Paragon of Sin

Chapter 278: G.S.T Three Beasts

With the Grand Spirit Trials underway, the young and talented geniuses of the Tri-Vision Starfield were thrown into a chaotic and ever-changing twister of events. And the spectators who were watching from afar or above were allowed to witness and enjoy it all. The audience that stood on the platform encasing the planet, the masters, elders, and renowned individuals of some status and strength were all present.

While some observed from their own unique abodes, most stood gathered within a massive crowd simultaneously interacting with the various transmission formations. These formations revealed the sight below, allowing them to follow and view the participants. A few had lost their disciples or talented geniuses, as the location they were sent was random.

To locate them, they would have to expend some spiritual force to do so. This meant viewing long-term through this method wasn ’t practical for many. Thus, ten screens floated above the planet encasing platform that reflected ten individuals chosen to be followed at random. Their experiences and location were fully seen by any who wished to without cost. This was a benefit that only they obtained.

”To think this trial was far more profound and vicious than I originally believed, ” an old male, a dark-skinned demon with two twisted horns on his forehead, said wistfully. His disciple had been a World Sea elite, one of the weakest, and his brazen vigor and belief of superiority had caused him to lose his life in the first fifteen minutes.

He had provoked a White Starred Beast with overflowing confidence and challenged it to a battle. He was ignorant about the circumstances of this trial, and his battle led two more beasts his way. With him as a central focus of the three beasts, he fought with a ferocity befitting his genius title. But in the end, he had been struck and instantly killed by one of these beasts in a sneak attack.

None of these beasts were feral, unrestrained, and attacking as freely as they wanted. They were all suppressed by formations, they could all see this, but when provoked, they were released from this restraint and attacked with the intent to murder. They were bloodthirsty beasts with violent powers seeking to end their lives. He hadn ’t died from being unlucky, merely overconfident.

The rules of the Trial of Beasts were fair. The numerous experts and four hegemons wouldn ’t have sent their elites in if it wasn ’t. But while luck was inherent in any trial and challenge, the ability to excel within the trial had more to do with intelligence and strategy.

”The Trial of Beasts is merely preparatory. As long as they just use this time to cultivate and not seek out challenges beyond their abilities, they will be able to enter the next trial and face the experts of their cultivation level. Alas… ” A slim, white-robed male elf sighed. The words he spoke resonated with the hearts of those present, and they agreed. While the beasts were rather weaker than those of the same power-divide, if one challenged above their strength, this could lead them down an unavoidable path of regret and likely death.

The old demon ’s thick lips trembled. Centuries of nurturing an elite had been eradicated with a single mistake. His heart was torn asunder and he couldn ’t help but feel weak in the knees. If it wasn ’t for his unwillingness to allow those he knew to view him in a pathetic state, he might ’ve kneeled where he was and cried out.

Even worse, he had no one to blame besides himself. The Myriad Monarch Sect? The other hegemons? While merely a few minutes had passed by since its initiation, the dread and despair he felt were not uncommon. The Sacred Light Palace ’s Fu Clan had seen their most talented junior of their clan be consumed by the schemes of another. That person ’s father could only howl in his heart and swear revenge.

Qin Rui quietly observed a projected screen in the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s abode. She was accompanied by the other Grand Imperial Sages, Yao Zhen and Ji Changkong. They were observing their disciples, which was reflected on their own screens. Those who wished could utilize their spiritual force to interact with the formation and create a screen for viewing, this allowed them to let others see. While they could use their own spiritual sense to inspect below, this allowed those beside them to see the events.

Unlike the other youths, the Myriad Monarch Sect disciples were more disciplined and focused. Many of them took to setting up spiritual formations and arrays, establishing a base of operations for retreat or cultivation. This particular move was highly influenced by the various teachings of the Myriad Monarch Sect.

It was a practice deployed when attempting to claim a territory. A headquarters was important because rest and recovery mattered for long-running trials such as this. Furthermore, one could use it as a fortress to lure and keep beasts captured, or an escape route to fend off attackers.

Unlike the others who relied on their personal strength and confidence to push forward, they acted with forethought. This instilled a sense of pride in all the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s elders and sages.

It ’s entirely possible they ’ll form groups, gathering points in a concerted effort. This efficient method could further advance their lead. Most of the Myriad Monarch Sect disciples understood the importance of the gathered and combined strength of a group. It was the basis of factions.

