Paragon of Sin

Chapter 458: Grand Earth Grand Announcement

Three days passed, totalling eleven since Wei Wuyin ’s ascension as a Holy Son. The pace of his ascent was staggered by numerous religious ceremonies and offerings from the people of True Desolate. Furthermore, numerous other natives of the Desolate Lands were arriving each day, offering further tribute.

These offerings were mostly low-level herbs, materials, and tools. There wasn ’t much use in many of these materials and trinkets, but he still generously accepted them according to customs and expected tradition. The total wealth offered was staggeringly high, shocking even him as he accumulated the various offerings and tributes.

The Grey Sands Elves had given Wei Wuyin the most, trying their best to get on his good side. There were numerous beauties of the elven race of extraordinary talent and exceptional looks similarly offering themselves. Of course, their intentions were purely selfish in hopes of obtaining his Holy Bloodline and birthing an Inherited Holy Child.

He had decided not to indulge too heavily in these distractions. From the onset, he never intended to pass along this so-called Holy Bloodline. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t one to lose his core focus due to beauties. He had enough for now, with Ai Yin, Si De, and Ai Juling by his side. A few days ago, even Ai Juling had arrived alongside her family to offer tribute.

When Ai Yin found out about Ai Juling ’s past relationship with Wei Wuyin, she was extremely ecstatic, swiftly accepting her as younger sister, even teaching her ’cultivation ’ techniques. Ai Yin ’s status was the highest in the Ai Clan, so Ai Juling ’s parents were extremely excited at this development.

The look on their faces when they met Wei Wuyin, recalling how they had imprisoned and fought briefly with the Holy Son caused a little awkwardness to emerge. Fortunately, Ai Juling ’s existence eased tensions. 

Most of these were minor, and the various other forces of the Four Extreme Continent were slowly preparing, similarly not in a rush. He was curious why this was the case, but he learned a shocking fact from Si De.

As long as the Holy Son existed in a specific territory, all Devils were barred from entering and the land itself will flourish. This was why the natives of the Desolate Lands were required to give an offering and tributes to the Holy Son. Furthermore, this will happen every year.

The only issue was that during the Season of Regression next time, the Desolate Lands essence and energies will become still like the Central Lands. There would be no cultivation outside of the Holy Temples such as the True Desolate Temple, so it ’ll be a sacred land for countless natives. In fact, in the future, entry will be regulated and Wei Wuyin could freely restrict access to those with lacking tributes.

So for centuries to come, Wei Wuyin will earn from the efforts of hundreds of millions without having to move a single finger. While the Desolate Lands natives will ensure his safety at all cost, even at the cost of their own lives.

According to Si De, the Season of Devils always claimed roughly thirty percent of the entire population…on average. It was disgustingly vicious. Of course, this didn ’t include the Central Region. Unfortunately, the Central Region was regulated and restricted access to prevent ’overcrowding ’.

In a way, they decided who would die and who lived. 

When he learned this, he was utterly shocked into a very long silence. Despite the various technological developments, the strategies to resist these devils, powerful cultivators, and fortified cities, thirty percent of the entire population was culled on average? 

That was extremely horrifying. 

He hadn ’t truly understood why people prayed and heralded him so greatly, almost like a deity incarnate, why the Grand Kings and Clan Masters were so awkward and respectful, until he heard this. He controlled their lives with a whim. If he decided, he could take in all the humans, push out every elf to face those devils.

And that ’s exactly what the other Holy Sons and Daughters had done, for thousands of years! 

At the moment, Wei Wuyin sat at the peak of the temple, standing atop its roof while gazing at the perpetually bright and sunny sky. His radiant silver eyes reflected a calm, gentle light.

”I wonder, have I made a difference? ” Wei Wuyin might be in a new world with a new identity, but he knew that this was all dust in the wind before Calamities of Hell, before the Heavenly Daos, the true scope of the unknown world. He was an Inheritor of Sin, forced to face the Calamities of Hell before his death. 

