Paragon of Sin

Chapter 259: Earn A Spot

”… ” Qingye Yun ’s calm, playful, and intrigued smile hadn ’t faded despite the full minute of silence, but the edge of his lips and right eyebrow was twitching erratically. What the hell was this?! A hundred Astral Sea Pills? At least high-quality?! High-quality your ass!

An Astral Sea Pill was a peak-tier, seventh-grade pill that was usually consumed the moment it was successfully concocted. Furthermore, very few Alchemic Kings would dare attempt to concoct an Astral Sea Pill, and even fewer could succeed in a century. It simply wasn ’t worth unless one specialized on pills and had the utmost confidence. As for Alchemic Emperors, they were the only ones that can reliably concoct them without wasting massive resources and time.

Even he required six months to successfully concoct one. A hundred? At least high quality? Again, high-quality your ass!

This didn ’t even consider the Sky World Pill. While it was merely high-tier, it was almost the equivalent of a Sky Ruler. The sect had given a low-quality one to Wu Jiao, and despite his nearly thousand years of being in the First Stage, he ascended with that support. It could not be underestimated, so a hundred was gaining a small army of Sky Rulers.

As for ten thousand Astral Dipper Fountain Pills? While they were low-tier pills that can help develop Qi Essence or cultivate various methods in cultivation, it wasn ’t an inexpensive pill either. A single one, at the lowest tier, was worth an Astral Stone. A single Astral Stone was equivalent to ten million essence stones. How outrageous was that?

Ten thousand? That was the same as a hundred billion essence stones or ten thousand astral stones! If there was a wealth that could break a force directly, this was it.

Lin Ruyan started after the words finally caught up to her, and she immediately exclaimed in disbelief. ”You dare joke? ”

These words brought a strange sense of relief in the hearts of everyone, as they finally realized that Wei Wuyin was simply making a joke. But Tuo Bihan had a different expression. If it was anyone else, he would dismiss it as a joke too, but Wei Wuyin had concocted an Everlore Ascension Pill in a little over a week.

Since he ’s been in the sect, he had provided numerous pills and bribed countless others in the shadows. In truth, he wouldn ’t be shocked if a Grand Imperial Sage was in his pockets.

If he knew they were all bribed before, he would probably be uncertain whether to laugh or cry.

Regardless of that, this wager was not a small one and even the Alchemist Association had to tread carefully to accept this. That was because most wagers of this level were established with Spirit Oaths as the foundation. If there was a time limit to this request and they couldn ’t pay up, their Astral Soul would detonate. With their cultivation bases, likely only Realmlords could hinder the process temporarily. As for stopping it entirely?

He had only heard of Timelords, those who ’ve comprehended the energy of time and cultivated their Temporal Eye, to be able to do so. Since no one of that caliber exists in the starfield, a failure-to-uphold oath to Astral Core Realm experts was an irreversible death sentence.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, his silver eyes suffusing a trace of pity. ”Is this too much for you? And here I thought the Alchemist Association was affluent and possessed immense resources at their fingertips. Don ’t tell me it was all lies? ” He held nothing back as he insulted the Alchemist Association. Since he had made the decision to avoid receiving their judgment and approval towards his status as an Alchemist, he had long since set himself against them.

Furthermore, he knew this was merely a segway to their true intentions. He wanted to disrupt their plans and machinations they set to grant themselves a favorable position. And this was done beautifully.

While the elders behind him had odd expressions, a few with a hint of uncertain panic, Qingye Yun and his entourage were incensed by Wei Wuyin ’s words. He was merely a junior and yet he thinks he can gamble such wealth? A hundred high-quality Astral Sea Pills? Can you even bring that out?

Even if you were to transfer it to astral stones, it would likely equate to ten thousand astral stones. This was essentially the same amount as the ten thousand Astral Dipper Fountain Pill.

Qingye Yun felt that Wei Wuyin was bluffing, and so did the others. That or he had absolute confidence in winning any wager, but as he swept his senses downwards towards the young geniuses of the Myriad Monarch Sect, he sneered in his heart. They were certainly not capable of rivaling their heavily nurtured disciples.

”Your seniors held nothing back in educating you, even informing you of my Alchemist Association ability. But it seemed you underestimate us, and that ’s not something we can accept. You wish to take this wager, but you know wagers of this level must be upheld with Spirit Oaths? ” Qingye Yun remained calm and started to speak. While he spoke, Wei Wuyin could feel that the true purpose of their visit was revealing itself.

It wasn ’t just him. Tuo Bihan, Ji Changkong, and Qin Rui felt it too. It seemed their target was a Spirit Oath, and this Spirit Oath likely included Wei Wuyin. His absence would make it difficult for them to enact their plans, especially if he didn ’t agree.

”I wouldn ’t have it any other way, ” Wei Wuyin replied.

Qingye Yun nodded. ”Then let ’s do this: We bet this much, but if you ’re unable to produce the wager in a single year, then we ’ll have to substitute the wager for a request. ”


Here it was.

Wei Wuyin had always felt that they would make a move, and their original justification that this was about mediating the Gateway conflict was merely a front for this. Did they calculate Wei Wuyin ’s established personality as arrogant? Spoiled? Reckless? Was it enough for him to jump into their trap despite the advice of his seniors? Regardless of what caused them to conceive such a plan, he had zero fear.

