Paragon of Sin

Chapter 46: Talented

der Zhao arrived and smiled, ”Elder Ming, how ’s that gum? ” His smile and gaze turned playful as he spoke, but he only received a cold snort as a response. Elder Ming seemed to be unwilling to have any of what Elder Zhao was offering.

Revealing an expression of ’such a pity, no fun, ’ Elder Zhao turned towards Wei Wuyin and said, ”This is a cultivation invigoration chamber. As long as you step into here, your cultivation will rise to the Second Stage of Qi Condensation. ”

Wei Wuyin looked towards the door and his eyes blinked. Was this chamber so wondrous?

However, how could it be? Cultivating in this chamber would convert one ’s innate yin into pure energy used to bolster one ’s cultivation. At that point, not only will one be unable to give birth to life, but they would never be able to reach the Fourth Stage of Qi Condensation, Yin Form, in their lifetime. For those who are already at that phase, their cultivation would drop immediately.

The price would not be worth the reward.

Herbal boys, however, had long since given up their talent for cultivation and work.

The old woman glanced at Wei Wuyin and saw his silver eyes, her expression flickered. With a very scratchy voice, ”Have you tested the boy ’s alchemic rating? ”

When she said this, Elder Zhao raised an inquisitive brow and then an expression of shock followed by a palm smack to his forehead. Indeed! He had forgotten.

An alchemic rating was one ’s suitability towards developing an Alchemic Heart of Qi. Alchemic energy was hard to define, but it contained extraction, growth, containment, and refinement, creation, transformation, and fusion abilities. It was quite suited for herbal boys and, obviously, alchemists.

In fact, the Alchemic Heart was similar to the Divine Heart. The only difference was its inherent qualities. An Alchemic Heart would make it so that no qi produced could have offensive properties.

Even if you amassed a ball of qi and smashed it onto a baby, absolutely no harm would be done. In fact, the qi would be absorbed into its pores and be beneficial to its growth.

However, in exchange, one ’s meridians, spiritual sense, physical body, and perception would all benefit from the alchemical energies, allowing their talent in alchemy to soar to the sky. The cost was that one ’s battle potential would be absolutely zero, zilch, nada, completely without any.

Your entire life would be under the protection of someone else. After all, cultivators could only create one Heart of Qi.

Elder Zhao retrieved a dull, grey stone. When he held it, it released a faint trace of white light. This was an alchemical stone, and it could gauge one ’s responsiveness towards alchemical energies. That being said, alchemists don ’t use this to determine if they can or can not be alchemists.

Alchemy was an art form that used all sorts of tools and materials via experience earned, as for alchemical energies, that was something no cultivator with ambition would ever cultivate willingly. While their skills with alchemy would be heaven-defying and their path easy, they would forever be at another ’s beck and call, unable to protect themselves in a world where the strong dominated the weak. Even the pills they made for cultivation would be mostly useless to them, as a stronger cultivation offered little benefit.

Those who cultivated alchemical energies were exchanging immense talent for being enslaved, essentially. After all, your entire purpose in life within a world of cultivation would be to practice the Alchemic Dao. Even herbal boys could leave the sect at sixty and rule a small area with their Second Stage of Qi Condensation cultivation base. They could establish a harem, build a clan, establish a sect, or more.

That was because they had strength!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t understand this, so when the stone was given to him, he grabbed it without hesitation. His eyes were lit up by the bright white light the stone emitted.

Elder Ming and Elder Zhao ’s eyes immediately widened in shock. The white stone was so bright. It was like a miniature sun. They had never seen that before.

”He ’s suited! ” Elder Zhao had complicated emotions as he exclaimed. Being suited was like asking to be a slave for life, living your life practicing alchemy at the orders of another.

Elder Ming added, ”Extremely! ”

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