Paragon of Sin

Chapter 370: Externalized Together

on of those in its most extreme sense!

Wei Wuyin knew that his heart wouldn ’t be ripped out of his chest, but it certainly felt like it! Slowly, from his chest, a faint scaly head phased through his chest like a ghost of legend. With closed eyes, it swept its tiny head around and pushed forward. It felt extremely strange!

”Kratos! ” He called out. Kratos ’ closed eyes opened slightly. A ray of greyish light erupted and it instantly left Wei Wuyin ’s chest, floating before his upper torso. He could see a grey-colored Astral Core floating there. It, too, was one-centimeter.

It exuded a vague aura that seemed to be tyrannical yet ever-elusive. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t make out its form, making him very curious. How did a Draconic Void Astral Soul look?! Or a better question, how did a True Dragon look?! They were existences of myth. If it wasn ’t for using numerous years of lifeforce to refine it from three drops of its descendants blood essence, he would ’ve never obtained it.

Unfortunately, Kratos was unlike King who projected his image. He could only see faint ripples undulating from its grey surface. But as he peered deeper into the Astral Core, he faintly saw a looming figure swimming within it. He vaguely saw its head and his heart shook. He wasn ’t certain if it was because he saw Kratos or because Kratos saw him.

After all, Kratos was in many ways his heart.

From his glabella, seven-colored light effused instantly. It exploded outwards like a raging volcano, releasing boundless light. He felt the three other Astral Cores tremble as the light swept them. This was the natural reaction of Astral Souls towards Alchemical Energies! It was tantalizing and nourishing, making it highly desirable! 

”Eden! ” He felt the light squirm and roots started to appear. It was stretching out from his glabella like hands trying to pull themselves out! Eden was the only Astral Soul that was interconnected with his Sea of Consciousness and Mind ’s Eye. It stabilized and regulated these two aspects, providing him endless benefits.

As the roots protruded out from his glabella, it soon pulled at the sides of his forehead and slowly caused something to escape! In a blink of an eye, it shot out! 

Wei Wuyin felt dizzy. When he regained his sight, he noticed Eden! This Alchemic Eden Astral Soul ’s image was extraordinarily clear. It was extremely tiny, no bigger than a centimeter, and was the perfect reflection of the Tree of Eden that once stood tall as the Eden Earth Sect ’s main headquarters! 

Despite its incredibly miniaturized state, Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but marvel at its exact likeness. It faintly looked like an apple tree with distinct differences. Its trunk was more like a cypress tree often found in swamps, with chaotic roots of varying thickness below. While the crown was larger and had far thicker branches above. 

At the edges of these branches were thin streams of vines, and that softly touched the various fruits that seemed to grow on it.

When Wei Wuyin saw those fruits that seemed like a mixture between an apple and mango, he felt melancholic. He had once felt the sentient feelings of the Tree of Eden and even saw its entire life. These fruits had brought it unwanted attention that eventually led to it being worshipped and the cause of endless deaths. It was later imprisoned and domesticated as it grew, wanting to grow so big that it ’d reach what it believed to be its mother and father…the solar star and the lunar satellite in the sky.

It just wanted to live at peace away from the hateful things that sought to fight on its behalf, to kill on its assumed will, and enslave it. 

His emotions were far too complex and chaotic.


Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened as he felt a small root rub against his face, wiping away a tear that he hadn ’t noticed was shed. He looked at Eden ’s branches and roots that were animatedly moving about. He felt a gentle warmth from its touch. When he looked more at Eden, he felt as if it was smiling and happy.

He couldn ’t help but smile brightly in return. 

After a brief moment, he quickly gathered control of his emotions. With all four Astral Souls externalized, he felt an emptiness within him. This was the first time they had all left him. Like little growing children that had just taken their first steps, they were out on their own expressing their freedom! 

Soon, he felt his hands lift as King and Ori left his grasp. Kratos floated alongside Eden. It wasn ’t long before they gathered together in a straight line at his eye level. 

Together, they would face a Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation that wasn ’t as simple as four times or sixteen times, but the largest tribulation in history of the cultivation world! 

Together, they would face anything! 

Together, they would face everything!!

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