Paragon of Sin

Chapter 342: Challenge!

The world was slowly rising in hype. The numerous guests with the ability to make their way through the starfield, arriving at the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Main Planet, were of the most elite status, the greatest strength, and the possessed the highest prestige. Not only were numerous old monsters in the Astral Core Realm that rivaled Grand Imperial Sages coming, but the alchemist community were making their way here.

This included numerous prestigious Emperor Alchemists across the entire starfield. While the alchemists ’ numbers were lacking in comparison to the population, especially the higher ranked ones, that was only if one saw it from a single Astral Territory. If you accounted for the entire starfield, the number of Lord Alchemists, those capable of concocting sixth-grade alchemical products, would number in the tens of millions.

As for King Alchemists, those capable of concocting seventh-grade alchemical products suitable for lower-phase Astral Core Realm experts, there would be roughly five thousand. In comparison, the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory had less than three hundred.

Of course, the majority of these alchemists resided in the Alchemist Association as a part of the ’neutral ’ force, with the second most being in possession of the Golden Coin Pavilion. Since alchemists were a rarity, they were likely to attach themselves to these rich, affluent forces where they contained an abundant degree of freedom.

These alchemists would definitely arrive, appearing with likely more than half. To many in the starfield, this competition was the perfect opportunity to initiate conversation and establish relations with these figures. This was especially so for those alchemists who lacked the qualification to be ’officially ’ recognized as Alchemic Kings. These opportunists were coming with bull-like ferocity with high hopes and greedy hearts.

The limited number of King Alchemists was one of the primary reasons of Wei Wuyin ’s immense importance the moment he entered the sect, directly becoming a Sky Noble and then a Heavenly King soon after.

Exiting from his Alchemy Room, Wei Wuyin was surrounded by a multi-colored aura that emanated a particular smell. This smell was extremely attractive to cultivators, stimulating their senses. When he left, he immediately noticed Su Mei. She was wearing a set of tight-fitting and valiant black battle armor that accentuated her figure. He couldn ’t help but think that she was a little overly prepared.

This was merely an All-Alchemic Clash, not a war.

Su Mei slightly bowed her head. ”Lord Wei, the competition begins in an hour. ” 

Wei Wuyin revealed a warm smile. She clearly didn ’t wish for him to be late. But he still grinned in the end, ”Even if I ’m late by a week, they ’ll still patiently wait. ” This was spoken with imposing arrogance, containing an innate prestige. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t one to act arrogant for the sake of it, but after indulging in concocting ninth-grade products, he felt a sense of superiority emerge within his heart.

It was exceedingly strange. With each successful attempt, he felt more and more far-sighted. The starfield and its inhabitants started to ’feel ’ small and insignificant to him. Not counting those he deemed important, of course. 

’This must be how Starlords felt. ’ His thoughts honed in those who were once deemed at the peak of the Mortal-tier of power, those at the Ninth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, Star Core Phase. According to Wu Yu, they possessed the fabled strength of a solar star, and even large-sized planets could crumble beneath their might.

Su Mei was momentarily shocked, but quickly recollected herself. If anyone had the right to say this, it would be Wei Wuyin. Therefore, she quietly awaited his orders. 

Wei Wuyin realized his tone and words truly carried a hint of supremacy within, making a mental note to reflect. He didn ’t want to be unreasonable because of his alchemical skills, but because of his power. That was the only force that ensured his actions carried no consequences. After all, there were existences that could kill you with a thought even if you were a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of the highest level.

”Let ’s go, ” he said. With a quick change, he donned his black-colored Heavenly King attire with his white alchemist cloak above it. It gave him a sense of unity and balance, as if he embodied both martial might and alchemic might. 

Exiting the entrance of his Sky Palace, Su Mei a step behind, he observed the world with his spiritual sense. He could feel the abundant spatial ripples that were endlessly erupting, the sign that there were numerous Void Gates active, being used every passing second. 

”There must be at least a billion in number that ’s arriving for this. There ’s unlikely to be a single individual that lacked status and connections here. ” He bitterly smiled, thinking about his first All-Alchemic Clash on the Bloodforge Continent. There were an unhealthy number in the audience as well. Furthermore, that was merely a competition at the mid-tier level of a Lord Alchemist level.

