Paragon of Sin

Chapter 380: Meeting of the Sages

ng bitterly smiled. Knowing it and hearing it, they truly hit a little too different. 

Zen then unexpectedly turned to Tuo Bihan, ”Grand Sage Tuo… ” 

”Hm? ” Tuo Bihan maintained his lazy smile. He was under no pressure, fully going to delegate the duties of overseeing the mountains to their former Grand Imperial Sages. He enjoyed a comfortable life so he barely managed his own mountain, let alone willing to for the others.

”I must ask: How did you ascend, becoming a Realmlord? ” This question perked up everyone present, even Qin Rui. This was a question on everybody ’s mind. After all, Tuo Bihan was a purist cultivator and he was less powerful than that legendary purist of the Sacred Light Palace, and the latter failed miserably. 

How did he succeed?

Tuo Bihan ’s brows faintly lifted, but it wasn ’t a secret. With Wei Wuyin not restricting his right to speak of certain matters, he was free to say what he wanted. As for this, it truly wasn ’t much to remain a secret. The world already had an inclination as to how, so why keep the suspense?

”Do you guys know of the Spiritual World Ascension Elixir and the Spatial World Ascension Elixir? They are high-tier and peak-tier alchemical products, capable of further refining one ’s Soul Idol and Spatial Resonance, reaching a higher level post-ascension. ” 

Zen gasped lightly. The others wore shocked expressions. How could they not know about these legendary elixirs that were heaven-defying? The Alchemic Dao was renowned for its abilities to redefine an individual ’s talent and foundation, and these two elixirs were ample examples of how it was done in the Astral Core Realm. It was rumored that a sufficiently good quality version of these products can elevate a Six-Ringed Soul Idol and Six-Ripple Spatial Resonance to Nine. 

Tuo Bihan then explained what had happened. Then, he faintly revealed the nine rings and nine spatial rings of his cultivation base. This left them stupefied.

Qin Rui ’s heart clenched in disbelief, an explosive shock was erupting in her heart. ”Wei Wuyin concocted them for you? ” She was so shocked that she called Wei Wuyin by his direct name, but no one besides Tuo Bihan noticed and he didn ’t care. Even if Tuo Bihan decided to concoct these products, he might take decades and only produce impure-quality products.

While they were aware of Wei Wuyin ’s heaven-defying talent, much like the King of Everlore ’s, they couldn ’t help but still find it incredibly shocking. It was hard to rid one ’s mind of preconceptions long since accepted since the beginning of their cultivation. 

Tuo Bihan nodded, not denying it. Wei Wuyin hadn ’t changed his grade of light energies because that was permanently set. Even the Refraction World-Light Elixir offered no help in this regard. The only foundational factors of cultivation phases that could be changed retroactively was the Soul Idol and Spatial Resonance. These two tribulations left the body with unrefined energies that can be used to extract their latent potential.

”…I see. ” Zen ’s expression was a little ugly. She recalled her assault and berating of Wei Wuyin during that moment in the hall, her expression twisting a little more. She had a relatively decent relationship with Wei Wuyin, even having him give her little requests here and there, but after that incident, there were no requests given to her. She received no more products for her descendants or herself, leaving her certain that her actions had left her out of his favor.

A similar thought emerged in Ji Changkong ’s mind, realizing that standing by Long Chen had caused a noticeable change in treatment by Wei Wuyin ’s envoys.

Qin Rui frowned. While she wasn ’t in the same position as them, still receiving requests from his subordinates, also receiving some sixth-grade and seventh-grade essence-based products, she had chosen to remain chaste and uninvolved. While she had her own pride, for some reason she felt that it was very unlikely that Wei Wuyin would invest into her. 

While Wei Wuyin would respect her choice thoroughly, likely to feel that her integrity and manner of carrying herself was worth investing in, he wasn ’t aware of it. At this moment, she bore no difference than the others. And it was unlikely she would speak to him about this matter directly, it ’ll just come off very odd. 

”I ’ve decided not to be your woman, remaining chaste until I desire otherwise. ” There was no man that wouldn ’t find that strange and somewhat offensive. It had to come from a third-party, and even then it had to be said correctly so as to portray her in a good light while avoiding insulting the other party.

But this belief of hers was confirmed after Yao Zhen, the only one who was actually given a little more duties than before. ”You ’ve joined Wei Wuyin ’s faction? ” His words were sudden, prompting the others to turn their eyes over.

Tuo Bihan didn ’t hide it. Just like the King of Everlore in the past, only those he invested in due to whatever reasons were capable of ascending beyond the Astral Core Realm. There was very little difference in today ’s climate. 

Nodding, he said: ”The little boss has a way with words. Since he needed me, I answered the call. ” While he was faintly speaking in a joking manner, he couldn ’t help but glance at Qin Rui. Her decision meant cutting off her path to a Mystic Ascendant. There was no reason Wei Wuyin would randomly decide to invest in someone who wasn ’t loyal to him nor thoroughly invest in those who aren ’t his direct subordinates or women. 

Even if he had a million eighth-grade products, this just won ’t change. As for the wanton spread of products? If they all had to compete, they might not even be able to afford it as they fought off the others in the starfield. They could only wait until Wei Wuyin placed some products of a high grade in the mission rewards batch, which will be fought over with even greater ferocity.

As for just asking? If it was so simple, everyone would ’ve done so. He had once brought up Qin Rui and Yao Zhen in conversation, saying they had good talent but a weak foundation due to the era, but Wei Wuyin merely smiled it off. It wasn ’t cold, it was practical; thus, he understood.

Yao Zhen ’s pair of violet flame eyes grew in intensity, betraying his interest. There was a difference between being loyal to Wei Wuyin and loyal to the sect. Due to the rules, the Grand Monarch Lineage would always be the prime rulers of the sect, and unless someone destroys it, that ’s how it ’ll be.

Zen ’a breathing became somewhat heavy, a wisp of regret within her eyes. With her foundation, she would certainly die challenging the Realm World Astral Tribulation. A forlorn expression emerged on her face.

”… ”

Tuo Bihan realized that, besides Yao Zhen, everyone else had become quiet and emotional. He was speechless, uncertain what to say. He couldn ’t help but think: ”Is this how those during the King of Everlore ’s era felt? ”

He randomly wondered if there were other cultivation societies beyond the Dark Void, if they were as reliant on alchemists as them.

”Haaa…Let ’s discuss the Gateway Door ’s finalizing date and conditions. ” Deciding to change the subject, he brought up the Gateway Door, a topic that had been discussed for so long. It was approaching the time for the Elemental Heaven Pavilion and Myriad Monarch Sect to send their members to scour the unknown.

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