Paragon of Sin

Chapter 469: Valkyrie

As Su Mei moved to open the letter, the hearts of a few women tightened for some odd reason. For an entire year, Wei Wuyin had been elsewhere, vanished into an unknown world with an unknown fate. There was the lingering fear that he might die there, never to return. 

To hear that he left a letter in case he hadn ’t returned in a year was concerning, but they wanted to believe Xue Yifei ’s comforting words. But in truth, Xue Yifei was the most concerned. She was his official concubine, and while she might not be his wife, Wei Wuyin had yet to take an official wife. 

Xue Yifei ’s gorgeous hazel eyes with navy blue flecks stared anxiously at Su Mei ’s hands that held onto the letter. 

Lin Ziyan was also deeply troubled. She had left Long Chen for Wei Wuyin, believing she had made a mistake with the former, and the latter was her destined soulmate; the one who would unravel her clan ’s bloodline and free them from their prison. Her concern was far more emotional than Xue Yifei, especially after hearing about Long Chen ’s true nature.

She glanced at Na Xinyi. When she learned that Long Chen had left her to die from an unknown threat, she knew there was no turning back. And there was no way she wanted to. While she knew that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a saint, having eliminated entire clans, taken down factions, at least he didn ’t hide his true nature. 

When Su Mei started to open the letter, she silently prayed that the matter wouldn ’t be bad news. 

Xiang Ling and Nyla Shur were Wei Wuyin ’s lovers, and he had always treated them well, ensuring they had plenty of resources, good environment, and protection. Their anxiety was even higher than the others, because if something happened to Wei Wuyin, they would lose an incredible lover who was caring and attentive, and an even better provider.

Su Mei could sense the growing unease filling the room. She frowned slightly. Were they all expecting something horrible? She had never once considered Wei Wuyin would or even could suffer any harm. She worried more about the Ascendants, especially Hong Chunhua, rather than Wei Wuyin.

They truly don ’t know that he ’s a terrifying cultivator of unbelievable strength. She faintly smiled, and then ripped one side of the letter.


From the opening, a gush of white light exploded, catching all of them off-guard. They were blinded by its brilliance, unable to open their eyes for a few seconds. 

”Yo-you ’re here?! ” A young voice resounded in bewilderment and shock. It belonged to Long Tingyu! When all their eyes started to regain their sight, a tall, handsome figure was now in the room with a faint smile on his face as he stood next to Su Mei.

”Lord Wei?! ” Su Mei immediately recognized Wei Wuyin, but the shock and surprise wasn ’t revealed on her face. She looked at the figure for a few seconds, and said: ”It ’s a projection. ”

”A projection? ” Xue Yifei was immensely happy seeing Wei Wuyin ’s figure, but was deeply taken aback by Su Mei ’s words. He looked so real. He was clad in his black Heavenly King robes, his silver eyes as radiant as before, and his skin looking as supple as the real thing. 

The others felt startled too, feeling that Wei Wuyin was extremely real. If Su Mei had said he was an Avatar or an Incarnation, then they would believe it. But a projection? 

Su Mei reached out with her right hand, touching Wei Wuyin ’s arm, and it turned into a white mist that swirled. When her hand returned, the white mist reformed his arm. This verified that he was a projection, not an avatar or an incarnation. The lack of physical form and inability to interact with physical matter revealed as much. 

”Wow! ” Long Tingyu was thoroughly amazed. She had never seen such a projection of an image with such realism before. If she wasn ’t told, she would think Wei Wuyin was standing here before them with that eternal smile and bright eyes. She wanted to be able to accomplish something like that one day.

Then, Wei Wuyin started to move, his eyes gaining a life as he swept his gaze through the world. He spoke, a surge of mental energies trembling out and replacing his voice. Despite all of them hearing him simultaneously and exactly the same, it was transmitted directly into their minds. 

”If you ’re opening this after a year, it means I ’m… ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice started to sound out, and their hearts sank. Wasn ’t this how you started a message left behind after death?! Could it be?

”…not back yet. Still alive, no worries. Haha. It ’s nice to know you ’re worrying about me. ” Wei Wuyin ’s projection laughed, clearly predicting their responses. While he wasn ’t talking about anyone in particular, they all felt they were being directly talked to. If someone said Wei Wuyin was here, they might instinctively say yes.

Long Tingyu pouted with a hmph, ”Who ’s worrying about you?! ” She nearly stomped her feet with a faint blush, but she stopped herself. Why was she acting like this? She didn ’t even like Wei Wuyin! But the fact she responded made her even more shocked, because Wei Wuyin wasn ’t even here!

Wei Wuyin continued with a hearty chuckle, ”That ’s so cute. Denying your feelings isn ’t healthy, y ’know. ” 

”What?! ” Long Tingyu was taken aback, so was Hong Ru. One might ’ve been vocal, but the other was mental. They looked at the others. 

Long Tingyu cried in disbelief, ”He ’s actually here! He has to be, right? ” 

But Su Mei shook his head, ”He ’s not. ” After that, she looked at Wei Wuyin ’s projection and faintly smiled. He had predicted their response, and even who would be present. Perhaps the message was left for Hong Ru, maybe it was left for Long Tingyu. Regardless, it had struck them both equally and they ’ll never truly know which it was meant for.

”Alright, I shouldn ’t tease. It ’s been a full year, so the expedition took a little longer than I expected. If I wasn ’t back by then, I knew I had to leave this behind to ensure that you ’re all prepared for what ’s to come; to make a decision about what you want. ” Wei Wuyin continued on, and Wen Mingna started to clench his hands into fists. 

The ambient atmosphere became tense and serious. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes narrowed, sweeping a glance at everyone present despite not being here. 

”Over a year ago, I felt a dark, sinister air engulf the entire starfield. It was terrifying, as if the end was approaching. The end of what? The starfield? The living beings present here? Our peace? Everything? I ’m not exactly certain, but whatever is coming or about to happen will drag this starfield and its people into the depths of total ruin.

”I went to explore the Gateway Door ’s hidden realm to find something I needed. What is that exactly? I ’m uncertain, but hopefully it ’ll prepare me to handle whatever is meant to arrive. ” His words grasped the hearts of these ten women, with Su Mei as the eleventh being unsurprised. She had long since known about this possibility.

”I ’ve never been one to rely solely on a single plan; I have the Ascendants making ample preparations to face whatever comes, but it might not be enough. That ’s the reason for this message. Each of you here are phenomenal female cultivators, some of you are outstandingly talented, far beyond the innate talents our starfield normally births. Unfortunately, your talents haven ’t been fully excavated. 

”To excavate these talents, to prepare those willing to face this unknown threat, to ensure their safety at the very least, more extreme measures will have to be taken. Measures that are suitable for females only. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words startled them. Unexcavated talent? Only suitable for females?

”To be clear, I will not be forcing any of you into this. And it ’s only available for one type of woman: Mine. I have no intention of heavily investing into a woman that isn ’t my own. I ’m no saint, never will be. If you haven ’t learned that by now, then you don ’t know me.

”Before I continue, Su Mei, have everyone who ’s unwilling leave the room. I ’ll give you three minutes, ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice halted, and he stayed stationary with his eyes closed. 

”… ” A silence permeated the room.

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