Paragon of Sin

Chapter 344: Shifting of Fate

”…? ” The majority of the crowd was sent into a state of silence and curiosity. What was Imperial Combat? For most of these would-be spectators, they weren ’t familiar with the rules of the Myriad Monarch Sect. They were foreigners who were merely present to observe the era-changing event that was the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn Vs. the Princess of Everlore.

For those who did know, they weren ’t sent into a frizzy state due to excitement and intrigued, but adopted dark expressions filled with gloom and taint. They were members of the Myriad Monarch Sect, inhabitants of its continents or planets, those who were familiar with the concept of Imperial Combat. 

Long Chen, to them, was the future Successor of the Grand Monarch Lineage, and a month or so ago they were thrilled at the resurgence of the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s greatness. Not only did they have Wei Wuyin, an alchemist with endless potential, but their core legacy that was thought to have been lost was recovered.

But this…

What was this?!

So the gasps of shock and raving excitement that Long Chen had expected was met with a subversion of his expectations. Instead, the expressions of those who held Wei Wuyin in the highest regard, a household name with the potential to allow them to live beyond any other era, were ill and angry.

A Fifth Stage Astral Core Realm expert, a Prime Imperial Sage, and someone who believed himself to have close ties with Wei Wuyin, couldn ’t control his temper nor words as he shouted with forceful spiritual might. 

”WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! ” These words were like powder kegs to the already existing flames that were brewing in the hearts of quite a few. 

A mature woman, gorgeous and lively, usually possessing an elegant and gentle demeanor had an extremely ugly expression at the moment. She shrieked, her cultivation base lacking but her words thoroughly clear, ”YEAH! You little SHIT, do you even have the qualifications?! ”

”!!! ” 

These were merely two, the first, but pebbles of words were soon thrown by the handful amongst the crowd. To the majority, the Grand Prince was an insignificant figure compared to Wei Wuyin. A cacophony of insults were hurled, all targeting Long Chen.

It was as if Long Chen had challenged their King to mortal combat as a peasant, the script of status being severely flipped. They were enraged. Spittle and rage! It flowed everywhere!

”THE AUDACITY!! YOU IMPUDENT LITTLE CHILD, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN! ” To them, where did Long Chen get off challenging Wei Wuyin. What right did he have? They didn ’t care about the grievances Long Chen might have, or if Wei Wuyin had his mom choke on his anaconda in the back of his Sky Palace, they purely saw it as an insult to them and the figure they worshipped. 

Normally, if random individuals were shouting insults at a Grand Prince, they would experience a summary execution, but what if it wasn ’t just a few people? What if it was a thousand? Ten thousand? A million?! A near billion?!


Those who came to watch Wei Wuyin display his talents in alchemy were all present, and a possible fight was not within their minds. In fact, the general rule of belief was that alchemists should be protected and beloved, being one of the few ways to alleviate the challenges of cultivation, to change one ’s fate and talents. 

Just arriving at this event, they were filled with endless stories about the legendary past era, the King of Everlore Era. During that era, Astral Core Realm cultivators were far too numerous to count and the population was lesser. Now, there are only five million or so in a world of tens of trillions!

”You want to challenge Ascendant Emperor Wei?! Let my dog take a piss so you can see yourself clearly, then ask if you are even worthy?! ”

To them, Wei Wuyin was their ticket to the Astral Core Realm, to a thousand years of life, to untapped potential power, and to an endless future they ’ve imagined themselves as. While the Princess of Everlore was the ’true ’ successor of the King of Everlore, very few people were here for her.

They were here for HIM! 


The sounds coalesced into a ferocious rebuke, with the crowd nearly rioting. It was a display of mob mentality as their ill-emotions and pent-up feelings, for some even entirely unrelated, were unleashed with that male youth at the center stage.


Zen ’s toothless mouth opened in complete shock and utter disbelief, her ears hurting from the sheer volume of the collective shouting. Ji Changkong ’s expression transformed into a grimace, having never experienced the hatred of nearly a hundred of millions people. The colliding soundwaves targeted in their expressions caused his skin to ripple ceaselessly in all directions.

Long Chen was the target of it all, causing his mental state to momentarily go blank. All his willpower, all of his fortitude built-up from being insulted as a youth, declared as trash, wasn ’t capable of withstanding and unexpected rampage of so many individuals. 

The usual bevy of beauties by his side were located in an isolated chamber, brought there and watched over by an allied Earthly General. The demon was a friend of Long Chen, someone who he respected, and thus took it upon himself to restrict the movements of these young women.

They would clearly attempt to interfere in this event, and this battle was something Long Chen was determined to initiate. Therefore, Qing Qiumu, Long Ziyan, Lian Yu, Wu Baozhai, Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Long Tingyu, and Na Xinyi were all here, watching as Long Chen was berated by seemingly the entire world.

Their mouths were agape as they stood aghast. It was an event of vocal slaughter, all of which directed at one person.

Lian Yu ’s eyes were scarlet red, a feeling of grievance unknowingly stabbing in her heart as the crowd shouted crude, sometimes creative, insults. Long Chen was the Grand Prince, the successor of the Grand Monarch Lineage, what right did they have to act in this way?

