Paragon of Sin

Chapter 490: Outsiders Thoughts

The Holy Summit ’s date was shortly after its announcement. Clearly, Lin Ming sought to hold it before the Season of Regression ended so that Realmlords and Timelords didn ’t regain their invincible advantages. The other powerhouses of the continent understood this, agreeing with such haste. 

The overwhelming strength of a Worldly Domain and Temporal Dissonance should not be underestimated because of the Season of Regression. The ambient mana and energies were severely affected, stripping Realmlords of their terrifying ability to convert the entire world into their sword of slaughter. 

The ears of everyone were to the ground, giving undivided attention to the actions of the three other Holy Children. This Holy Summit was likely to decide the future climate of the world; thus, all the Realmlords and Timelords of the four regions were watching. Even conflict between forces had halted entirely, as if everyone was waiting with bated breath.

An unspoken agreement had formed. Everyone had priorities, and this was their greatest. No one expected a Holy Summit, but everyone wanted to know of its end result. There wasn ’t a single force on the continent that didn ’t have a vested interest in the outcome. 

The elves were conflicted, however. Every last Holy Child was of the human race, not a single elf among them. If it wasn ’t for the rumored Season of Devils end, they would be terrified and scrambling. In fact, they would be forced to side with Wei Wuyin because he had been the only unbiased one, having an elven lover of the highest position, making him extremely reliable. The others were unknowns.

If Lin Ming hadn ’t publicized this, the elves might ’ve been forced to side with Wei Wuyin to assure their safety. This tactic was quite seamless, as if it was a given to inform the people. In truth, it wasn ’t. The Season of Devils could ’ve helped formulate alliances due to the uncertainties, but without it, there was no reason for the top-tier powerhouses to risk themselves in a war.

This was why none of them acted to gain the grace of the Holy Children or fought for territory. If all the lands were safe zones, they could live anywhere they wished. Even if they were expelled, they would find their settlement elsewhere. Furthermore, which Holy Child would expel them? If they joined another force out of anger, wouldn ’t they suffer an immense loss?

While the temples were strong and loyal, they paled in comparison to the total strength of these forces. There were even words of an alliance against any oppressive Holy Children, already planning to seek independence.

Wei Wuyin had fully expected this, so he wasn ’t bothered by the Grand Kings ’ distancing. Still, he still had the greatest single force of the Holy Children, not because of his temple ’s strength, but because he had the full backing of the Grey Sands Elves. Despite his relations limited to the Ai Clan, Ai Yin had given his ’Holy Seed ’ to the other clans, showing their unity. They believed themselves invested, tied to his fate.

Wei Wuyin soared through the sky, a group of nine behind him. Besides Grand Priestess Si De and Ai Yin, the other seven were Realmlords of the Grey Sands Elves and Temple Members. With two Timelords present and seven Realmlords, he had a terrifying line-up.

At this moment, the Grey Sand Elves were sending glances towards Ai Yin, exchanging spiritual transmissions. Their expressions betrayed their lack of calm and tensed nerves. Without warning, they were all summoned and set to travel to the Zephyr Plains, entering another Holy Child ’s region.

This brought them an unsettling feeling. In their minds, it was like entering the former Central Region ruled by the Lei and Shuang Clans. It was extremely risky, nearly suicidal even. To add, they had only brought nine experts. While they had two Timelords, the Season of Regression was still in effect. They were only slightly stronger Realmlords at this point. 

How could they not question this?

The True Desolate Temple members were loyal to the Holy Bloodline even in the face of death, they weren ’t. 

”Holy Son, is this appropriate? ” Ai Yin didn ’t know how to word her question. She trusted Wei Wuyin, but even she had her doubts. In her mind, the other Holy Children would not attend this extremely short-noticed Holy Summit in such a manner for the same reason they shouldn ’t—it was extremely dangerous! 

