Paragon of Sin

Chapter 440: First Come First Serve

Their simultaneous words stirred the expressions of both sides. Wei Wuyin eyed this bearded elf curiously. The bearded elf seemed to be doing the same, but there was a wisp of vigilance within his eyes.

Wei Wuyin nodded, looking around as he inspected the faint glimmers of saber light and elemental power lingering in the world was mist. He used his hand to swipe, drawing the various forces into his palm, and then clenched his hand into a fist. After keeping the lingering powers, he asked: ”Where? ”

The bearded elf saw his actions and his pupils constricted for a brief moment. ’Permanence?! ’ The power of permanence was only reserved for cultivators that have exceeded the 9th Mortal State, reaching the Zenith Mortal State in their Natal Souls. All experts who ascended to the Astral Soul Realm using the Zenith Mortal State were geniuses amongst geniuses, requiring a vast amount of resources and innate talent.

He hurriedly fixed his expression before Wei Wuyin turned to face him, asking him that question. He thought for a while, then replied: ”Tunnel. ” He said this and faintly erected a pale-colored astral ward, shooting into the ground. 

Wei Wuyin slightly frowned, ’Purist? ’ He recalled Tuo Bihan ’s cultivation base, a bonafide purist that focused on foundation rather than Intent or attributed power. These types of cultivators often had far stronger cultivation foundations than others, freeing up a majority of their time in cultivating as opposed to others. 

He didn ’t hesitate following along, entering the hole burrowed by the bearded elf. As they entered deeper into the ground, Wei Wuyin was recalling the events that just happened in extreme detail. He had a good grasp of his current strength, current limits. 

The reckless risk of comprehending had almost led to his demise, but it was worth it. The Refraction World-Light Elixir at the transcendent-quality had led to a moment of insight that touched upon the Quintessence of Light. It wasn ’t exactly as Eden had said, the Origin of All Light, but it was very close. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of benefits obtained could only be fully reaped when he ascended the Light Reflection Phase of the Astral Core Realm, allowing him to evolve his Primary Light Energies into something boundlessly magnificent! It wasn ’t the same as Light Intent or Light Essences, but something fundamentally different. 

Wei Wuyin was filled with expectations towards that moment. There was a wisp of trembling hope within his heart. The greatest, bestest, most extraordinary result was his complete confidence in overcoming the next Calamity of Hell!

His lips lifted into a faint smile.

Soon, they burrowed into a tunnel. It was the main tunnel that led to the Capital City, but it was a long distance from the entrance. Wei Wuyin stayed a set distance away from the bearded elf, not getting within a range of a hundred meters. Despite that, their senses and cultivation bases allowed such long distance communication.

In fact, the bearded elf was more cautious as well. He didn ’t feel confident in his Worldly Domain after experiencing the Saber Heart Intent ’s abilities to convert ambient energies and essences, stripping the Worldly Domain ’s ability to harness these powers for his own usage. So despite his calm demeanor, he was extremely vigilant towards Wei Wuyin, not showing an ounce of hostility like before.

”Name ’s Wei Wuyin, ” Wei Wuyin introduced himself directly. Unfortunately, none of his glorious titles were usable in the Four Extreme Continent. So he could only use his own name. 

The bearded elf ’s brows stirred. He tried to recall any legendary human clan by the name of Wei, but none entered his mind. He suspected Wei Wuyin was lying, but it didn ’t seem necessary. Wei Wuyin was a figure that was outstandingly handsome, noticeable from a thousand miles, easily described, easily searched for. There was utterly no need for a false name.

Could it be that he was from a hidden clan? This thought lingered for a moment before the bearded elf responded, ”Ai Shenwu. ” There was a moment of silence after.

”What did you want to talk about? ” Wei Wuyin asked flatly, getting the conversion rolling lest they spend all day looking at each other in silence. That would be quite awkward. 

Ai Shenwu took a breath, speaking in his awkward and unfamiliar common language, ”Who are you? ” 

Wei Wuyin let loose a soft sigh, ”I told you my name. Care to be more specific? ”

Ai Shenwu also realized his question was a little too general, so he decided to narrow his questions. ”I ’ve never seen a Ganshu at the Spatial Resonance Phase with the strength to kill a Realmlord. You aren ’t from this continent, are you? Where did you come from and why? ”

Wei Wuyin shook his head. Such direct, interrogative questions. Others wouldn ’t answer this for no reason, but he never intended to play this normally. He answered, ”I ’m not. I come from another starfield, another continent. It ’s beyond this world, and I ’ve come here to find the Tokens of Elementus. ”

”…! ” Ai Shenwu wasn ’t expecting Wei Wuyin to be so honest. There were rumors amongst the powerhouses of this world that there existed visitors from beyond the continent. They were referred to as Beyonders, being that held incomparable mysterious powers, some even rivaling the deities mentioned in their world ’s history. No one knew who they were or why they arrived, and that information was never spread if it was said.

