Paragon of Sin

Chapter 466: Conclusion

”… ” 

The voice of all these experts, especially the former Lei Clan ’s Envoy, seemed to be extinguished at their throats. Complete and utter silence, even from the Desolate Lands side. They did not know how to react. Should they be excited? Readying for war? 

The Holy Son of Dark Lightning had just been killed and the Badge of Divinity the Lei Clan held for millennia was taken away, fused before everyone ’s eyes with the newly ascended Holy Son of Grand Earth ’s Badge of Divinity? What did this mean? Were the Holy Clan of Lei still a Holy Clan? Did they still have the Holy Bloodline?

Wei Wuyin might normally use these types of unknowns to his advantage, but it ’ll be so much easier if he explained the situation. He infused his voice with spiritual strength, loudly explaining: ”The Lei Clan has lost their right to hold the Holy Bloodline. From now and evermore, the Lei Clan has no qualifications to be considered a Holy Clan. I, the Holy Son of Dual Elementus, has gained control over half the Central Region, the Holy Land of Elements, with this challenge!

”The Gods have determined to grant me this! Because the Lei Clan has been deemed unworthy of their Holy Bloodline! And I, for one, agree! They have stolen the treasury of the Gods, using their thieving palms to reach into the Divine Lord Desi ’s Cache! They have disgraced Divine Lord Yuni, their Divinity! This is their punishment! ” His voice was explosive and each syllable made the Lei Clan experts and Envoys ’ expressions become darker, uglier, and filled with fear.

After Wei Wuyin finished his words, he lifted the newly fused Badge of Divinity and activated its so-called divine light. It pierced into the sky in a manner far, far greater than before. As if the Gods were responding, a thick light beam descended and engulfed Wei Wuyin. The power burrowed into the earth and released a droning sound that trembled the hearts of everyone present.

To those of True Desolate who witnessed this light once before, they were shocked and excited! They chanted in religious scripture! After all, Wei Wuyin had received this light directly after ascending as a Holy Son!

The numerous experts of the Elven Races and Native Humans were intrigued, awed by the light that emitted vast, unstoppable power. They learned from the chants of the True Desolate Temple members and the other experts that this was a pillar of divinity for the Holy Son, and that it was even bigger than before!

After several moments, Wei Wuyin reappeared in the view of everyone. His normally white robes had changed with the runic symbols of the Earth and Lightning Element Badges of Divinity swimming animatedly within.

Wei Wuyin ’s words seemed to have been verified by this display. He, with his unstoppable momentum, pointed at the Lei Clan Envoy who struck him. ”Restrain him! ” Was all the words he said, and the Timelords of True Desolate decisively acted!

Ai Yin, Hu Ran, and Grand Priestess Si De shot violently forward with imposing auras. The Lei Clan ’s experts that had once surrounded their Holy Son were stunned. Should they retaliate? But before they could, every Realmlord of True Desolate moved!

Worldly Domains was unleashed! This included the Grey Sands Elves! After all, Ai Yin had acted with Wei Wuyin ’s orders! This was a golden opportunity for them and they did not want to miss it. For years, the elven tribes were excluded from the Holy Land of Elements, kept out of the Central Region, forced to face the Season of Devils and be the bulk of the casualties.

But with Ai Yin ’s actions, they had hope that this would change! So they acted!

The other elven tribes were stunned, but they acted alongside their brethren. Despite their physical differences, they were more interconnected and together than the humans were! Forced out of necessity to survive a mutual struggle and considered unworthy outcasts.

Even Qing Qiumu, an assumed Verdant Woods Elf, was treated extremely well by the Grey Sands Elves, with not a single elf showing her lust! This showed their respectable bond!

The Lei Clan ’s experts tried to resist, but it was utterly futile. They were soon restrained, with the Lei Clan Envoys being restricted by eight Timelords! Besides Hu Ran and Si De, the other six were from the four Elven Tribes! 

”You! You can ’t do this! ” The Lei Clan Envoy shouted in anger and grievance. They were a Holy Clan! This was blasphemous! He turned to the other native humans of the three other regions, screaming out, ”Help me! Help us!! ” 

His cry for help, however, fell on deaf ears. The three other regions of human natives remained entirely silent, not acting careless. After all, the Lei Clan was a Holy Clan because of their partial control of the Central Region and bestowment of Divine Support. If they lost this, why act? Furthermore, if it was like Wei Wuyin said, that the Lei Clan had acted in such a way that the Gods could not tolerate it, wouldn ’t they be punished too?

A terrifying sensation of fear permeated their hearts. 

Seeing no response, the Lei Clan Envoy turned to the Shuang Clan, his expression filled with endless desperation. ”We ’re both Holy Clans! We can ’t let this happen to us! Help, help us overcome this tribulation! ” 

But the Shaung Clan Envoy ’s pretty young woman had a dark, solemn expression. She looked at the fallen corpse of the Holy Son, his beheaded body not even reattached by Divine Light as it normally would be. She looked at Wei Wuyin, whose expression was calm yet chilly. The Lei Clan and Shuang Clan had an inseparable history, with even intermarriages happening between them.

In fact, the now-dead Holy Son was pre-determined to marry the current Holy Daughter. One of the reasons the Lei Clan wanted to act against Wei Wuyin was due to the Shuang Clan ’s intentions to use their Holy Daughter to obtain relations with the newly ascended Holy Bloodline. Perhaps one day, they could hold two Holy Bloodlines and remove Wei Wuyin ’s family name, allowing them to be the greatest Holy Clan in the world.