Because…he was going to absolutely win any challenge.

Therefore, why not fully go all out?

”In that case, how about we increase the wager? Let ’s include ten eighth-grade Spatial Spirit Pills, ten Soul-Spirit Pills, and an Astral Ocean Pill? ” An Astral Ocean Pill was an eighth-grade, high-tier pill that was the enhanced version of an Astral Sea Pill. It was about a hundred times more effective with the equivalent amount of time to refine. Furthermore, it was said that only Soul Idols can safely consume the pill.

In a way, a single Astral Ocean Pill was equivalent to a full planet in terms of value. It was outrageously difficult and hadn ’t been seen in three hundred years, the last person to concoct it was Qingye Yun, the Grand Association Master of the Alchemist Association. He had used it to solidify his reputation as one of the top three Alchemic Emperors of this generation.

Even Tuo Bihan wasn ’t at the very top, likely within the top five.

”What?! T-ten?! ” Lin Ruyan, the Pavilion Master of the Elemental Heaven Pavilion abruptly realized this wager was out of her depth. A single eighth-grade pill was far too much. How many did they have in storage? None! Even the Alchemist Association could only have three at most. These pills were likely saved for their utmost talents with the full hopes of becoming Realmlords.

”Hisss! ” The entire gallery took a deep inhale of cold air, their hearts shivering. In their eyes, minds, and hearts, whoever lost would be forced to abide by the request. There was no logical way for them to pay up.

Wei Wuyin was incredibly ruthless, adding: ”Furthermore, let ’s make all the upper-echelon members of our respective forces swear the Spirit Oath. That way, our wager is certain to be upheld. ”

Qingye Yun ’s eyes bulged out uncontrollably, his heart trembling without end. He sent his spiritual sense downwards, trying to see if any of those geniuses had talent beyond his intelligence report. But when it came back the same, he wasn ’t certain if Wei Wuyin was trying to humiliate him with scare tactics or if it was a legitimate trap. He held in his desire to audibly gulp before the crowd, his mouth quite dry. Such a debt was unable to be paid for in a year.

It was unable to be paid for in a century.

He couldn ’t help but rethink his plans.

”Do you need time to think? How about this, since this is a sudden trial, we ’ll let you guys have a few months to prepare your talents. We can make it rather inclusive, allowing you to bring forth all your geniuses to participate. ” Wei Wuyin seemed to be giving them a lifeline to grasp, but his calm smile and his handsome-to-zenith face made it seem like charity.

But charity? Qingye Yun ’s eyes brightened. Clearly, he seemed to grasp some things, and he felt more confident. A few months? In a few months, it was absolutely certain that they could produce a certain winner! They merely had to pick one promising talent to nurture with all they had.

If they did so, it would be impossible for them to lose! His eyes grew even brighter as confidence once more was regained in his heart. He completely believed that Wei Wuyin ’s arrogance had led to his certain defeat.

”Haha, a few months? You ’re right, such a large bet should be prepared for fully by both parties. How about we use the same rules, up the difficulty slightly, and hold the trial in six months? We ’ll bring every last one of our talents to participate. ” Qingye Yun spoke, causing the elders behind him to start. But after a brief moment, they completely understood his intentions.

With six months, they could forcefully produce an expert at the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm beneath three hundred years old! Even if they couldn ’t, their foundation and strength would be thoroughly enhanced to their utmost limits. They would, temporarily, be invincible within their age group. Their victory would be inevitable.

Already seeing victory in their grasp, their eyes shone, but they hurriedly hid it from others. If they wanted these morons to fall for their trap, then they needed to play the role!

Wei Wuyin ’s expression changed by a minute amount, his handsome face twisted slightly. This only lasted for a moment, concealing it swiftly, but it was noticed by all these elite experts. Lin Ruyan was also interested, her eyes brightened as confidence once more suffused her aura and blue eyes.

Wei Wuyin said, ”Six Months? ” He turned to Tuo Bihan and the other Grand Imperial Sages, his eyes flashing with uncertainty. Qin Rui and Ji Changkong had quickly grasped the Alchemist Association ’s intentions and wanted to hurriedly advise him to reduce the time or decline outright.

But Tuo Bihan spoke abruptly to Wei Wuhin, ”Did you figure out a solution to your problem? ”

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled and nodded. This old man truly understood his heart.

Tuo Bihan calmly said, ”We agree. In six months, the Monarch, no, Grand Spirit Trials will take place. Are you ready to swear to the Spirit Oath or will you decline? ” Seeing Tuo Bihan ’s expression, the others didn ’t think he had confidence but merely was making a last-ditch effort to have them refuse. Qingye Yun ’s confidence was built on a thousand years of experience and certainty in his Association ’s strength, how could he possibly decline?

Even if they bet a thousand times the amount, he wouldn ’t refuse!

”We ’ll leave the request to be unknown until the victor was known. Of course, no request that would force one to hurt or kill themselves or others would be made. ” While this was a small thing, it was what most people were scared of. If they were forced to kill themselves, they would have no recourse. It was either death or death.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Then, let ’s swear this oath. ”

At that very moment, the Alchemist Association hadn ’t realized it yet, but they were no longer capable of escaping from Wei Wuyin ’s palm.

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