Even if they were to venture into the region, shouldn ’t they bring everyone? An entire army? And according to reports, the other Holy Children were arriving in their Voidships, likely carrying an entire army! 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind their doubts. If it was in normal times, he would be echoing their sentiments. After all, why enter enemy territory without an army? He calmly responded:

”Don ’t overthink it. You ’re all just accessories. Unless you act against my orders, you won ’t be in any danger. ” He didn ’t speak to Ai Yin but those Grey Sands Elves who doubted his decision-making. 

A Grey Sands Elf Realmlord couldn ’t help but shout, ”How can you guarantee that?! ” His outburst was unexpected, causing him to still as the auras of numerous realmlords lingered near him. These belonged to the members of the temple, their eyes extremely cold. It sent an icy shiver down his spine, as even Grand Priestess Si De was included amongst them.

”I-I… ” The elf stuttered.

”Haha, relax. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words caused the other members to retract their auras, seemingly turning away from the elf. ”You ’re right. I can ’t guarantee you ’ll live or die, or if you ’ll be sent into the mouth of danger by my decision. If you wish to leave, you can. No one will stop you. ”

The elf frowned, glancing at Ai Yin. But seeing her not even look at him, he gnashed his teeth and kept quiet. If he left, he ’d be ostracized by the Grey Sands Elven Tribes. That wasn ’t a fate he could allow.

Another asked, a pretty middle-aged elf, ”You said we ’re accessories, that we ’re not in danger, what do you mean by that? ” She was polite and respectful in her tone, clearly cautious.

Wei Wuyin turned back, looking at this pretty middle-aged elf, and said with a smile: ”Well, I have no intention of using you all. ”

Ai Yin heard this, frowning as she tried to clarify: ”The Holy Son is just having a peaceful discussion with three other Holy Children, why do you think we ’ll be needed? ”

But her words caused Wei Wuyin to laugh, finding her cute, and thus moved closer to Ai Yin. He soon reached arms length as he caressed her beautiful, smooth skin causing her to blush a bright red, a tantalizing scene with her light-bronze skin. The others saw this scene, the Grey Sands Elves were bright-eyed, affirmed of their choice of Holy Child. He was clearly smitten with Ai Yin, and this was endlessly beneficial to them and the elven race as a whole.

Embarrassed, Ai Yin wanted to turn away, but Wei Wuyin ’s words fiercely snapped her out of her emotions.

”No, I don ’t intend to have a discussion. ”

”…? ”

Wei Wuyin grinned, ”I intend to kill them all. ”

Just as he said this, the Zephyr Plains ’ border came into view, as if perfectly timed with his words. 

In the far off distance, further into the Zephyr Plains, two Voidships had simultaneously arrived at Sky Zephyr City. They were headed by the two Holy Children.

Within the Sky Zephyr Temple, a handsome youth watched as the ships approached, his grey eyes gleaming with white light. An attendant arrived, kneeling as they chanted a few quick words of prayer. After, they reported: ”The Holy Son of Transformative Waters and Holy Daughter of Absolute Hot Fire has arrived. ”

Lin Ming waved his hand, dismissing this redundant attendant. But the attendant hadn ’t left, he added: ”And the Holy Son of Tri-Elementus has just crossed the borders! ”

Lin Ming ’s expression revealed a bit of surprise. He muttered to himself, his voice carrying unfathomable surprise, ”He ’s actually coming?! ”

He had assumed that Wei Wuyin would avoid entering his territory at all cost. He wasn ’t ignorant of the outsiders ’ presence, even well-aware of their existence and purpose, so he didn ’t fear them competing against him. Senior Sister Lin had been the maintainer of the trial, how could she not know its usage as a training ground? If she hadn ’t been sent to ensure the continuation of the trial, how could he have met her? 

Only he didn ’t know if Wei Wuyin knew, but regardless if he did or didn ’t, by his understanding of Wei Wuyin ’s intelligence, he should never enter his territory.

They were both trial takers and he held the absolute advantage, it was an extremely ill-advised move. If it wasn ’t the Season of Regression, if pellets could be used, he might be a little fearful. But it was, and they couldn ’t be used.

Well, if Wei Wuyin wanted to deliver himself to him, should he really look a gift horse in the mouth?

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