Paragon of Sin

Chapter 277: G.S.T Audience

An hour back.

Wei Wuyin, like the others, had been transported into Junia at random. When he landed, he swept his spiritual sense around and noticed a few beasts nearby. Unlike the others, he had a Spiritual Sense supported by four Astral Souls, and refined and enhanced mental, physical, and essence energies that produced stellar spiritual energies. With this, he could easily view thousands of miles with ease.

The suppressive formation might as well not exist. While he was gated to a certain extent in terms of distance, he had never utilized his spiritual sense to the maximum. If he did, he ’d be forced to view an entire continent or hemisphere of a planet in their entirety. The information was simply too much.

He didn ’t have the patience of a Continental Guardian.

Therefore, he used the range that was within his comfort levels, gathering what he normally would. He noted several dozen beasts nearby. But their strength was lacking compared to him, so he felt unwilling to waste time. ”I ’ll need to set up a formation to prevent surveillance by the planetary platform spiritual transmission formations. ” Making note of this, he looked for a location where he could set up a temporary base of production. He could concoct a few products while he waited out the four months.

Since the bizarre incident with Su Mei ’s tribulation, he had focused on recovery. The quintessence of his mental and physical energies, his sea of consciousness and cells, were damaged and exhausted by the fierce expulsion of that mysterious force. This caused him to be unable to properly concoct or even rest as he was met with random bouts of exhaustion and intense pain.

If it wasn ’t for his skill in alchemy, his road to recovery would ’ve been long and difficult. If it wasn ’t for Eden stabilizing his sea of consciousness and Kratos stabilizing his cellular structures, he would ’ve long since took a trip to Hell the natural way. He was grateful, but also curious as to what that force was. Unfortunately, it all disappeared shortly after Su Mei overcame her tribulation and ascended.

Regardless of what it was, when he reached a sufficient level of cultivation, wouldn ’t answers of things so mystifying and mysterious like this become apparent? Therefore, he didn ’t waste mental energy questioning it. It was clearly beyond his level.

”And my Mark of Myth is still exhausted. ” As his Bloodline Source, the Mark of Mortal Myth was the central body of Kratos, but he could feel that it was still drained. Even Kratos had no solution to it, being befuddled by the event. Since he absorbed the Void Crystal and transformed his bloodline, the Dao of Void had changed his path. Even common Bloodline Source recovery pills were useless to him.

”Perhaps I need true dragon essence blood and void energy to recover… ” When he thought about this, his left eyelids began to twitch. True Dragon Essence Blood was unfathomably rare, and while he could use lifeforce to refine a drop from their descendants, he still needed access to it. But Anu was his only blood bank, and he had vanished somewhere.

As for Void Energy, he didn ’t have any clue where to obtain another Spatial Jade Crystal like before. Furthermore, even Kratos couldn ’t absorb it naturally nor can he refine it from essence. This confused both he and it, unsure how to resolve this issue. He had Void Force, but this force was mostly useless now. He had no practical way to use it without Draconifying nor understood its underlying profundities.

Without a Cultivation Method, he was lost. Even though it had a link to spatial energy, he hadn ’t touched upon the Spatial Resonance Phase and couldn ’t interact or refine spatial energies yet. This was a limit of cultivation phases.

While Eden had fully recovered, regaining its full strength and could concoct products, not everyone felt whole.

He could feel Kratos disgruntled unwillingness to become useless. It had the innate pride of a True Dragon, one that believed that there was nowhere it couldn ’t go to or leave from, nothing it can ’t conquer. This kept building with each moment. While its Draconic Force was powerful, there were severe limitations without Draconification.

It felt useless.

Wei Wuyin felt its pain. The moment it tapped into its powers, ripping a hole through the void and creating a Void Portal, it had suffered such massive losses. While every discovery has its cost, it had left it feeling vexed. Even the Dao of Alchemy had no clear fixes.

”Found one! ” Wei Wuyin had finally found a clear location worthy enough to establish a temporary abode. He started to walk towards the area, his steps were casual and free as he saw the natural and gorgeous sights of Junia. It was quite a beautiful planet with an abundance of plant life.

”… ” Wei Wuyin stopped. He looked down at his chest. His eyebrows lifted in curiosity.


A low-sounding growl slowly and ominously left his heart. He frowned. ”…Kratos? ” His voice was laced with confusion.


Yet the sound didn ’t cease. Wei Wuyin ’s frown deepened. He realized that this draconic growl was the result of Kratos building up its bloodline pressure. ”Kratos! ” He called, his frown lifting into a shocked expression. He was hasty to grab his heart, realizing what this bastard was trying to do.

”You might be frustrated by the situation, but don ’t do this! You three, stop him! ” He sent orders to the other three to suppress Kratos, but they were silent. He hadn ’t directly established control of them, so they were currently acting freely. It had been a while since he had to exert his rights as head of household on these four. He had mostly left them to their own devices, and they connected with him freely as needed.

