, it would reveal where and how they died.

If the Elven were as strong as he believed, they should have the means.

At that point, to ease the hatred in their hearts, they decided to bury the entire Scarlet Solaris Sect with her.

”That being said, if you hadn ’t told them what you did, when you did, perhaps I could only see my daughter ’s corpse. ” These words said by the elf man confirmed his thoughts. There was definitely more to the situation that he didn ’t understand.

For example, why did the Sect Leader and Ancestral Elder give the elf man information about him? Or how come Jiu Lang was even capable of capturing that woman? Or! Why was she in Wu Country in the first place?

The elf man walked forward and held out a hand with his palm facing the sky. Wei Wuyin didn ’t execute any qi arts or spiritual spells in response to this. He became much more accepting that those experts who far exceeded his cultivation base held his life in the palm of their hands.

He also felt that this might be an opportunity, so he wanted to at least see it before doing something futile.

”I heard that you ’re talented. You ’ve reached the Fifth Stage of Qi Condensation in your mid-twenties. I ’m intrigued by your talent, so I have an opportunity for you. ” Just as he finished those words, jet black and bright white strands of energy started to rapidly gather above his palm.

”Yin and yang energy? ” Wei Wuyin was startled.

The yin and yang energy swirled around briefly before touching each other. As they did, they seemed to become stuck by some powerful adhesive-like force. Before long, the jet black and bright white strands of energy started to merge, not just touch. What was birthed as a result of this fusion was a clear, translucent energy without color.

This continued until only a single strand of translucent energy was left. The elf man closed his palm and a brilliant flash of colorful lights from all over the spectrum erupted. Between the gaps of his fingers spewed resplendent rays of light.

It soon died down, and when he opened his palm, only a solid construct remained. It was a translucent crystal ball the size of a walnut.

”This is a Yin-Yang God Sphere. While they are easy to create for true experts, they were one of the few methods of providing help at reaching the False Reality Phase. That being said, it has a mortality rate of 99%. It contains the purest form of yin and yang energy in the Myriad Yore Continent, and reaching the False Reality Phase with this would make your entire future path far easier. ” The elf man pushed the sphere to appear and levitate just a few feet from Wei Wuyin.

”However, you can meditate on this sphere and increase your chances of reaching the Sixth Phase normally too. This is my gift to you for helping my daughter return to me. ” After saying those words, the elf man vanished as if he was never there.

Wei Wuyin stood there somewhat shocked. He hadn ’t said a single word to the elf man, but he just upped and left. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t even find any lingering aura from where he stood.

He frowned, ”No wonder only 0.1 value was lost. This thing is a death trap and purely dependent on one ’s talent. ”

It seemed that the ’help ’ the Heavenly Daos had given him was to have noticed that man ’s existence, and then receive this orb. Because it had such a small use, it only took 0.1. He expected that meditating on this orb would be exceptionally useless to all except the most talented of cultivators.

In fact, he had heard of the Yin-Yang God Sphere in books. It could only be created by those who exceeded the Realm of Qi Condensation, at least that ’s what the books noted. He had also heard that the Wu Imperial Clan had hundreds of these, and it was used to establish a cultivation field much like the Yang Yore Fields.

Members of the clan would meditate on those dozens of spheres, using it to increase their chances of fusing yin and yang.

”Well, since it ’s an opportunity, how can I waste it? ” He had never been one to waste a lucky chance. Getting into the lotus position, he swept his spiritual sense over the Yin-Yang God Sphere. However, he didn ’t sense much.

He stayed in that meditative stance, constantly roaming over the Yin-Yang God Sphere trying to decipher something with his various senses, but as the sun started to rise, he hadn ’t discovered a single iota of a hint or insight.

He took a deep breath and exhaled a wad of turbid qi, ”No wonder it is only a cultivation tool. ” He shook his head. If just a single one was capable of helping someone earn the title of God in the cultivation world, there would be far more wandering the world. That was a whimsical notion.

He got up and walked towards the levitating Yin-Yang God Sphere. With the intention of relocating it to his spatial ring ’s storage space, he touched the sphere.


An abrupt change caused his expression to flash. He hurriedly tried to pull away his hand, but the sphere seemed to be drawn by something. Before he knew it, the sphere the size of a walnut had vanished inside his body.

His eyes widened with horrified shock and utter disbelief.

”Shit! ”

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