Paragon of Sin

Chapter 487: Invitation

The Light Reflection Phase was the beginning of the first great divide amongst cultivators. This was all due to its significance as the last Foundational Stage of the Astral Core Realm. Much like the Soul Idol and Spatial Resonance Phases, the Light Reflection Phase was divided into nine outcomes.

Prior to reaching this phase, a cultivator must first absorb ambient light energies into themselves. These light energies were mostly inactive, having no legitimate uses unless a cultivator used light-attributed techniques or spells. The quality of the innate light energies in your body determines your level.

Unlike the other tribulations, this one, the Light Conjuring Astral Tribulation, was instant. 

There was no danger in it. There was no threat of death or being overflowed by endless energies trying to refine your Astral Soul. There was no forceful manipulation possible, because it all occurred in an instant, and it all relied on what you already have: Light Energy. 

These light energies condense and form your Primary Light, instilling and continuously refining your innate energies and Astral Soul with its powers and qualities. Those at this phase could urge their Astral Force to move at a greater speed and gather with greater ease. In combat, most Light Reflection Phases could launch a minimum of two full strikes before a lower-phased cultivator could launch half of one.

The difference was seemingly that massive, making them invincible in close range combat exchanges and rapidfire assaults. This also translated to faster defensive measures. They could form several layers before a lower-phased cultivator could form a single one, making their defenses extremely difficult to penetrate. And this was just the elementary-level benefits they obtained.

There were nine standard levels to the Light Reflection Phase. From lowest to greatest: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and White. They signified the spectrum of light, with white signifying the containment of all colors. 

Similar to the Soul Deity Invoker Elixir, the peak-quality Refraction World-Light allowed cultivators to absorb higher levels of light energies, refining True Light. The lesser versions allowed the body ’s innate characteristics to change, allowing it to absorb and refine higher quality of light energy, typically resulting in a greater level of light. 

Jiang Feilan had used this very product, an impure version of it, to become nigh-invincible in the Light Reflection Phase, giving birth to Blue-colored Primary Light Energies, and paved her path as the next Sacred Light Palace ’s Palace Master. In the starfield ’s declining age, this was extremely difficult to reach. In a way, it was similar to a Six-Ringed Soul Idol.

Wei Wuyin had consumed the transcendent-quality elixir. From the onset, he knew it would provide an opportunity to glimpse into a greater form of light, to change his body ’s innate potential and absorb this light. But he was utterly wrong. 

From the beginning, he believed all light originated from Solar Stars. And perhaps, the legendary True Light, originated from the Heavenly Daos as rumored. But the Origin of All Light originated not from the stars, or some unseen entity, but the soul! 

There was utterly no need to absorb external light energies. This act merely diluted your own internal light source, lowering its quality, and your Primary Light was formed from this light source. 

Cultivators spent decades, perhaps even centuries, absorbing light energies to prepare themselves for this trial, but it was counterintuitive to their goal. The Refraction World-Light Elixir ’s purpose wasn ’t to modify one ’s body to absorb and refine more light, but to form a refraction-like shielding that deflected the spectrum of light energies that tainted one ’s body away and out.

The peak-quality version merely kept all other ranges of light sources at bay, literally refracting them, only allowing the purest comprehension in that state, but it never tainted one ’s internal light source in the process. It formed True Light! 

Wei Wuyun was utterly awed by this truth, realizing it allowed him to not just expel all the light energies he ’d refined, but tap into his source of all light within him. While there were clues, such as the name of the phase and elixir, he only connected the pieces after consuming the transcendent-quality elixir!

Light Reflection Phase! 

Refraction World-Light Elixir!

To reflect your own light to the world; to refract the light of the world away!

It was such an in-your-face thing that you only understood after the fact. Even he felt embarrassed when he thought about it.

When the tribulation was initiated, it, like the Spatial Resonance Phase, originated from the body. He didn ’t have to even think about how to overcome this tribulation, lacking light energies entirely within his body. As it activated, delving into his Astral Souls, they all simultaneously glowed with an indescribable light.

It wasn ’t any color he could describe. But this color with no-name was starting to undergo specific changes in each of his Astral Souls. The first was King. As a Divine Saber Soul, it controlled and manipulated energies that gave off a natural light.

This light wasn ’t defined by a color but its aura, its characteristics! It was saber light!

King ’s Primary Light was itself, the glint of its edge that reflected the end of everything it met. Saber Light! There was no True Light or a specific light that embodied the mortal spectrum, just pure Saber Light.

He had never seen saber light shine from the inside of his Astral Soul before, always a byproduct of his saber force meeting the outside world. It was an unbelievable sight! He felt as if it reflected everything, slicing it right after.

”I understand now, ” Wei Wuyin finally fit that final piece of the puzzle. The Primary Light of his Astral Souls defined their own outstanding and personalized brilliance, sending that light out and onto the world! 

Ori ’s Primary Light was Elemental Light, purely white. It could be mistaken easily for White-colored Primary Light. It had endless permutations and transitions, at times becoming colors outside the spectrum for a brief moment, such as dark red(magma) or brown(earth), while aligning with more normal colors.

Eden ’s Primary Light was seven-colored, revealing the entire normal spectrum of light with slightly different shades. It reflected the seven principles of alchemy and the seven emotions relating to sentience!

Kratos ’ Primary Light was grey and translucent, shifting between the two, even vanishing entirely at times as if invisible. It emanated the principles of the Void, indistinct and formless. As for the grey light it emitted, it was true draconic light within! 

Their four Primary Lights were brought out! Their original light that defined them!

Annihilation Saber Light; Shifting Elemental Light; Seven Source Light; Formless Divinity Light.

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