Paragon of Sin

Chapter 1: Wei Wuyin

This sucks. It really, really sucks. But it seems, for those who know, my refreshed feeling was temporary and a looming premonition to an upcoming calamity…in my body.

Anyways, I ’ve gotten sick. Is it the COVID-19 or not? I ’m unsure. I ’ll keep you guys updated, but without going into too much yucky detail: fever and consistent bathroom visits. It ’s really screwing with my ability to write, think, sleep, and generally function so I ’m going to take a short break from writing and uploading until I ’m well, healthy, and safe.

I likely won ’t be writing for however long this lasts, and I hope its short and just the rare august flu, so there won ’t be any make-up chapters or anything. Just a regular and thorough break.

No need to feel panic though, I have an unusually strong body and mind so I ’ll ride this out. <3 Wish me the best!

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