Her eyes looked to figures of authority and great power, seeking out with hopes that they ’ll shut these despicable individuals up. If they knew why Long Chen challenged Wei Wuyin, would they be on his side?

Wu Baozhai ’s left eye twitched. This…was a disaster. A complete and total disaster. Regardless of the outcome of the Imperial Combat, if the fight could even happen, there would likely be no way anyone would respect Long Chen. Instead, he would be remembered as the individual who couldn ’t read the situation, who overstepped his boundaries, who was a true historical idiot. 

As a member of an Imperial Clan, she understood the perception of the masses was very important. If Long Chen wanted to claim the reins, he would have to wade his way through it all, uplifting their thoughts and belief towards him lest he be met with endless obstacles in the dark. 

She didn ’t know what to do or how to de-escalate the situation.

”Why are they being so mean to Big Brother?! ” In a tearful choke, Long Tingyu cried out. She was still a child, her understanding of the human heart and the concept of idols were far too lacking. 

Na Xinyi mindlessly and thoughtlessly responded, ”He challenged the idol in their hearts. ” She understood the concept of eyeing the idol in other hearts. Weren ’t Hong Ru and Xiao Bing a literal causality of a similar event? Of course, not of this scale. But Huangfu Jinwei idolized, loved, desired the two, but then Long Chen arrived and he was challenged for their attention, threatening to take away what he wanted.

It might seem slightly different, but the fundamentals were still there.

In a brief few years, Wei Wuyin had not just become a household name, but a legend spread further by his insane deeds and accomplishments. Furthermore, the former title Prince of Everlore carried incredible weight that helped thrust him even further into the forefront of their lives. 

Long Tingyu was still confused, tears threatening to spill. She seemed so cute and delicate that anyone who saw her would want to hug and protect her from the cruelty of the world.

Lin Ziyan ’s eyes were extremely wide, not expecting this. She knew this was all due to her, so she bit her lower lip with anxiety. 


”We sho- ” Before Qing Qiumu could speak out her thoughts, an explosive sound erupted in the sky. It was so loud that the voices of the crowd had been dulled out for a moment, causing everyone to look at the direction of its origin. 

When they saw who it was, the eyes of everyone widened, and some even became frenzied. 

”ASCENDANT EMPEROR OF NEO-DAWN HAS ARRIVED! ” A voice shouted out enthusiastically. 

Wei Wuyin was floating far above the colosseum, his brilliant pair of silver eyes regarded the world with an icy indifference. This only highlighted his imposing demeanor and extremely handsome features. Just his presence alone was extremely stifling, causing the entire crowd to simmer down until become silent like a doused blaze. 

The wind caused his outer alchemist robe to flutter, and a distinct scent of alchemical energies permeated throughout the world, the senses of nearly a billion were simultaneously stimulated. The people present were breathing quietly, some even going as far as to suppress the sound of their heartbeat for an unknown fear.

While Wei Wuyin didn ’t speak, it was as if he shouted the word: ”Silence! ” 

This was what it meant to be imposing, and even to people who ’ve never met you, didn ’t even know how you looked, but simply the brief announcement of your name sent them into abject obedience. A formless aura that effused your every thought without needing to convey a single word. 


Not just to decimate the world, but to influence the minds of the masses. 

Na Xinyi, Lin Ziyan, and Wu Baozhai ’s heart went aflutter with complex and pounding emotions. They simultaneously thought: ”This is what it meant to be a Sovereign. ”

Wei Wuyin started to slowly descend, his eyes focusing on the platform of his upcoming All-Alchemic Clash. It was currently occupied by three people. These three slowly watched as Wei Wuyin approached.

Zen and Ji Changkong had apprehension. Even despite their thousand years of cultivation and high strength, they felt inferior. This feeling permeated into them as if they were observing the peak of the Mortal Dao. As members still within the Mortal Dao, how could they not feel fear, respect, and inferiority before its presence?


When that first step pressed against the platform, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat simultaneously. Wei Wuyin was still shrouded in the alchemical aura of ninth-grade products, and due to the isolation formation set-up, his entire body was brimming with its scent, power, and innate influence. It forcefully called to attention all those within the Mortal Dao.

Even his Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality was constantly present within his eyes, even Eden found it increasingly difficult to suppress. The more ninth-grade products he successfully concocted, the stronger it was. Now, his silver eyes were infused with peak Mortal Dao presence and the essence of the Alchemic Dao. 

Zen gulped as she met his gaze. She, an old creature, lowered her head in obedience as if before a ruler. Ji Changkong, who possessed two sharp Intents, was feeling extremely conflicted, but he removed his hands from his hilt. A sign of his surrender.

Despite their strength, they were still restrained by the Mortal Dao, until they exceeded these limits and touched upon the Mystic.

He finally glanced at Long Chen, who, shockingly, was less affected. It was due to the Imperial Heaven Qi Method, a cultivation method designed by Wu Yu, an existence who exceeded Mortal Limits. While he couldn ’t be said to have even remotely touched upon that limit, the fundamentals of his cultivation was still influenced by the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

Despite not being heavily influenced, he still felt a distinct inferiority develop within his heart. He clenched his teeth, staring at Wei Wuyin, and then noticing the unassuming black ring dangling around his neck. His eyes became reddened.

With a fierce point of his finger, he shouted: ”Undo what you did to her! ”

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