Paragon of Sin

Chapter 365: Grand Princess

nt king. They scoured it for a chance to escape, but had awakened some ancient spirit. This ancient spirit was quite perverted, already viewing the two as an item. He gave them a cultivation technique that would allow their cultivation bases to ascend, but it was a dual cultivation method.

She was quick to refuse, and she even declared she ’d rather die than lose her virginity in such a manner. As a Princess, her Primal Yin was of the utmost importance and connected with her chances at marriage and her reputation. If she lost this in this sordid manner, she might as well give up her status as a princess.

For some reason or another, the ancient spirit seemed to be slightly enraged that she refused it, and diffused some pink mist that was an aphrodisiac. It rendered her cultivation base nullified until she was helpless and it seemed to have done the same to Long Chen. She slowly lost herself alongside Long Chen and they dual cultivated, the cultivation technique was guided by the ancient spirit, and their cultivation bases ascended.

They were then capable of breaking the trap after a brief discussion. She felt helpless at this, blaming the ancient spirit, but it seemingly vanished into the afterlife. If it wasn ’t for Long Chen convincing her that this situation was brought about by those groups that hunted her down and tried to kill her, she might ’ve followed after it in rage.

They left the ruins and fought, killing those responsible with their newfound strengths and leaving. After such a fierce and bloody battle, she readjusted her mentally and decided against claiming her own life. She devised a plan to hide her lack of Primal Yin. Even if all else failed, Long Chen had confidently declared to take responsibility. She still would be able to marry a genius, was her thought process.

After that, a series of intriguing events occurred as she continuously helped Long Chen strive and grow in the Wu Country. Then, Lin Ziyan ’s Wedding took place. The rest of the story was known.

”… ” Wei Wuyin was struck silent by the vivid telling of her story. He realized how brutal the Heavenly Daos were, forcing gorgeous beauties onto Long Chen. If he wasn ’t aware of all the heavenly influencing that could ’ve taken place due to the Heavenly Daos, he would think that Wu Baozhai and Long Chen were incredibly lucky.

But Wu Baozhai was extremely unlucky. She was, much like Na Xinyi, a piece of fortune for Long Chen or him. That forced encounter had led to him receiving the support of a Princess in the country he was developing in, in a way that made him almost entirely faultless. 

She was his fortuitous encounter.

As he thought more about this, he found it ridiculous that some ancient spirit was perverted en…ou…gh…

His eyes slightly widened. Recalling the aspects of cultivation, he felt it was nearly impossible for a spirit to exist unless they ’ve broken the Mortal Limits. This meant only two figures could have left their spirit in the Myriad Yore Continent, and only one had the means and motive to ensure Long Chen ’s survival or his benefits

He glanced down at the ring that housed Wu Yu ’s spirit, remembering the shame he felt. For a moment, he was at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry.

He sent a message, ”You ’re going to fill in the rest of the story? ” The tone of his transmission contained a hint of mirth. He had already thought about various possibilities, but he was sure the truth was greater than he ’d imagined.

”… ” Wu Yu ’s gloomy aura was felt clearly through the ring. In the end, he finally spoke: ”I met Long Chen when he was sixteen years old. I was in the midst of recovering my sentience and strength, still lacking after slumbering for thousands of years. Having lost my physical body, I couldn ’t pass on the Imperial Heaven Qi Method ’s Ignition Essence without a proper medium, and this medium either needed to be a descendant of mine that contained traces of my Imperial Heaven forces or a fellow cultivator of the Imperial Heaven Qi Method. Considering the legacy was long since lost, there was only one choice. ”

”… ”


”Did Long Chen know? ” This was the first question he asked, utterly shocked by the sheer shamelessness of Wu Yu.

”If he did, he wouldn ’t have cultivated the method. The best medium for the Ignition Essence was the Primal Yin of my bloodline and only Wu Baozhai was suitable at the time. I thought it was his greatest fortune to meet her, so I did what I had to. It was the only way I had a chance at recovering my body, the only way he could be inducted into the Grand Monarch Lineage. ” Hearing the hasty and excuse-filled explanations of this Grand Monarch left a sour taste in Wei Wuyin ’s mouth.

Wu Yu had orchestrated the sexual interaction between his inheritor and his descendant, essentially forcing them into that situation. While he didn ’t feel that Long Chen, who was technically manipulated into it, was in the wrong, it felt strange to him. This was different from Na Xinyi ’s situation, perhaps even more acceptable to some, but it still felt screwed-up. 

In the end, he didn ’t linger on the subject.

Wei Wuyin observed Wu Baozhai, not feeling the slightest pity for her. In fact, he felt further intrigued and proud of her. She had come here of her own free will to break away from the Heavenly Daos intended path for her, to become the mental support for Long Chen through his rise to grasp her own fate. As an Inheritor of Sin, an individual who possessed the Bloodline of Sin, he fiercely respected her expression of independence.

This was especially so after going through all these events with Long Chen, further orchestrated by the invisible hand that was the Heavenly Daos. While his presence certainly gave her options that otherwise would ’ve never existed, it was still her who took the reins of her own life and came here in the end.

There was no Heavenly Daos influence.

There was no Bloodline of Sin direction.

This was an ultimate expression of her own will.

With a bright smile, he brought out his right hand.

Wu Baozhai ’s eyes trembled as she saw Wei Wuyin lift his hand, smile, and say words that would forever change the course of her life:

”You hungry? ” 

These two words that embodied so much were once again said, causing Wu Baozhai to be somewhat startled. But for some reason, some ungodly reason, she felt a hunger emerge in her mind, body, and soul. It was a hunger for something she strove for her entire life. 

Biting her lips, she nodded faintly with a blush.

After a brief moment, his eyes brightened. He chuckled lightly and followed with another set of world-changing words. ”What do you think about becoming a Grand Princess? ”

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