A single individual can only do so much. Of course, this might not be the most optimal path for everyone. This usually meant resigning oneself as a subordinate, attempting to allow another to claim first place, the leader. This will definitely bring about some discomfort in a faction, and most groups will likely only be temporary alliances for a specific goal.

”Shudao has already completed his base. He ’ll push for capturing beasts and accumulate points soon. Intelligent lad, ” Ji Changkong commented proudly. Shudao was a hybrid demon, and the direct disciple of Ji Changkong. On the screen, a male youth with short white hair, triangular grey eyes, and a slim frame was standing in a formation effusing sharp intent.

He had pointed ears and a mystifying air that left one entranced.

”Yao Wei has already subdued his first beast. It seems Shudao is a little slow, ” Yao Zhen remarked, his eye sockets burned with a violet flame but it effused pride and happiness. Yao Wei was his son, and he was exceptionally talented. He looked like a younger version of Yao Zhen.

While his eyes lacked violet flames, he had a bald head, a dominating physique, and wore a set of jet-black armor. From various portions of his body, curved spikes protruded and gave him a lethal appearance. But with the addition of his bright hazel eyes and chiseled features, he was quite handsome.

In the screen before Yao Zhen, Yao Wei moved with purpose and had already captured a White Starred Beast. As a Sky Ruler, this already placed him on the board with a single point.

Ji Changkong coldly snorted, ”Haste isn ’t good. ” In his eyes, Shudao had made ample preparations while Yao Wei had casually established a base before leaping to action.

But Yao Zhen merely laughed at this. He didn ’t even bother responding. They were clearly in opposition, perhaps even had their own bets established.

Qin Rui was silent. She was observing her own disciple, who was also her grandniece. Her situation had been somewhat unlucky as she was transported directly before a Silver Starred Beast. It was feral as well, a similar situation to Zuhei, but her Sky Ruler cultivation base put her at an immediate disadvantage. She was smart and quick-witted, however.

At the moment, she was fleeing and attempting to lose the tail of her pursuer.

They all had a stake in this, and their disciples or family members had known of the risks. As long as they remain flexible, willing to activate their jade tablets to protect their lives, there shouldn ’t be much danger for them. Still, she couldn ’t ease her heart so easily.

The three, and the other elders and sages, they were all viewing separate or joint screens. It seemed they all had some investment in this competition. In truth, if they didn ’t, they would likely remain in the sect and observe from a distance. While they couldn ’t interfere, it still felt better to be closer to these experts.

At the hour mark, an Earthly General of the Extreme Creation Mountain, and a peak Lord Alchemist, exclaimed loudly. This attracted everyone ’s attention, many frowning in response. The elder ’s eyes were wide, his finger stretched and his jaw quaked in mumbles.

”Tha…Wei Wu…He… ” His words was nearly gibberish. This caused many to think he saw the death of his descendant or disciple. When the elder turned his head, he looked at the Grand Imperial Sages and the eyes that were looking at him with discontent and confusion. ”He…He! ”

Yao Zhen lacked patience. His hand moved and the screen before the elder was moved, expanding and in view of everyone present. If he wanted to call forth this much attention, then they could all view his loved ones ’ corpse or desperate situation. Regardless of which, it was a means to pass time.

But when the screen was enlarged, a phenomenon took place. Everyone present, from elder to sage, from Prime to Imperial, their eyes widened as they saw the scene.

This scene wasn ’t simply witnessed by them, but by the other four hegemons. Not a single one hadn ’t spent the entire hour and vast spiritual force to locate those of the utmost importance, and one of them was…Wei Wuyin!

As a Heavenly King, a potential Alchemic Emperor, and one said to have outstanding combat strength, they tasked their men to find him swiftly. They were curious. While there was likely no way for him to die, the truth about him will soon be revealed.

In the Alchemist Association ’s abode, Qingye Yun was staring at a screen. He wasn ’t looking at his premium candidate, the expert nurtured with six months of immense effort and wealth, but at a single figure: Wei Wuyin! He hadn ’t expected the Prince of Everlore himself to throw himself into the ring, but this was an opportunity to scout this man ’s potential.