But now…

Her emotions of the Lei Clan overtook her and she pleaded, ”Holy Son of Grand Earth, on behalf of the Shuang Clan, can you spare th- ” 

”No! ” Wei Wuyin interrupted. He turned towards the Shaung Clan, his eyes now dark and icy. ”You dare plead on behalf of those who ’ve disgraced the Gods? Divine Lord Motu would be disappointed! I, the Holy Son of DUAL ELEMENTUS, sense collusion. Restrain them as well! ” Wei Wuyin corrected and ordered, looking at the native humans of the three regions.

They were hesitant for a bit, but then a few gritted their teeth. With gushing auras, they shot off towards the Shuang Clan Envoys and kept them locked down. Of course, they weren ’t as aggressive as the others to the Lei Clan.

The Shuang Clan Envoys ’ expressions were heavily twisted in anger, and a tinge of fear. They were being bestowed the title of colluders?! 

The pretty Shuang Clan Envoy was taken aback, ”You do not order the experts here! They are not yours to command! ” Her words caused a few to experience a pause. Some of the experts already taking action felt strange, being drawn into someone else ’s pace unwittingly. It was unlike them.

Wei Wuyin responded with a heavy laugh filled with anger. ”You don ’t deny it? So you are colluding! Lets see if your God stands behind you, bring out your Holy Daughter! Let ’s see if the Gods no longer accept the Shuang Clan as a Holy Clan! ” Wei Wuyin ’s anger was palpable, and it trembled the hearts of everyone. Did these words mean that Wei Wuyin was about to challenge the Holy Daughter as well?

They looked at the beheaded corpse of the Lei Clan ’s former Holy Son. Then, they turned to the Voidship of the Shuang Clan that had been long since surrounded and restrained by Worldly Domains. 

Aghast, the pretty Shuang Clan Envoy reeled. ”N-no! No! I…we didn ’t collude! We are loyal to the Gods! ” She pleaded desperately, but there was no one who listened. There was only pity in their eyes. She had implicated her entire clan.

Down below, watching all this, the young woman and old man were standing together. The old man looked at the developments and didn ’t know what to make of this. ”I ’ve seen schemers before, those who can manipulate the crowd with the movement of their fingers, but this is next level. ” 

The old man couldn ’t help but breathe out a breath of awe. Especially with Wei Wuyin ’s expert-level deflection. The young woman was agape with shock. This was supposed to be an auction, right? How did things develop this way?! At the moment, Wei Wuyin had somehow become the King of these experts, having them do his bidding. And shockingly, it felt right.

Wei Wuyin ordered, no longer wasting time. ”Empty out his Spatial Ring! ” The Timelords acted, and the Leo Clan Envoy lost an arm that contained his ring. They looked at each other before deciding to dump it all out for everyone to see.

Tons of items and materials fell out of it, some of them even extremely personal. Others…a little questionable. There were a few coffins that held dead bodies in them, all beautifully preserved young women. A few looked at the Lei Clan Envoy with suspicions, and his aghast looks betrayed him.

This seemed…dubious.

Regardless, Wei Wuyin didn ’t dwell on this. He once more used the badge and a light pierced into the sky, then descended down onto the numerous contents poured out of the spatial ring. A single item shined brightly! It was a wine gourd with the unique runic markings of the Earth Element Badge!

They were shocked!

Wasn ’t this the Holy Clan of Lei ’s Divine Wine Gourd? 


It usually had the Lei Clan ’s unique runic symbols, but this one was different. The Holy Clan ’s Divine Wine Gourd was a special item that can naturally condense Boundless Essence Mist in a liquid state, purifying the body with each sip in a smoother manner. It was useful to everyone, especially if they consume Impure-quality products or cultivate with the world ’s natural resources that typically hold impurities within. This was contained only from the Divine Caches!

”No! No! That ’s not mine! ” The Lei Clan Envoy screamed erratically, trying to plead his innocence. ”Someone planted that on me! I ’m being framed! I ’M BEING FRAMED!!! ” 

Then a Human Timelord of the Scorched Skies questioning asked, ”…Who? ” Those words caused the Lei Clan Envoy to choke on his next set of words. Who? WHO?! He turned to Wei Wuyin, and then his expression changed.

”YOU! ” He pointedly accused Wei Wuyin. The bloodshot eyes of an insane man started to emerge.

Wei Wuyin shook his head with ample disappointment, ”Fool. ” He didn ’t need to say more, the evidence he planted spoke for itself. And that ’s what happened. 

After the experts heard this, a scholarly looking female Timelord of the Zephyr Plains interfered. She brought out all the evidence. Such as Wei Wuyin ’s prior oath, the time energy signature left behind, the improbability that someone could stealthily plant an item inside a Timelord ’s ring without them noticing, and the fact no one even approached him prior, yet the divine light surged on him.

All of this pointed to the gourd being in his possession for a long time, far before the Grand Earth Cache was opened. 

”Where is the rest?! ” Hu Ran interrogated. The others looked at the envoy, their expression growing darker by the moment. They finally remembered that the contents were supposed to be ’theirs ’, and the Lei Clan had stolen it! 

The Lei Clan Envoy gulped. He looked around in a panic, his mental state deteriorating. He knew that no matter what he said, no one would believe him. Furthermore, no one here exceeded Mortal Limits, so reading minds or searching souls weren ’t possible! To add, his cultivation was a little too high to be determined if he was lying or telling the truth.

Suddenly, he had a thought. He looked at the Shuang Clan ’s Envoy. A sinister gleam emerged in his heart. He didn ’t know why or where the thought came from, but he shouted with vigorous power: ”IT WAS GIVEN TO THE SHUANG CLAN! ”

Down below, the old man looked at Wei Wuyin and then the Lei Clan Envoy that seemed to have lost his mind. He recalled his mental energy trap that even he fell for, thinking about all that had happened, and felt more than just awed or amazed, he was sent into utter disbelief!

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled. ’And with that, two badges are mine. ’

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