To learn that Wei Wuyin was also a Beyonder, this caused him to be extremely vigilant. He had doubts whether the Spell Formation inscribed by Wei Wuyin was actually stolen, likely a ploy to play for time. As for what he stole from the female Realmlord, it might not be so simple.

As for these tokens, he wasn ’t certain but he had a faint triggering memory about the Badges of Divinity. They were the six badges of the continent that signified the six divinities worshipped by the entire continent. 

”Are these so-called Tokens of Elementus the Badges of Divinity? ” Ai Shenwu inquired, curious if they were one and the same. And when he saw Wei Wuyin nod unhesitatingly to his question, he realized that Wei Wuyin had already known of the Badges of Divinity. This caused him to frown deeply.

”Are you done? ” Wei Wuyin probingly asked, ready to ask his own questions. 

Ai Shenwu rubbed his beard, thinking for a moment before nodding. While he still had some questions, he needed to properly consider them. Wei Wuyin was unlikely to answer his questions so freely.

Wei Wuyin nodded. ”That young female elf that was with you, she had Elemental Origin Intent, or at least the powers of it, vested in her eyes. Is she a Holy Daughter of the Divinities? Does she have a Badge of Divinity?

Ai Shenwu froze, looking at Wei Wuyin for a long moment. He thought about lying, but decided against it. ”She isn ’t. She ’s a Candidate to become a Holy Daughter, however. The first hope the Ai Clan of the Grey Sands Elves Tribe has had in the last two thousand years. ” 

When Wei Wuyin heard this, his heart sank as he sighed. He was hoping to obtain a token. But then a thought struck him, ”You said she ’s a Candidate? Does becoming a Holy Daughter require one to obtain a Badge of Divinity? ” 

Wei Wuyin was under the assumption that only the supposed ’five ’ Chosen Candidates with Badges of Divinity could participate in the four trials to obtain the others. He immediately felt that he was wrong in that assumption. If there were native candidates that could obtain a badge, then his original idea was a possibility.

Ai Shenwu carelessly nodded. ”The Badge of Divinity requires one to comprehend Elemental Origin Intent. There are at least seven known candidates, with one Holy Daughter and one Holy Son, a total of nine. After you reach that requirement, one can challenge the Holy Trials held by the four Semi-Divine Guardians of the Continent. ” This was commonly known information, so there was no need to hide it.

He was assigned to protect Ai Chyou, a Candidate. To ensure that she would be able to safely participate in the trial. 

Wei Wuyin thought for a moment. ”When ’s the trial? ” He realized there was a time set to enter this trial, if not, then the young woman would ’ve long since participated in the trial. 

Ai Shenwu looked at Wei Wuyin for a long while. He shook his head, ”the four Semi-Divine Guardians aren ’t beings you can forcefully steal the badges from, also its worthless. You must participate in the trial to receive it, otherwise the badges won ’t accept you. ” He was clearly under the assumption that Wei Wuyin was a legit thief. Regardless if the situation between the female Realmlord and Wei Wuyin wasn ’t simple, the fact he had stolen something was certainly true. When Wei Wuyin was at his weakest, he could easily determine if he lied or not.

Wei Wuyin gave a sly grin. His skills as a thief wasn ’t to be underestimated, but he wasn ’t intending to use direct force against these so-called Semi-Divine Guardians. He fully intended to earn it fair and square! Of course, if that didn ’t work. Well, he ’ll have to let his fists convince them otherwise.

”When is it? ” He asked again.

Ai Shenwu shook his head, no longer worrying about Wei Wuyin. Actually, he shouldn ’t be concerned about Wei Wuyin or advising him otherwise. However, when he thought about it, he realized why he was concerned.

If Wei Wuyin was already this strong, this heaven-defying, what about his parents? His master? The force behind him? Could they devastate the continent in an enraged fit? He didn ’t want to die such a frustrating death.

”It ’s in four months and twelve days. The Four Extreme Continent has four trials still active, two having been overcome thousands of years ago. The two trials that were completed became the Central Region, and both Holy Children were Ganshu. ” Ai Shenwu spat the last portion. The term ’ganshu ’ clearly referred to the humans of this world, likely the elven language word for them.

When Wei Wuyin heard this, he had an inkling as to why the elven race was at such a lower position than humans. It seems these Badges of Divinity might mean or do a lot more than just give a title or a right to fight as a Chosen Candidate against the others. 

Wei Wuyin followed-up his question, ”Will it be held at the Desolate Lands Holy City? ” 

Ai Shenwu nodded, ”True Desolate. ” 

This confirmed Wei Wuyin ’s own assumptions, also coinciding with a religious date within the City Lord of Grandquake City ’s memories. After deducing he hadn ’t been lied to, Wei Wuyin turned to Ai Shenwu. ”You didn ’t bring me down here to ask me who I am. What did you really want? ”

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