Paragon of Sin

Chapter 361: Disillusioned

Wei Wuyin was reminded of his time in the Scarlet Solaris Sect. When he first arrived, he was a pot of boiling feelings and stressful air. After his older brother had sacrificed his life to ensure his survival, witnessing the slaughtering of his clansmen, and losing everything important to him in a short period, he would ’ve done anything for the sake of strength. 


He wholeheartedly devoted himself to cultivation, fueled by the dreams of vicious revenge and endless nightmares of repeating events. He forged his own path, grasped every opportunity for power, and struggled. But, he never lost himself. His older brother had instilled into him a sense of unyielding principles and morals, and considering he only lived because of those very principles and morals, he would never forsake them.

He slowly rose within the sect until he gained some recognition. He met Mei Mei, and his life had changed. He found a future and an avenue for his revenge. After claiming the most brutal, bloody, and ferociously violent revenge imaginable, he felt unexplainable feelings. 

He soon came across the Violet Moon Sect remnants. He met Na Xinyi by chance, using her to upgrade his cultivation from the Third Stage of Qi Condensation to the Fourth. Due to this, he starved off an assassination attempt via a borrowed knife and survived. His act of freeing her was an expression of those principles and morals, and sometimes he ’d question whether it was correct. 

He wasn ’t aware, but it was this act of upholding those principles that caused Long Chen to benefit, to develop a grudge, and later to take advantage of the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s chaos to behead him in that alternative timeline. But if he was given the same choice, he still wouldn ’t have decided to change his actions.

Now, he looked at Jiang Feilan. She was the Palace Master of a hegemonic force, regarded and respected by hundreds of billions, and yet she was kneeling before him with a faintly pleading light flickering within her gaze. She was seemingly at his complete mercy.

But he knew she had no other choice. Even if Qingye Ying wasn ’t a part of his faction now, even if the Alchemist Association remained neutral, she would never acquire the necessary resources to reforge her cultivation foundation enough to ascend. Qinge Ying ’s refinement times also showed that she would have to waste decades purely on her, and if she was to wait until she developed and grew further, Jiang Feilan would never be a priority.

She would be given scrapes at best, left alone at worst. Just like all those in the King of Everlore Era. There was a reason only those close to the King of Everlore or a part of the factions with Mystic Ascendants were capable of ascending continuously while there were no other notable forces.

This was her only chance.

”… ” Wei Wuyin had already decided on what to do during their kiss. He was practical. His desire for strength was never-ending, and he wanted and desired Qin Rui because she was a beautiful elf with her Primal Yin intact. He, much like other cultivators, was inherently selfish. He wouldn ’t deny this.

Even with all his Alchemical Products, he still had to comprehend the next stage of cultivation. With Jiang Feilan ’s high cultivation base and Renewal Yin Physique, he could speed up his cultivation by tens of times. He was fighting against time, trying to reach the Realm of Sages at the fastest possible speed to ensure his survival even if he failed a Calamity.

Hence, he had already decided to agree. He had no option to reject and no reason to. Just like before, he would still do anything for strength that did not infringe on his principles and morals. And this, this wasn ’t even close.

However, he made clear a harsh fact: ”While I can help you reach the Seventh Stage, I can not promise you much else. Your own effort and talent will still have to come into effect. The Alchemic Dao is not infinitely wondrous without limits. ” 

When he said that, Jiang Feilan ’s frosty eyes brightened with a light of elation. Her hands were more animated, already reaching for Wei Wuyin ’s belt and removing it in an extremely practiced manner. She wanted to show her conviction and determination, revealing Wei Wuyin ’s manhood.

Somewhat startled by the sight, she felt her heart racing uncontrollably at the sight. She couldn ’t help but mentally compare. A hot and pink blush surfaced on her face, giving her a more womanly vibe. She was clearly aroused to an extreme, her thoughts wild with predictions. 

She opened her pink lips and leaned forward, her tongue out and her body hot.


Qin Rui and Tuo Bihan were outside, floating directly below the Sky Layer. Qin Rui ’s expression was indeterminate. Tuo Bihan simply remained silent, not interrupting her thoughts.

In the end, Qin Rui asked: ”Do you think I should ’ve done something differently? ” For some reason, she felt as if her opportunity was seized by someone or something else, making it so the door was forever closed. It was a strange feeling, almost instinctual.

A formless regret permeated her heart, and she was struggling to reconcile. 

Tuo Bihan didn ’t nod or shake his head, merely responding: ”A choice is a choice. There is no right or wrong, just events that happen from making it. Whether those events are good or bad, beneficial or soul shattering, one can never know. You acted with your heart, and that alone meant it was correct. ” He consoled, but whether he knew if those were his real thoughts or not, even he didn ’t know.

Qin Rui bit her lips. Wei Wuyin was an era-defining character, much like the King of Everlore. His future was boundless and those who followed him would likely share in his future. If she stated her thoughts and desires, would he have responded? But did she need to compromise her upheld principles for that?

She had kept her Primal Yin intact for a thousand years for a reason, should she break it for Wei Wuyin? Furthermore, Wei Wuyin was still a part of the Myriad Monarch Sect, it was in his best interest to develop its top talents. She still had a chance of entering the Realmlord level and beyond! She remained hopeful, lightening up her emotions.

If all else went poorly, she still could change her choice!

Unfortunately, Tuo Bihan knew what her choice meant. 

Wei Wuyin had other obligations and individuals to support. He wouldn ’t spare much attention to others. This would only become more selective as time passed on. Qin Rui had effectively eliminated herself from ever entering into that selective circle.

And Tuo Bihan wasn ’t even aware that Jiang Feilan had presented a much better option. Now Wei Wuyin no longer needed Qin Rui ’s nourished Primal Yin. She had become irrelevant a few minutes after declining. While Wei Wuyin might still accept her, the level of importance she ’d have to him would be far, far below what she could ’ve gotten at that time.

Sometimes in life, you get one chance, one opportunity to seize the world as yours. 

Sometimes in life, you lose it.

And it never comes back.

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