Paragon of Sin

Chapter 432: Discovered!

Every Astral Tribulation, without fail, his Astral Souls would diverge from the norm, instigating a change that would shatter conventional thought. The Mortal Star Formation Tribulation, they fully accepted and absorbed everything the tribulation had to offer, even giving birth to an advanced version of Intent.

King, his Divine Saber Astral Soul, had obtained the next step of Intent through this! The Heart of the World, World of the Saber Intent! It was his highest level of Intent, even beyond his Elemental Origin Intent. He hadn ’t used it in battle, but the profundities of it were breathtakingly world-defying! 

Ori had the blueprint of its next level as well, but the requirement to establish it was lacking, needing those pieces to advance. He currently still lacks three high-level Intents of Water, Fire, and Wind. When he fully comprehended these Intent, the Heart of the World, World of Elements Intent will be born!

During the Sky-World Lightning Tribulation was played like a fiddle, growing bigger and bigger it was inevitably transformed by them into golden pellets! They had him take all of it at once, refining all four simultaneously and giving birth to a miraculous transform that evolved them, reaching the Zenith Origin State.

The Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation was the most dangerous, most reckless of the tribulations he ’d experienced to date. If it wasn ’t for his quick-witted thinking, he might ’ve died. Even they hadn ’t considered the possibility that their actions would send him across multiple starfields!

Despite that, he didn ’t dread their wilful actions of upping the stakes. If there was a way to heighten the benefits he ’d receive, to strengthen his cultivation far beyond the norm, then he would take that risk anyhow. These were four of his Astral Souls, and while they might have different and distinctively unique personalities, the core of their existence were very similar. 

He was just as reckless in the face of benefits! 

After all, he took over a city with a Realmlord watching it! Nearly killed himself to fool the female Realmlord to snatch her spatial ring! He took extreme risks for great benefits! It was in their nature as much as it was in his own!

”I want to see what you four will do. Bring it on! ” Wei Wuyin excitedly shouted, interfacing with the sensation to commence his Fourth Astral Tribulation! 

The Fourth Astral Tribulation, just like the others, oftentimes went by various names. The lack of consistency, he wasn ’t sure if it was due to the unique structure of cultivation or if it was like the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation, where numerous individuals perceived different comprehension of the same discovery. 

For example, Zuhei had named the Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation as the Nine Spiritual Judgment Tribulation. When Wei Wuyin recalled this, he didn ’t feel that Zuhei was wrong, just that he wasn ’t right either. It was incredibly strange. This wasn ’t an odd occurrence either.

It was as if multiple people devised the laws of cultivation, and when they did, they had conflicting opinions of names. The term ’Mana ’ was synonymous with Worldly Essence, World Qi, etc., but it was generally accepted as Mana by cultivators. It felt right to everyone who hears it, causing the name to be adopted instead the moment one heard it.

It was truly and undoubtedly strange!

The really intriguing bit was that the Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation was never a name that popped up in the starfield, not once. He even had doubts that he made it up without any foundation! 


Wei Wuyin heard a familiar sound! It was the same sound that echoed out whenever he created a Void Portal. He looked at the sky, recalling the details of the fourth astral tribulation. According to the records, it was similar to the Soul Idol tribulation as it was divided into nine parts. It involved infusing various qualities of spatial essence into one ’s body.

The higher the quality properly infused, the greater one ’s resonant affinity with spatial energies, including the purity and strength of one ’s spatial energies refined by the Astral Soul. But if one ’s body could no longer resist the flow, then one ’s body would expand and explode! 

He understood the incredible dangers of the trial, so he fully expected a raging flow of spatial essence crashing into him, his Astral Souls wildly working to refine the spatial essence and diffuse the danger. But…

”… ”

After several minutes, he frowned.

He looked around, the world still the same as before. He curiously inspected his Astral Souls, and he felt Ori, King, Eden, and Kratos simultaneously activating their triggers, likely causing the trial to erupt with a greater ferocity like all the other times.

”Huh? ” Wei Wuyin was confused. He twisted and turned in mid-air. °Where is this Astral Tribulation?° This thought echoed out a few times as he spread out his spiritual sense, even evoking his Celestial Eyes, but nada, nothing, zilch! There was literally nothing happening!

He furrowed his brows, once more inspecting his Astral Souls. They seemed to be vibrating, but there was nothing happening now. He pushed his lips to the side, looking around, feeling somewhat let down. What the hell was happening?

A full hour passed. 

Wei Wuyin was just floating in mid-air, eating lunch. He hadn ’t consumed any food in a while, and he enjoyed a wide-variety of astral fruits, so he kept a storage of preserved fruits in his spatial ring, enough to feed a full-packed sect for several days. As a cultivator at the Astral Core Realm, eating was merely ways to expedite the recovery of physical energies or indulge oneself, and even sleeping had similar benefits. They were entirely unnecessary, capable of converting astral force into needed aspects for sustained life.

He still ate quite often, however. 

”HAAAA! ” He yawned, feeling a little bored by the lack of action. Perhaps he wouldn ’t feel this way if he wasn ’t hyped for the Astral Tribulation…

”I thought we ’d travel through the void! Or like…see the depths of space, view its mysteries or something! I mean, how are these World Realms even existing? Will I understand the concept of spatial folds? Why is it required to comprehend a Worldly Domain before forging a secret realm of your own?! ” He grew somewhat irritated by the lack of any event. Even a little robbed.

Then, boom…

It was a small boom, very small. It resounded in his body for the briefest of moments, drawing his attention away as he peered into his Astral Souls. After doing so, his eyes narrowed. They…they advanced!

They had fully ascended!!!

He felt the spatial energies within their Astral Cores, integrating and refining their astral force. But…


He didn ’t feel anything special…

In fact, he felt the spatial energies were quite lacking, a little too simple, a little too basic. When he noticed this, his expression became a little twisted. 

Eden, who usually remained silent, decided to speak up at this particular moment: ”The Dao of Void exceeds fixed space. ” 

All it said were those seven words, and Wei Wuyin finally understood, but he felt utterly helpless! 

Kratos had once explained the Dao of Void principles. 

It went: ”The Dao of Void relates to space, time, astrological forces, and void energy. Space relates to fixed, stable, chaotic disturbances within the Dark Void and its various forms, including atmospheric space. Time relates to the past, present, future, isolated, and paradoxical temporal periods of existence. ”

He hadn ’t understood it at the time, but he realized now that the spatial energies within the Spatial Resonance Phase related to fixed-type spatial essences, but Kratos ’ Void Energies exceeded that! As for why he didn ’t feel or notice the rumored pressure or surging essences of the Spatial Resonance Astral Tribulation…he had a Draconic Void Bloodline! His entire body was infused with Void Energies that carried the Dao of Void!

It would be like expecting an ocean to feel a drop of water…

He sighed.

”Well, that ’s disappointing. ”

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