He clenched his jaws, realizing their silence and inaction was their tactful agreement of this event. He helplessly smiled. ”Shit! ” Before he could do anything else, a formless bloodline pressure erupted from his chest. It was like a tantalizing wave of power that poked and prodded the kings of beasts.

It was like a direct challenge; provocation at its finest!

After this, his three Astral Souls went dormant. Kratos was the only one active, his Draconic and Void Force took the forefront of his cultivation base.

”The majority of beasts don ’t attack unless provoked. If you do this, you ’ll scare the weaker ones but… ” As if verifying his words, he sensed the surging changes in air currents as the winds shifted. A beast of the sky had ascended, soaring through the skies and altering the currents.

The slight yet rhythmic rumbling of the ground was the encroaching steps of a land beast with a body filled with power. It kept increasing in intensity, obviously approaching closer with every passing second.

Furthermore, the seismic activity of the planet was subtly influenced, clearly the actions of a creature swimming through the earth. Unlike others, he could clearly see their identities and knew of them.

His eyes shifted to the skies towards the west. The winds shifted ceaselessly.

A Three-Eyed Tenebrous Crow. It towered nearly a hundred meters, larger than Xiao Bai, and harnessed various darkness-attributed bloodline abilities that were cast through its eyes. It contained abundant influence on the mind and spirit, making it a difficult creature to deal with. At night, it ’s said that this particular beast ’s body could merge with the darkness and become undetectable. It hunted during this time.

His head turned to the south. The sounds of pounding steps grew louder.

A White-Blaze Tiger. It was smaller, about sixty meters in height, but it wasn ’t any less ferocious. It could ignite its white fur into flames and set the world ablaze with every step or swipe of its paw. It was terrifying in a world of trees. He felt whoever sent this beast here likely ensured it was a rare, suppressed beast that would only be disturbed by an entire group of high-level cultivators. This was the only way to control the damage it could wreak on the planet.

His eyes made its way towards the ground. The trembling of the ground increasing.

A Titanic Mudworm Snake. It was a unique hybrid of an earthworm and a serpent, capable of swimming through the earth. It had a massive body and was renowned for its difficulty to sense attacks and swift retreats. If it wasn ’t for his spiritual sense, he wouldn ’t have noticed the seismic irregularity without reaching the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase.

He sighed. Each one of these creatures had attributes that were at the peak of the Soul Idol level, but their unique bloodline abilities sent their strength over the top. It would be advised for Spatial Resonance Phase experts to handle these beasts, their bloodline abilities were mystifying and difficult to handle.

Now that Kratos had essentially provoked them, they raced towards him with the Intent to kill on sight. He couldn ’t help but bitterly laugh. ”Well, here I thought I was going to relax. ” His words were a wistful dream at this point as the Three-Eyed Tenebrous Crow arrived above him, his three eyes that were like a sea of darkness formed a triangle and released potent darkness power.

His sea of consciousness was already assaulted. It didn ’t hesitate to strike. His sea of consciousness was being infected by its power, slowly trying to consume his thoughts and sense of self. Just as he was about to interact with Eden to rid himself of this influence, he found himself incapable.

He wasn ’t slow. Kratos was the only active Astral Soul, and it was clear their intent. He took a deep breath and decided to accommodate. While it was bothersome, he understood its feelings. With the arrival of the White-Blaze Tiger and the revealment of the Titanic Mudworm Snake, he acted.

His spiritual force entered his sea of consciousness and swiftly crushed the darkness power, forming a defensive ward to prevent further infiltration. A startled avian cry resounded above. Wei Wuyin lifted his eyes, a set of silver irises were suffused with draconic force. His physical body was being invigorated to its limits as he kicked off.

In a flash, he was in the sky, his eyes meeting the three eyes of the crow. With a clenched fist, he struck. He lanced towards the skull of the crow, his movements swift like lightning and sharp like a piercing spear.

The crow cawed in shock, shifting its head and moving slightly causing its torso to be slammed. An explosive interaction occurred. The point of contact erupted in a mass of feathers and blood.

Wei Wuyin was about to follow-up, not used to using his fists in this manner, but the crow responded. It swiped its right wing with tremendous force and sent him rocketing into the distance.

He was a saber expert, not someone who fought with his fists. The method to fight with King or Ori was entirely different than with Kratos, causing some discomfort. This discomfort led to a reduction in power. If he had used his saber, this crow ’s head would ’ve been looped off, its journey to reincarnation would begin its commencement.


The Present.

”Hey! ” He brightly smiled as he regarded Qing Qiumu. While she was shocked, he was pleasantly surprised. He hadn ’t expected to see her. How far did he get flung? He didn ’t sense her before. It couldn ’t have been too far, right?

His thoughts were somewhat distracted when the White-Blaze Tiger roared. It made its move with rampaging momentum. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes became sharp, ”Let me handle this first. ” He no longer held back his power, his draconic force exploded with full, unprecedented force!


Within his heart, an Astral Core was faintly discernible. Its size was not four millimeters! No, it was a full centimeter! The amount of astral force was enough to drown worlds! As for the quality of Astral Force within…

For Sky Rulers…

It was at the apex.

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