Paragon of Sin

Chapter 451: The Fearful & The Fearless

, and it required risking one ’s life, one ’s everything, to overcome. They also understood her hesitation. After all, she had to face a Realmlord! 

Anyone would hesitate.

The young woman felt her lips become dry, her heart starting to beat a little bit faster, and her mind recalling the violent and abrupt scene of her pawn ’s death. Her delicate fingers twitched slightly, a piercing feeling pricked the edge of her throat, and her spine shivered with an icy-cold jolt. 

Wei Wuyin could see the fierce mental struggle. It wasn ’t an easy decision. He awaited her decision alongside everyone else in silence. He had deduced that the old man wouldn ’t save her, so she was genuinely considering this. The only issue was…why did she ponder it now? The details of the tests were extremely well-known long before.

He looked towards the crowd below, finding the old man with slightly furrowed brows. Those aged eyes of his noticed Wei Wuyin ’s gaze and turned to meet it. After a brief moment, he turned away and understood. The girl was under the premise that she was protected before, but she had just realized she wouldn ’t be.

”Will you be fighting? ” A soft voice resounded, directed solely at Wei Wuyin in spiritual transmission. Wei Wuyin turned to see the young woman looking at him, her gaze a little awkward and uncertain. Wei Wuyin instantly realized she was looking for an excuse. 

She wanted Wei Wuyin to say something along the lines of: ”Yes, I will. You don ’t have to participate. Even if both of us win, I ’ll likely be selected as the Holy Child due to my previous results. Stay back, let me show you my strength. ” Those words would comfort her, relieve her of the heavy tension she felt, and she might pout, might make a scolding remark to see if he could actually achieve it, or something of that asinine nature to justify her rejection, removing any fear or damage to her ego.

She grossly miscalculated, however. Because Wei Wuyin wasn ’t that type of person. He wasn ’t the person to be the white knight to the fairer sex, alleviating any mysterious or pretty woman ’s struggles with his actions or words for the sake of it.

He wasn ’t even the one to remind her that her mental state likely already determined her loss, her death. If you have fear in your heart, especially facing an expert of a higher cultivation level and stable mentality, then death was the only thing awaiting you unless you had external support. The fear bred a desire to live which would subconsciously restrict one ’s proactivity in battle.

Instead, he remained absolutely silent, looking at her expressionlessly.

The young woman paled, unsure how to respond to that. She closed her eyes, bit her lips, and clenched her fists until they trembled. After a very long while, she seemed to have reasoned with herself. 

”I don ’t accept the challenge, ” She indifferently declared. After, the cylindrical light retracted and re-entered the platform. She no longer had the face to remain here, flying down from the mountain and towards the old man. She wanted to leave; the embarrassment she felt was the greatest she ’d ever experienced.

The old man sighed with relief. He transmitted a few consoling words with traces of wisdom, clearly wanting to ensure she doesn ’t form a stain on her heart from this.

Wei Wuyin watched her leave, soon he was engulfed by the cylindrical light. The crowd cared little about the young woman ’s preemptive surrender. She wasn ’t the first Holy Candidate to do so and they knew she wouldn ’t be the last. No one thought of her in an ill-manner, but they also didn ’t show any respect.

The lack of contempt, disdain, disappointment, or schadenfreude shocked Wei Wuyin. These people were truly different from what he was familiar with. Most wanted to see blood, an innate bloodlust in their hearts, or see others humiliated or failing at a task impossible for themselves to perform, verifying its difficulties and alleviating their sense of inferiority. 

”Fascinating, ” he quietly muttered.

”Holy Candidate, you have been chosen! Shall you take the challenge to prove your worth, or will you concede? ” Grand Priestess Si De asked again, but her voice contained a faintly strange tone within. 

Wei Wuyin turned to her, smiling brightly. ”I accept. ”

A burst of light descended, shining upon a particular hooded figure behind the Grand Priestess. This person was quiet, being relatively tall and bulky in build. This was a Realmlord!

The two vanished!

Their figures reemerged on the platform, a countdown beginning just like before. The hooded figure removed his hood and cloak, revealing a hardened body of muscle and flesh. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes constricted.

This person was slouching! When he fully stood up, no longer hunching forward, he exceeded eight feet in height, rivaling Da Shan. He was an elf as well, with two particularly sharp ears on the sides of his head!

This man ’s muscles had sharp contours reminiscent of a bodybuilder of the mortal world, not a single shred of clothing concealed his astonishing upper body. His breath was subdued earlier, but as he revealed himself, his intense breathing was fully released. Each breath was like the surging bellows of a raging volcano, filled with mighty sounds and powerful air. 

Wei Wuyin felt buffeted by the man ’s physical presence, his clothes stuck to his flesh from the pressuring air. His dark hair wildly fluttered and his robe flapped endlessly. 

There was a darkness within the elf ’s eyes, filled with a vicious power that Wei Wuyin couldn ’t place. Regardless, it terrified the spectators who watched from the projected screens. The dreadful feeling that Wei Wuyin felt was several hundred times greater, but he merely smiled in the face of it all.

This smile was incredibly joyful, completely and utterly fearless. ”Do you hear that? ” Wei Wuyin rhetorically asked the elf.

The muscular elf shrugged, ignoring Wei Wuyin ’s nonsense. He was bound by a duty, so he had no intentions of being distracted by Wei Wuyin ’s tactics. One of them will live and one of them will die. And he had no intention of dying today.

But Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind, touching his chest. He gave a faint grin, ”You ’re exciting it. ”






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