Paragon of Sin

Chapter 345: All-Alchemic Clash Start!

”Undo what you did to her! ”

Long Chen demanded. Despite the unexpected event of being berated, insulted, and almost spat on by millions, he still remembered Lin Ziyan. He was here because of her, for her. 

When Lin Ziyan returned, he felt something was off. It was highly suspicious that she had been repaired so quickly; furthermore, she acted increasingly distant from him. This was completely unlike what she was before. He still remembered how she consoled him, how gentle she talked to him, how lovingly, how emotionally, and how supportive she was. But after coming back from Wei Wuyin ’s so-called ’recovery procedure ’, she had changed.

He didn ’t see a light of admiration, respect, and gentleness in her ocean blue eyes anymore. Instead, there was a light of bitterness, annoyance, and flashes of anger. Such rancor had never been revealed to him before. Why would she resent him? 

It had to be because of Wei Wuyin! He must ’ve done something to her, likely brainwashed her somehow using his various means!

Even more, her first desire was to bring Xiao Bing and Hong Ru to Wei Wuyin ’s Sky Palace! In his perspective, it was Wei Wuyin ’s plan to do the same to them as well! How could he allow that?! Without hesitation, he kept them there and tried to convince Lin Ziyan, talk to her, but her responses were hogwash!

What ’I ’ve chosen to stay with him ’! 

What ’This is my own choice ’! 

What ’You don ’t have the right to interfere ’!

Before he had you, you loved me! You ’re going to him?! The thought of it drove him to complete and utter rage, and he knew, HE KNEW, that Wei Wuyin had altered her mind somehow! He used some tricks to brainwash her!!

All that time they spent together, how he valiantly fought for her! The Lin Ziyan he knew would never even associate with his rival, no matter what?! Especially not Wei Wuyin! The guy he hated the most, he despised the most, and the one he wanted to kill the most in this world. All he does is take, take, and take! 

He took his ring, he took Wu Yu, and now he wants to take YOU?!

Driven by these thoughts, Long Chen could no longer hold it in and had to challenge Wei Wuyin to Imperial Combat. And what better venue than the location where the entire starfield would view? He would finally settle his differences with Wei Wuyin, and save Lin Ziyan as well!

While these thoughts drove his actions, Wei Wuyin was briefly confused. Did Long Chen want him to unheal Lin Ziyan? It was only for a moment, and then he came to a realization. Recalling that kiss, her soft body in his embrace, and those words of hers, he realized what brought Long Chen to this point.

He thought for a moment. Then, with a faint, cunning smile he stated: ”I, Wei Wuyin, swear an Oath upon my Spirit that I haven ’t used my abilities to alter Lin Ziyan ’s thoughts, memories, or beliefs outside of her benefit during or after her recovery. That all her actions from the moment she awakened until now were of her own free will, not imposed by any of mine. ” Besides isolating her memories of torture from her psyche, making it unable to distort her personality, he hadn ’t done any alterations.

”… ” The crowd was faintly confused, but they remained silent and respectful.

”…?! ” But the beautiful women that were gathered together were all sent into a state of shock. They knew why Long Chen had taken to challenge Wei Wuyin, and it was due to Lin Ziyan ’s change. Well, it was merely one of the many reasons, but it was his core reason at the moment.

In the matter of two sentences, Wei Wuyin had instantly swore a Spirit Oath that he hadn ’t interfered with Lin Ziyan in any way that might be detrimental to her decision making. 

Lin Ziyan was startled, a heavy breath of relief was unleashed within her heart. She feared this too, which was why she hadn ’t stopped Long Chen. But when she recalled her current thoughts, beliefs, and wants, she was once again reaffirmed of what she desired. 

”… ” Qing Qiumu, Na Xinyi, Wu Baozhai, Xiao Bing, Hong Ru, and Long Tingyu were silent, unable to speak. They had all thought that there was a possibility that Wei Wuyin had actually acted, likely to spite Long Chen. Even Qing Qiumu was skeptical. After all, Lin Ziyan was the picture of an adoring wife before. The image had been completely flipped in a short period of time.

But what they didn ’t realize was that this ’short period of time ’ wasn ’t short to Lin Ziyan. She was in a half-comatose state. A state given to her because Long Chen had decided to be petty, castrating a member of the Ji Clan. As for her? She was merely the target of that Ji Clan member ’s lustful desires. She was innocent, yet her life was nearly taken from her. And Long Chen did nothing to help her. Regardless if it was the Medical Sages who alleviated her extreme pain or her recovery, it was all because of someone else.

”…I- ” Long Chen stumbled over his words, unsure what to say. He saw the distinct spiritual fluctuations emit from Wei Wuyin, a sign that the Spirit Oath was authentic. The rage and anger he felt, the reason he used as the foundation to justify his actions, had collapsed with a mere few words. 

Speechless, he was left floundering without a paddle. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t even give Long Chen another look, turning away to the area where the girls were located. ”It ’s quite pathetic that you, the Grand Prince, would challenge me for a woman that no longer wants you. Must you blame all your shortcomings on me? Take some responsibility, will you? ”

With a scoff, ”But a challenge of Imperial Combat must be accepted by those of similar ranking. Since Heavenly Kings and Grand Princes were on the same level, with some minor differences, I can ’t reject your challenge. ”

Imperial Combat was designed as a way for disciples to settle their differences in combat, and it could even get extremely deadly. Wei Wuyin had once used this very concept to kill Gu Hao, who assaulted Xiao Bai, and caused the downfall of a Sky Noble Faction using a bounty system.