The Temporal Reincarnator weighed on his mind. Since he learned of this type of existence, one that defied common sense, he no longer felt safe. What other types of Blessed are out there? What other lengths will the Heavenly Daos go to for its favored children? 

There was a faint ray of uncertainty within his heart. If he continues to survive, one day…he might be forced to fight against the Heavenly Daos directly, left without a choice. The thought of being raised as an existence for a purpose he wasn ’t entirely sure of wasn ’t very appealing. 

He wasn ’t an Inheritor of Sin by design, the existence of the Black Skeleton and forceful interference to ensure his survival was extremely telling. He was an unexpected blip, becoming a Sinner before he should. After all, he couldn ’t even cultivate the True Soul of Sin! How laughable.

Who was that silver haired and black eyed man that bit him that day, passing him the Bloodline of Sin? And why? Why him? 

”Maybe it ’s because I was the lowest type of Blessed, ” Wei Wuyin joked with a little self-deprecation. In comparison to Long Chen, Yuan Longshi, and this Temporal Reincarnator, what was he? He wasn ’t even at the same level as that unnamed Commander he killed long ago.

”Who knows? Who cares? ” Eden ’s voice resounded in his mind. It sounded like Ori. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes grew misty. 

”I was just a tree, used for the desires of others. I had no choice of my own, forced to watch as those acted under my ’assumed ’ will. Still, I understood that as long as I lived, I had the hope of one day grasping my own fate. The hope of escaping my cage. Then, I met you. ” Eden rarely spoke many words, but it did today. 

This also revealed Wei Wuyin ’s suspicions that Eden had the mental likeness and personality of the Tree of Eden ’s sentient existence. It had no soul, wasn ’t a demon, yet had memories, thoughts, and dreams. It was an existence that was heaven-defying yet imprisoned by its own body with a free mind. It desired escape.

In a way, every second was hellish torture for it.

When their minds linked, after he absorbed Eden ’s mental spirit, Wei Wuyin felt every emotion it felt, every thought it had. It was how the Mind Dao he called Eden was formed.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes gained a hint of clarity. 

”What nonsense! Be it the Heavenly Daos or these so-called Sinners, what are they before my edge? Tch! ” King spat with the tone of overbearing arrogance. Its voice was extremely fierce, like a King that decided the lives of trillions. Yet, it was also oddly comforting.


…King spoke?

”… ” Wei Wuyin, Ori, Kratos, and Eden went dead silent, even Wei Wuyin ’s heart stopped, his Sea of Consciousness growing sluggish. They were incredibly shocked, their mental senses fixated on King. But this phenomenon hadn ’t repeated itself.

”Tch! ” King returned to normal, and the others subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. At least it wasn ’t sick. 

Wei Wuyin laughed heartily, feeling that their reactions and thoughts were completely unlike Spirits of Cultivation, but legitimate souls with their own personality. This reminded him that he wasn ’t alone, and that his fate was already in his grasp. Be it the Heavenly Daos or this Bloodline of Sin, whatever awaited them, they ’d face it together. As for dwelling on these questions, these matters far beyond his reach, it was good to decide a plan of action, but not to linger in self-agony or pity. 

”To live each day, one must take it step by step. ” He recalled the words of his older brother, that tall and broad back, and that gentle and heroic smile. Just like him before, King and Eden wanted to remind him that his concerns weren ’t worth worrying about, and that he should take it step by step, because then he could escape any prison, overcome any unknown or obstacle in his path.

Reinvigorated by his mental clarity, his silver eyes glowed fiercely. Retrieving the Earth Element Badge of Divinity, he asked Ori: ”Think you can absorb the Intent Aura inside this badge? ”

”Yes! Yes! Yes! ” Ori excitedly replied. It hadn ’t been able to think of a way to help Wei Wuyin clear his mind of the clutter nor disperse the tense air, so it had remained silent. Now that it was called upon, it was ecstatic!

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