He couldn ’t help but smile, ”I hope this Princess of Everlore is of a high level. I really want to put my abilities against someone, to truly be tested. Even if I lose, I ’ll have no regrets. ” Wei Wuyin had been unrivaled in alchemy for quite a while, and a feeling of wanting a challenge emerged in his heart. Even before he stepped foot in the Myriad Monarch Sect, he was already amongst the top five thousand alchemists of the world.

Then, he entered into the illustrious Emperor Alchemist level in a few years, and the Mortal Sovereign Alchemist even sooner. It was such a tremendous leap that the legacy left behind by the King of Everlore wasn ’t posing much difficulty. He wondered if it was due to his Celestial Eyes, his Four Astral Souls, Eden, or his alchemic talent.

Thinking of Alchemic Talent, he recalled Qingye Yun ’s question that day. Whatever the Alchemist Association wanted him for had to do with Alchemic Talent. He just didn ’t understand why it was important. After that event, he tried to learn more about the degree of Alchemic Talent and what it meant. But when he tried to delve further into it, he could only get the gist of it. There was no elaborate explanation detailing it or its levels.

In fact, current information was incredibly simple. Either one had low-level talent, mid-level talent, or high-level talent and that related to the efficiency one could cultivate with an Alchemic Conversion Method. He wondered what Qingye Yun wanted. 

’Regardless, I guess I ’ll find out soon. ’ Whether he won or lost, Qingye Yun had said he ’d inform him of its importance. It had truly wet his curiosity. 

Wei Wuyin placed it aside, standing at the edge of the cloud foundation that his Sky Palace firmly sat upon. He looked over, seeing the Sky Layers beneath and numerous clouds, including the faint outline of the land below. With a step, he directly fell over.

Su Mei followed without hesitation.

They began their free fall down to the earth, the speed producing wind currents that wildly fluttered against their clothing and hair. Wei Wuyin spun around, turning to see Su Mei who was following with a concentrated expression.

He gave a faint smile, and she looked at him, returning his smile. The feeling of free falling from such a height had a unique form of freedom within. He twisted around, feeling the air and clouds between his fingers, brushing against his skin, and observing the world beneath slowly gain clarity and closeness. 


He and Su Mei penetrated the eighth Sky Layer like stones, becoming drenched in astral essence and moisture. They continued to descend down, doing the same to the seventh Sky Layer, and then seeing the Extreme Creation Mountain. With a twist, they both seamlessly regained control of their bodies and started to fly.


Wei Wuyin exclaimed, feeling the rush of the world ’s mana heeding his call. There were numerous times where cultivators forgot themselves, their time being powerless being too short. But just a decade ago, Wei Wuyin couldn ’t fly on his own. He was marveling at Wu Jiao ’s ability to stand mid-air above the masses like a god.

He couldn ’t even penetrate a Sky Layer without help, but now, with just his body, with just a thought, he could achieve these things with ease. A feeling of exhilaration and appreciation of his power flowed within him. 

There was a time in his life where he could only stare at birds, or merely dream of owning a palace within the sky, or to be have the power to flip an ocean or topple a mountain, but now…he could destroy an entire continent, he had a genuine palace that sat on clouds, and he could fly!

”Cultivation is marvelous! ” Wei Wuyin shouted at Su Mei, increasing his flight speed.


He easily broke the sound barrier, blazing through the sky at incredible speeds. Su Mei looked at Wei Wuyin ’s speeding figure, her heart racing. This was the Wei Wuyin that she remembered when he wasn ’t embroiled in worries. He ’s the type of person to act truly free. With a soft chuckle, she sped up also.

Wei Wuyin could see Su Mei gaining on him, and he grinned as he looked back. ”First to arrive wins? ” 

Su Mei ’s eyebrows jumped. A light of competitive spirit flashed within her pure black eyes. ”Okay! ” With that, she tapped into her Astral Soul, grabbing control of the ambient mana with the strictest and most powerful means.


She exploded with speed, accelerating enough to surpass Wei Wuyin instantly.

Wei Wuyin joyfully chuckled as Su Mei passed him, ”Confident, eh? ” It seems this girl had forgotten who was the boss. It was time to remind her. His astral souls thrummed, and with that…


The two traveled like shooting stars!

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