If it was any other time, Wei Wuyin would gladly accept, slaughtering Long Chen as a result. From Wu Yu ’s silence, he would likely not interfere. After all, since Long Chen challenged him of his own free will, if he did interfere, Long Chen would no longer be a qualified successor, no longer embodying the essence of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. The two were of similar age and Wei Wuyin even had a weaker cultivation level than Long Chen.

A Grand Prince that had to always live beneath the heel of a Heavenly King wasn ’t suitable to become a Grand Monarch.

Wei Wuyin continued, ”So, we ’ll have our battle. But the time and place is to be decided by the challenged party: Me. I ’ll choose a suitable time later. For now, leave my stage. ” His words were uttered with the utmost calm, treating Long Chen with no respect.

In the greatest and most genuine of truths, Wei Wuyin wanted nothing more than to kill Long Chen. This was a desire that had existed since the Myriad Yore Continent. It wasn ’t purely due to the Bloodline of Sin, but a heartfelt want produced after witnessing Long Chen ’s mocking, triumphant smile when he was beheaded in that alternate timeline. 

But he couldn ’t. Even if he were to disregard Qing Qiumu, even if he were to disregard Wu Yu, he couldn ’t disregard the consequence of suffering another rapid acceleration of his Calamities of Hell. Just Yuag Longshi caused him to lose twenty-seven years.

He always had a feeling that killing a Blessed would send him into more than one Calamity instantly. This wasn ’t a result he wanted to see. To him, his life was far more valuable than Long Chen ’s.

Long Chen was about to speak, his expression contorting, but Wei Wuyin glanced at Ji Changkong who experienced a jolt. Before a word could be uttered, Ji Changkong forcefully brought Long Chen away in a comet of sharp light. 

Zen had already lowered her head, her heart in turmoil. Earlier, she had attacked Wei Wuyin, and she wasn ’t sure where they stood. But Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind her, ”The All-Alchemic Clash will begin soon. Thank you all for being here, bearing witness. ” After announcing this, he looked at the room with Lin Ziyan. 

He slowly soared over, arriving in a quiet and stable manner. Only after he left the stage, left view, then the impassioned voices of the crowd started to resound. 

”That was the Ascendant Emperor?! How handsome! ”

”Did you see his eyes?! It felt like he could see into your soul, shatter all illusions, and view the world ’s mysteries! I think…I think I ’m in love! ”

”Pfft, with your body, he ’ll never see past your thick waist and balloon body! ”

Avid discussion abound, regardless of men or women, they were talking. 

When Wei Wuyin arrived in the room, he swept his eyes over all those present. With a faint smile, one filled with a slightly playful grin, he couldn ’t help but say: ”You should be more clear with your wants and intentions next time. ” While those words seemed to be directed at Lin Ziyan for producing this event, there were other girls who felt their heart tremble at those words, as if speaking to them. 

Na Xinyi especially.

Qing Qiumu felt her heart pound for a moment. Whenever Wei Wuyin entered the scene, he would awe the world and then warm her heart. His gentle, warm, and down-to-earth smile after displaying world-shaking feats allowed her to understand him more. Regardless of what event, he would always remain his truest self. 

”Alright, I need to make some last minute preparations. See ya later, ” Wei Wuyin smiled at the blushing Lin Ziyan and was about to leave.

Qing Qiumu cried out, causing him to stop. Despite all that happened to Long Chen just now, none of it was Wei Wuyin ’s fault. So she said in the most excited manner, ”Good luck! Beat that princess! ” She gave a thumbs-up and a bright smile. It was extremely cute, even causing Wei Wuyin to chuckle.

”Was always the plan, ” With that, he left.

The room was left with complex emotions, and the image of Wei Wuyin and Long Chen, the sharp, stark, and clear contrast in demeanor and openness, it had formed a comparison in their minds they couldn ’t shake. While one was subjected to ridicule and contempt, the other demanded respect and exuded warmth. 

Someone who always acted aboveboard, never indulging in his inner pettiness versus an individual whose pride always brought along troubles and endless consequences. The plundering of their hearts, it was completed at this moment.

Na Xinyi first thought as she saw Wei Wuyin leave, swaggering out with the utmost confidence was: ’I ’ve decided. ’

But these thoughts were similarly echoed by another, an unexpected woman within this group, and it was firmer and contained more resolve than Na Xinyi. 


In a far off land, in a dark and dimly lit room, a cloaked figure was holding a perfectly spherical crystal orb that was infused with golden mist. It floated before the figure, their hands rotating around it in a mystical manner, almost forming afterimages. 



A soft gasp of shock resounded as the crystal orb revealed a faint, chaotic crack on its surface. For a long moment, silence reigned supreme until words were finally spoken. ”Little girl, your fate shifted? ”

Another figure emerged, shadowy and indistinct. ”What happened? ”

”…We ’ll need to change our plans. ”

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