Beside him was a lithe figure, veiled by a thin silver cloth, with merely her seven-colored eyes that were as gorgeous and fantastical as a rainbow revealed. She stood beside Qingye Yun, the Grand Association Master with utmost ease and familiarity. Those unconcealed eyes were similarly staring at this figure.

In fact, it wasn ’t just them. About 90% of all members of the Alchemist Association were observing this screen. For a moment, they had to watch Wei Wuyin idle for an hour or so doing nothing, but the moment an event happened, it shook their hearts and minds!

A collective gasp.

It wasn ’t just from the Alchemist Association, the Myriad Monarch Sect, but all those who decided to find and view Wei Wuyin, this developing figure and legend in the making.

A delicate voice, soft and melodious, exclaimed with utter shock lacing its tone, ”Three!! ” Her words only caused the hearts of everyone to clench further. In the flash, Wei Wuyin had been surrounded from three directions and besieged by three Gold Starred Beasts!!

A thought simultaneously entered the minds of everyone: Was the Myriad Monarch Sect deliberately trying to kill him?!

Before they could think further, they lurched as Wei Wuyin attacked the Three-Eyed Tenebrous Crow, and their hearts went into their throats when he was smacked away. The thought of his end had flashed in the minds of everyone present.

”Is he…is he dead?! ” The young girl beside Qingye Yun asked. A Gold Starred Beast might not be the physical equivalent of a Spatial Resonance Phase cultivator, but they had abilities that could allow them to battle against those of that level and their actual physical attributes were definitely within the Soul Idol range.

This strike to a Sky Ruler was typically fatal, especially since Wei Wuyin didn ’t have a protective ward. Did he turn into bloody mush?!

Qingye Yun tried to remain calm, but his fists clenched tightly. ”He…he won ’t die that easily. ” He said, forcefully speaking to comfort the young girl, or maybe just himself. After all, if Wei Wuyin died, how could he win this bet and take the Alchemist Association to the next level?

But as if a divine existence had answered his hopes, a hand pulled itself out of the crater to reveal an unharmed Wei Wuyin.

°Of course…they would definitely give him high-level Astral Armor.° A breath of relief left his and everyone ’s chest.

What happened next, however, shocked them in an entirely different way. Qingye Yun ’s eyes bulged, his breath grew unsteady, and his thoughts grew chaotic. From the screen, the faint outline of an Astral Core could be seen within Wei Wuyin ’s chest. While the location of an Astral Core can be changed depending on cultivation method, what shocked him wasn ’t its location, but its size.

Exceptionally Thick!

Unimaginably Big!

Immensely Powerful!


”Impossible! ” This wasn ’t spoken by one person, but a collective shout. Qingye Yun felt his heart pound in disbelief. This shouldn ’t be possible, right? He had to have seen wrong!

The young girl was confused by the shocked expressions of the powerhouses and elders beside her, as for the youthful spectators, they were confused a little. They didn ’t understand the shock factor.

”Grandfather, what is it? ” The young girl asked. While she was a talented alchemist, she didn ’t delve much into the aspects of cultivation itself, so her inexperience was clear.

Qingye Yun twisted his head to the side, forcefully tearing his eyes away to meet his great-great-great Granddaughter, Qingye Ying! His lips were somewhat dry as he tried to explain, ”Ying ’er…what is the general size of an Astral Core…for World Sea experts? ”

His question seemed trivial, but she knew this much. ”About ten-thousandth of a meter. ” This was the general size of a World Sea Phase expert upon ascension. Quite a few experts had lesser than this.

Qingye Yun followed up with, ”And Sky Rulers? ” Those who ascend generally see an increase in size, but this size increase was often attributed to their continued cultivation efforts.

”Half a millimeter? ” It was five times the size of a World Sea Phase expert. She said these words with confusion. Why did…size…

Her mind seemingly clicked as she regarded Wei Wuyin ’s Astral Core outline within his chest. She couldn ’t get a good sense of its size, but she realized she could tell it was larger than this measurement. ”What is his size? ”

Qingye Yun inhaled deeply and then exhaled, his eyes still quaking with shock. Others at her cultivation might not be able to gauge the size with a close approximation from an image, but he could! These experts surrounding him could!

”One centimeter. ”

Qingye Ying ’s eyes widened. ”How is it so BIG?! ”

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