Paragon of Sin

Chapter 364: Wu Baozhais Desire

ft cheeks painted crimson. Despite strengthening her willpower over the years, she still failed to keep her composure.

Regardless if it was his silver eyes that drew in your endless imagination or that smile that tugged at the heartstrings, she couldn ’t imagine how a man like this could exist. Is this how men feel when they meet them? If so, she finally understood why they were so unreasonable.

Fortunately, she was still strong enough to regain herself soon after. 

Su Mei caught the reaction of hers and quietly observed. She was actually inwardly surprised that Wu Baozhai recollected herself so quickly. Most women would seemingly lose themselves for seconds or even full minutes, some never even awake from their state as they fumbled foolishly in their attempt to attract Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin glanced at Su Mei, ”You can go. ” 

Su Mei nodded, giving Wu Baozhai one last glance before departing.

Wu Baozhai and Wei Wuyin were alone together in the Main Hall, spacious enough to fit a hundred people and incredibly luxurious. Wu Baozhai hadn ’t been in such a setting in a long time, her mind recalling her stint as a princess. Inwardly, she sighed in amazement.

With a calm voice, ”Greetings, Ascendant Emperor Wei. ” Wu Baozhai bowed deeply in respect, showing the proper etiquette that those of lesser status would give to those far beyond their own. 

Wei Wuyin smiled. Since the crowd cheered his name to the highest heavens, he quickly grew accustomed to it. ”You wanted to meet. So? ” He didn ’t delay with small talk, directly delving into her reasoning for being here. He didn ’t think it was with a similar purpose to Lin Ziyan, but if it was, that would be extremely curious and out-of-character.

Wu Baozhai had to take a few breaths, she felt that today was an act of defiance towards Long Chen. And for some reason, that still weighed on her heart. Perhaps it was due to him being the one who took her virginity or the first man that caused her to be obedient and follow him to worlds ’ unknown.

After a short moment, her limpid eyes became focused. She fixed her gaze onto Wei Wuyin, which surprised him somewhat. That gaze of her did not seem like the gaze of a woman pleading to become someone else ’s, but had revived her seemingly forgotten sense of independence and nobility.

”Ascendant Emperor Wei, before I explain my purpose here, I would like to ask a question. ” She sought Wei Wuyin ’s permission to ask. After all, no one liked to be bombarded with questions.

”Ask away, ” Wei Wuyin responded. He was unafraid of any question.

She nodded heavily, ”Are you intentionally acting against Long Chen in a systematic fashion, slowly snatching the things most important to him until he ’s left with nothing? ” Her question was followed by a brief silence and her staring fiercely into Wei Wuyin ’s eyes as if to catch a glimpse of the truth.

Wei Wuyin wasn ’t shocked by her question. He had pondered this a few times in great amusement, but he knew the answer to that question without a doubt. ”Intentionally? No. In fact, I ’ve tried my best to actively avoid Long Chen and his so-called women, but either they or he forces me to act. These actions inevitably lead to him losing what he ’d strived to retain. ”

”… ” Wu Baozhai was silent, merely staring at Wei Wuyin ’s exceptional face without blinking. She was inwardly shocked that Wei Wuyin was completely calm as if he expected her question. In fact, his words caused her to wonder.

Wei Wuyin smilingly explained, ”After we arrived on the Myriad Monarch Main Planet, entering the sect, we should ’ve gone our separate ways and never collided again. But Na Xinyi had summoned me by using my name and reputation to save Qing Qiumu and Long Tingyu. Furthermore, it was Long Chen who sought my help in restoring Lin Ziyan and reviving Hong Ru, which I did.

”It ’s their own prerogative to seek me out or Long Chen ’s ill-decisions or inherent weakness that drove them to me. This included this ring. And while I might ’ve schemed to obtain it the first time, did I not send it back? It was the ring ’s choice in the end to follow me, and not something I could forcefully decide for it. ” Wei Wuyin even pointed at the unassuming black ring that once was worn on Long Chen ’s finger that was now hung on his neck beside a crescent necklace.

Wu Baozhai glanced at the ring, knowing it was Long Chen ’s greatest fortune and how he ’d gained the Grand Monarch Lineage. It seemed from Wei Wuyin ’s words, there existed an independent intelligent lifeform that embodied the ring, who chose to stay with Wei Wuyin rather than Long Chen for their own reasons. Furthermore, this seemed to be in line with her own beliefs on the matter.

She had never once seen Wei Wuyin actively interfere or interact with them in any way, and was seemingly pulled towards them. Whenever he was, he displayed outstanding influence, power,  intelligence, and means that rid them of all their problems. This formed a stark contrast with Long Chen.

She knew of Lin Ziyan ’s strange belief and how Wei Wuyin similarly cultivated the method. Her choice was understandable and actually extremely reasonable. Na Xinyi hadn ’t acted yet, but from her eyes she knew that she ’ll seek out Wei Wuyin to become his wife very soon. She won ’t be able to resist the allure of marrying the newly crowned Ascendant Emperor of this new era. 

Furthermore, she had saved herself from having sexual relations with Long Chen, sacrificing her talent and beauty instead, and leaving that possible path open to Wei Wuyin. Na Xinyi was seemingly left with no choice lest she be left behind, and from what she knew of Na Xinyi, she did not want to be left behind.

”So, what is it that you want? ” Wei Wuyin inquired again.

Wu Baozhai took a deep inhale before finally exhaling, her ample chest bouncing as a result. With that…


She kneeled. Her right knee slammed against the floor, her head low, and she solemnly spoke: ”I seek to join your faction, the Ascendants! ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin.

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